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Afro-Arab Republic of Novak - Federal Republic of Greenland Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact


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Greenland is proud to stand alongside our new Novak allies and present this signed treaty to the world.

[quote][center][size="5"]Afro-Arab Republic of Novak - Federal Republic of Greenland Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/size][/center]


The Afro-Arab Republic of Novak, hereafter referred to as Novak, and the Federal Republic of Greenland, hereafter referred to as Greenland, agree to the following provisions laid out in the mutually-agreed upon pact. Both nations remain fully sovereign states and sign this treaty in the hopes that better relations may be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and good of these two nations.

Article 1: Nonaggression & Intelligence

The states of Novak and Greenland agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of the other nation when not specifically requested. Nor will either signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to the other. Novak and Greenland agree to disclose and share any relevant intelligence and information.

Article 2: Mutual Defense

The states of Novak and Greeland agree to a pact of mutual defense and pledge to defend the other from attacks by a foreign aggressor. If a nation is waging a defensive war, the other promises to provide military, intelligence, and civilian aid to ensure the survival of the threatened nation. A declaration of war in response to an earlier declaration of war by a signatory, commonly referred to as “treaty chaining,” shall make such aid optional.

Article 3: Optional Aggression

Should Novak or Greenland seek to attack another state in a non-defensive war, it may request help from the other signatory, however such aid will remain optional.

Article 4: Economic Policy

The states of Novak and Greenland pledge to improve trade with each other and promote economic policies that forward this goal.

Article 5: African Land Agreement

Should the Greenland state collapse for whatever reason, its African land holdings will revert to Novak. For the purpose of this treaty only, “African land holdings” is defined as including Tenerife, Sao Tome and Principe, and Ascension Island.

Article 6: Cancellation

Should either signatory wish to leave the obligations of this treaty, a notice must be given at least seventy-two hours in advance.
Signed for the Afro-Arab Republic of Novak,[/b]

President Hamed Soliman
Minister Srant Mali

[b]Signed for the Federal Republic of Greenland,[/b]

Alejandro Californian
President of Greenland

Kristjan Vilhjálmsson
Minister of Foreign Affairs


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