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Prositution Union

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The alliances of the Pirates of the Parrot Order and Through Yggrasil's Roots have been extremely close for well over a year. We have shared our times of comradery, peaks, declines, and of course, perviness with each other time and time again. Even in times of inactivity or deep stress on either side, our friendship shined through.

It is with a happy heart they I hereby announce the following:

* Pirates of the Parrot Order knows how to clean up after they are done *
* Through Yggdrasil's Roots is home to the best pole dancers *[/center]


This treaty is drafted in good faith and is based upon the ideas of respect, cooperation, and mutual growth and defense. Through Yggdrasil’s Roots and Pirates of the Parrot Order hereby set forth the following rules.

[b]Article I – Peace[/b]

In the interest of friendly relations, to declare war by one of a certain alliance upon another of the other alliance is prohibited. Should a certain situation arise where a former state of affairs is interrupted and replaced by the next state of affairs – being war – between two or more members of the alliances, the leaders of both will strive to negotiate peace. If one of the combatants refuses to cease fire and accept peace, he or she will be dealt with accordingly in a manner that is to be agreed upon by the leaders of both alliances.

Members of both alliances have their hands tied to this act of friendship, and to send aid to a nation which is engaged in combat with an unfortunate member of the other alliance is prohibited. Exceptions can be discussed among the leaders of both alliances.

[b]Article II – Intelligence[/b]

If one alliance receives information detailing a threat towards the other, they are obliged to inform the other alliance immediately.

[b]Article III – Espionage[/b]

Spying on each other is unacceptable and certainly not in the interests of further friendship. When a spy is caught and ample evidence is shown, the guilty member will be punished by the alliance of which he or she is a member, as agreed upon by leaders of both alliances.

[b]Article IV – Mutual Defense[/b]

In the event that one alliance is attacked directly through a casus belli by an unsigned nation or alliance, this will be considered a direct attack on the other alliance.

In the event that one alliance enters a war through chains of treaties, that alliance may formally request military and/or financial assistance from the other alliance, but until then, the other alliance is not obliged to assist.

Both alliances shall avoid placing the other in a situation that will make the other come into conflict with current treaties or exigent circumstances. In the event that other treaty obligations force the signatories to be on opposing sides of a conflict, neither signatory will take arms against the other.

[b]Article V - Sexting from the Poop Deck[/b]

One alliance may request the servitude of an appointed adviser from the other alliance to help them in terms of sexual desires, or running their prostitution business, be it that the prostitutes need training, need selling strategies, and/or the business needs more prostitutes.

[b]Article VI – Cancellation[/b]

It is required that before this treaty is cancelled, the leaders of both alliances will discuss the reasons for the consideration of cancelling this treaty, and try to find a solution. If at the end of the discussion, both alliances are unhappy, this treaty will be null and void after twenty-four hours.


[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os5TXyJlEMc]Signed for the Pirates of the Parrot Order[/url]:

Captain: Lurunin
Commander of Internal Affairs: Silent Blood Line
Commander of War: SpliceVW
Commander of Recruitment: angus kahn

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2HSQseVwSQ]Signed for the Through Yggdrasil's Roots[/url]:

Thingvellir of Though Yggdrasil's Roots


o/ TYR
o/ PPO
o/ Drunken Pirates and Zombie Vikings

now will the next sober fellow please show me to the rum?

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