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[size="3"][i][b]Have you ever felt the way T-Rex feels?[/b][/i][/size]


[right][size="3"][i][b]Do you not want to feel like you're being ignored? [/i][/b][/size]


[size="3"][i][b]Then join Deinos, where every day can be: [/i][/b][/size]


[right][size="3"][i][b]... and where you'll never find yourself caught like this:[/b][/i][/size]


Deinos is a medium-sized, dinosaur-themed alliance on the blue sphere. What are we about?

[list][*] Loyalty to ourselves and our allies. Deinos was formed by two alliances whose members put everything on the line for each other. We have a small number of really close allies.
[*] Choice. Our council of five Raptor Lords is elected bi-monthly by the membership, and our treaties are discussed extensively with our membership before being signed.
[*]Individuality. We have one of the craziest personalities out there.
[*] Inclusivity and activity.
[*] Remembering that CyberNations is a game.[/list]
What else do we offer? You can read nearly every other recruitment thread to find out: protection, camaraderie, help in learning and understanding the game, an Academy, a chance for involvement and promotion, experienced leaders. We do offer opportunities to have your nation flooded with cash, but if all you're looking for is the money, you should probably look elsewhere.

[center]Check us out!

[b][u][url=http://deinos.partytowne.ca/index.php]Forums[/url][/u] ∙ [u][url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Deinos]Wiki Page[/url][/u] ∙ [u][url=http://wbe03.mibbit.com/?settings=6276a9ea927fe5eeca41200c35d04066&server=irc.coldfront.net&channel=%23deinos&noServerTab=false]IRC Channel[/url][/u][/b]

To join, [url=http://deinos.partytowne.ca/index.php?topic=56.0]register on our forums and follow these simple instructions (Click!).[/url][/center]

[i][size=2](Contact one of us-- we don't bite. ;))[/size][/i]

[b]Tyrant King[/b] - New Frontier [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=289210"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b] Dromiceiomimus Princess[/b] - Silver Empress [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=357302"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b]Raptor Lord of Diplomacy[/b] - Melancholy Culkin [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=457644"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b]Raptor Lord of the Interior[/b] - Gloin [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=378412"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b]Raptor Lord of Security[/b] - Amelsh [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=426285"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b]Raptor Lord of Finance[/b] - Magister Agricolarum [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=79778"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url]
[b]Raptor Lord of Development [/b] - Merry Rarebit [url="http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=478698"][img]http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x113/magister_agricolarum/f_norm.gif[/img][/url][/center]

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[quote name='ALT3RNAT1V3' timestamp='1309817697' post='2748742']How does the dinosaur theme fit into CN? :wacko: [/quote]
I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking how we incorporate our dinosaur theme into CN, or are you asking what dinosaurs have to do with CN?

The second question first - not much of anything; it's just a theme. Just like the Roman-themed alliances (The Legion, SPQR), the Greek-themed alliances (Athens, Sparta, Olympus), the Star Wars-themed alliances (=LOST=, NSO, IAA), the Norse-themed alliances (Valhalla, Ragnarok, Asgaard), the German-themed alliances (NoR, TGE), and the game-themed alliances (Tetris, Deck of Cards, DICE). MHA is themed after the book [u]Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[/u], NpO combines the Polar theme with Orwell's [u]1984[/u], MK has a video-game flair, NV has an Aztec theme, and the Siberian Tiger Alliance... their theme is pretty obvious. None of these themes have much to do with the mechanics of CN, but they help give their alliances a certain cohesion. We like dinosaurs (and, honestly, who didn't like dinosaurs as a little kid?) and some of our members like the Qwantz comics I'm using, so it was a good fit.

If it's the first question, our top two government positions are taken from the comic, and Raptors are pretty badass in general. Our new members start out as "Hatchlings" and have to go through our "Hatchery" before the become full members of Deinos. We're not a hippy alliance (where it would be strange to have a dinosaur theme), and we have no problem diving into the fray for our allies. We're not that big, but we're all active and can pack a pretty good punch.

Of course, I could have missed the entire point of your question (as this is a text-based forum :P), and if I have, feel free to clarify.

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