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Joint Colossal Notification

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The Colossus forums are down for the foreseeable future due to a maintainence issue. Do not attempt to log in as this may cause a fatal server error. Thanks for your time.

Anyone needing to reach us quickly can do so via ingame PM to government members or on our back up forums located [url=http://www.gullible.com/]here.[/url]

Elfriede, [i]Gold[/i]
KaiserMilch, [i]Frankincense[/i]
Auctor, [i]Myrrh[/i]

Alfred von Schliefen, [i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]
Kurt von Equord, [i]Minister of Defense[/i]
Petro, [i]Minister of Internal Affairs[/i]
Mayzie, [i]Minister of Education[/i]
Lemax, [i]Minister of Economic Stuff[/i]

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