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A Declaration from Through Yggdrasil's Roots

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[SIZE=5][center]Part 2[/center][/SIZE]

I'd like to tell you a little story. It begins with a Ms. Lylia Kinkaydia Rose, a Mr. Lord Vachon and a Mr. Albert J Hookman. Ms. thecooljuice, Mr. Mein Morgenstern and Mr. SpacingOutMan were also involved to a lesser degree, and [URL=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=38375]the rest is history[/URL].

In the spirit of those intrepid souls, I would like to begin a new voyage into the unknown. I hereby announce the formation of a new alliance located in the Black Color Sphere to be known as Through Yggdrasil's Roots (or TYR for short). I thank all of our founding members who wear the tag of Through Yggdrasil's Roots for their support in the creation of this alliance, and invite everyone to our new forums at http://www.digitizedink.com/tyr/ and our IRC channel #TYR on Coldfront to celebrate.

[SIZE=5][center]Part 3: The Charter of Through Yggdrasil's Roots[/center][/SIZE]
[center]And the only part with a title.[/center]

[quote][center][b][u][size=20pt]Zombie Vikings' Declaration[/size][/u][/b][/center]


Through the adherence to the following laws and regulations laid down by the composers of this document, an alliance hereafter known as Through Yggdrasil's Roots (TYR), based in the Black sphere, is to be formed as of July 1, 2011

[b]I. TYR Membership[/b]
A. Member nation has undergone proper application processes, determined by the Interior Council.
B. Member nation does not hold multiple alliance affiliations, without exemption from the Council.

[b]II. Executive[/b]
A. The Executive branch of TYR includes the Council, an office of three individuals, consists of the Diplomacy Councilor, Interior Councilor, and War Councilor, each having a term of four months. The powers of each Councilor are outlined here:
1. Diplomacy Councilor (DC) is the chief diplomat of the alliance. His or her job includes dispatching diplomats to other alliances to preserve positive relations, negotiating and constructing treaties, as well as accommodating to the needs of foreign diplomats in their embassies and resolving any diplomatic incidents that concern the alliance.
2. Interior Councilor (IC) is charged with the tasks of mentoring new member nations, organizing monetary assistance, and general growth-related figures of TYR. The IC’s responsibilities also include moderating the elections, distributing news to the general membership, and maintaining the alliance's documents of history.
3. War Councilor (WC) is charged with the overall military undertakings of the alliance. This ranges from handling the individual wars and keeping records of tech raids to coordinating larger inter-alliance conflicts, should they arise. The WC also undertakes the primary responsibility of organizing the armed forces of TYR into manageable companies as he or she sees fit.
B. The Councilors may appoint as many deputies as they see fit.
C. The Councilors have the power to declare and end war with a 2/3 majority support among themselves.

[b]III. Legislation[/b]
A. The chief legislative body of TYR is the Senate, which is composed of elected member nations within the alliance, each having a term of three months. The main responsibility of the Senate is to vote openly on the proposed resolutions of TYR, which include new laws, amendments, and friendship and alliance treaties. The seats within TYR’s senate may vary with the number of member nations of the alliance. For every twelve member nations, there is one seat open within the Senate.
B. The second legislative body of TYR is known as the Thingvellir, which is composed of every member nation of the alliance, each having a term of life. The powers of the Thingvellir are as followed:
1. Constructing, reviewing, and discussing resolutions.
2. Overriding the decision of the Senate.
i) In order to override the decision of the Senate, a motion must be made within forty-eight hours of said decision by a member nation, including the support of five additional member nations.
ii) An anonymous poll, which will last for forty-eight hours, will be created.
iii) For an override to be successful, it requires a two-third majority support from the Thingvellir. If the override fails, the original decision of the Senate will be effective after twenty-four hours.
3. Electing the Councilors and Senators
4. Recalling the Councilors and Senators.
5. Expelling member nations from TYR.

[b]IV. Elections[/b]
A. Elections for the Council and Senate will occur beginning on the nineteenth, lasting until the end of the twenty-sixth. New term starts on the first very day of the next month following the elections. If a member nation plans on running for a position, he or she may create and post his or her platform in the Thingvellir a week prior to the nomination period. The election protocols are as followed:
1. The nomination period starts on the nineteenth through the end of the twenty-first. A member nation may nominate and support two individuals per position. A member nation is only considered an official candidate when he or she is supported by another member nation, and accepts his or her nomination.
2. The debate period starts on the twenty-second through the end of the twenty-fourth. Candidates are required to participate in questions and answers sessions.
3. Twenty-fifth through the end of the twenty-sixth: This will be known as the voting period. Every member nation will receive a twenty-four hour notice.
4. If there is a tie, a run-off election will be held on the twenty-seventh, lasting twenty-four hours.
B. If, at any point, one or more seats within the Council and/or Senate becomes empty, an emergency election will immediately be held to fill the vacant position(s). The nomination and debate periods are seventy two hours long and voting period lasts forty eight hours. Should there be a tie, the run-off election will last twenty-four hours.
C. Voting periods for proposed resolutions, overrides, recalling high government members, and expelling member nations will last forty-eight hours, after seventy-two hours of open discussion within the Thingvellir. For any decisions to become effective, there must be a two-third majority approval and a forty-eight hour waiting period.

[b]V. Honorable/Dishonorable Discharge[/b]
A. Member nations of TYR may at any point submit their formal resignation to be publicly viewed on the forum, or inform one of the present government members in private. No member nation of TYR will attempt to hold any other member against their will, regardless of outstanding debts or favors owed. These may still be pursued after the individual has left the alliance, however, and DC should be sought out to discuss the happenings.
B. Any breaching of the laws outlined in this Charter or elsewhere within TYR legislative documentation, and/or any form of disrespect to the alliance is grounds for possible dishonorable discharge.
C. A dishonorable discharge from TYR will follow the individuals into other alliances on Planet Bob. The DC will contact the most readily available government official of the other alliance with a report including the happenings leading up to and following the expulsion. Under extreme circumstances, the armed forces of TYR may be employed.[/quote]

tl;dr: The end. Maybe. Brainzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Oh, by the way, since they're doing a bit of renovating around their tree house, we decided to renovate our dusty old PIAT. ;)

* You should know what to do *[/center]


This treaty is drafted in good faith and is based upon the ideas of respect, cooperation, and mutual growth and defense. Through Yggdrasil’s Roots and Amazon Nation hereby set forth the following rules.

[b]Article I – Peace[/b]

In the interest of friendly relations, to declare war by one of a certain alliance upon another of the other alliance is prohibited. Should a certain situation arise where a former state of affairs is interrupted and replaced by the next state of affairs – being war – between two or more members of the alliances, the leaders of both will strive to negotiate peace. If one of the combatants refuses to cease fire and accept peace, he or she will be dealt with accordingly in a manner that is to be agreed upon by the leaders of both alliances.

Members of both alliances have their hands tied to this act of friendship, and to send aid to a nation which is engaged in combat with an unfortunate member of the other alliance is prohibited. Exceptions can be discussed among the leaders of both alliances.

[b]Article II – Intelligence[/b]

If one alliance receives information detailing a threat towards the other, they are obliged to inform the other alliance immediately.

[b]Article III – Espionage[/b]

Spying on each other is unacceptable and certainly not in the interests of further friendship. When a spy is caught and ample evidence is shown, the guilty member will be punished by the alliance of which he or she is a member, as agreed upon by leaders of both alliances.

[b]Article IV – Mutual Defense[/b]

In the event that one alliance is attacked directly through a casus belli by an unsigned nation or alliance, this will be considered a direct attack on the other alliance.

In the event that one alliance enters a war through chains of treaties, that alliance may formally request military and/or financial assistance from the other alliance, but until then, the other alliance is not obliged to assist.

Both alliances shall avoid placing the other in a situation that will make the other come into conflict with current treaties or exigent circumstances. In the event that other treaty obligations force the signatories to be on opposing sides of a conflict, neither signatory will take arms against the other.

[b]Article V – Cancellation[/b]

It is required that before this treaty is cancelled, the leaders of both alliances will discuss the reasons for the consideration of cancelling this treaty, and try to find a solution. If at the end of the discussion, both alliances are unhappy, this treaty will be null and void after twenty-four hours.

For TYR:
Thingvellir of Through Yggdrasil's Roots

For AzN:
Randalla, Queen
Amarynth, Queen Consort
Kerdor, Master of War
Elbryan, Master of Engineering
BigKif, Master of Education
Lord King High, Master of Recruitment

[i]Alale alala![/i]

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[quote name='Randalla' timestamp='1309584713' post='2746644']
Oh, by the way, since they're doing a bit of renovating around their tree house, we decided to renovate our dusty old PIAT. ;)

But I [s]wrote[/s] drew that D:

I worked my pointer-finger to the bone for like 2 minutes in MSPaint ;~;

Also, welcome to Black.

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