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Cascadia Legion Diplomacy

Captain Enema

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A message, A MESSAGE, OH MY GOLLY A MESSAGE IS SENT! Yes, a diplomatic message is dispatched to the government of Cascadia, specifically one Mr. Chris Bogart. It is hand carried by one Legion General Mustapha of the Legion Intelligence Services.

It reads,

[quote]Mr. Bogart,

As we share a common alliance with Austria we wish to get to know our brothers in arms just a bit better. Legion has a long rich history in Africa, but not much knowledge of North America. We feel it is vital that in order for our two nations to get to know each other so that we may serve our Empress Maria Theresia properly that we have an established common ground.

In order to facilitate this Legion offers its Fort Charles White in Sudan, Fort Maria Theresia in Australia, and other Legion ports and airstrips for your service. This means should you need to land a plane, train your troops in a harsh desert climate, use a port in Australia or Africa you are free to do so at no cost to yourselves.

Legion is faced with a certain logistical problem in regards to North America though. As we tend to serve as a bit of a fire brigade for our beloved Empress Maria Theresia, we are often shipped to various points across the world. We recently deployed nearly sixty thousand men to Ehestadt to help protect the area from possible Korean intrusions.

In order for us to properly live up to our part of the defense of the Austrian Kingdom and its allies we humbly request access to a base in Cascadia. We wish to deploy two regiments to the base for permanent duty and ongoing cross training with Cascadian forces. We believe one of the smaller port towns along the Oregon coast would work, but as you are the most valued expert on Cascadian affairs we will defer to your knowledge in the matter.

To elaborate such a base would serve as a joint commerical and military logistical hub for Legion, Cascadia, and the Empire of Austria. It would give us all a common physical point of contact in which we could intermingle. Part of this agreement gives Cascadia access at no cost to itself to Legion ports and airfields as well.

Please consider our offer,
In Service of our Empress,
Robert Denard

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