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[center][img]http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/4355/newamericancentury.png[/img][/center]24 JUNE | [b]PARISHES ORGANIZED[/b] - FAIRBANKS, At a conference between President Louis Sheldon and Vice-President Johnathan Carson, prospective parish officials and authorities gathered to discuss the development of the first divisions of the country. "We are here, sent by the Convention to organize the country into these parishes," said the President in a press release, "in order to construct our democratic future, this step is critical". The five-hour meeting reached a conclusion of borders that are set to go into full effect within the month. For electoral purposes, the new parishes will assume immediate authority within the Commonwealth's government.[center][img]http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/1713/b0400003.jpg[/img]
[i]President Sheldon (far right) speaks with local leaders in parish organization[/i][/center]Local elections are scheduled for July 1 with the dominant Common Party taking center stage as the Common Church of Christ announced today that they will forge a new partnership with the party ahead of the elections. The oppositions Progressives expressed anger at the meeting, stating that "they were not contacted". "Inadequate warning and information were provided to the Progressive Party in preparation for this definitive and rushed meeting," the Progressive Party of the Pacific said in a public statement, "our representatives in Congress will work with the Sheldon Administration in bringing local organization to a new meeting under the authority of the legislature." The President's press official released a short counterstatement saying simply: "the President bows to the demands of Congress."
[b]NEW AMERICAN CENTURY EXCLUSIVE LINK[/b]: [URL=http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/7117/mapwithparishespng.png]Easy to read map of the parishes[/URL]
26 JUNE | [b]CONGRESS ELECTED[/b] - BARROW, In the far northern town of Barrow, Jim Green casts his first ballot as an American citizen: "it is great to see that in today's world, a democracy can still prevail," said the 68-year old grandfather, "I sincerely hope to see us grow in the future". His idealism is that shared by the thousands of Americans who voted in the first general elections and referenda confirming President Louis Sheldon's cabinet. The ruling Common Party picked up the most seats, most concentrated around the capital and in northern parishes. The opposition Progressives dominated in the southwestern coastal parishes, picking up majorities in two parishes. Sheldon was confirmed as President, as was his cabinet to their positions, though some narrowly. "Today has been a milestone for America," said the President in a televised interview with American History, a show run by the Department of Culture that broadcasts on current events, "both Progressives and Commonists alike will build a coalition that will serve the people of this new nation".
[i]President Sheldon interviews live on election day[/i][/center]"We must proceed with caution though, as a democracy can become easily corrupt by anti-American elements," warned Sheldon. His warning strikes a chord with citizens, "I don't want us to go down the road of our predecessors," said Jim Green, "over-spending and the hijacking of the government by people who only sought America's destruction are things I hope that we and my children will be able to keep from happening".

[b]State Council of the Commonwealth[/b]
[i]52 total members from the 13 parishes[/i]
[color=red]Common Party[/color] 64% of the popular vote; 36 seats
[color=green]Progressive Party[/color] 33% of the popular vote; 14 seats
[color=grey]Independent[/color] 3% of the popular vote; 2 seats
4,452 total votes

[b]Assembly of the Commonwealth[/b]
[i]50 seats representing 5,198 people[/i]
[color=red]Common Party[/color] 58% of the popular vote; 27 seats
[color=green]Progressive Party[/color] 40% of the popular vote; 22 seats
[color=grey]Independent[/color] 2% of the popular vote; 1 seat
4,456 total votes

[i]Do you believe that Louis P. Sheldon (independent) should serve as the first President of the Commonwealth of America?[/i]
[b]Yes[/b]: 74%, 3305 votes
[b]No[/b]: 26%, 1162 votes
4,467 total votes

[i]Do you approve of Louis P. Sheldon's current temporary cabinet to serve as the first executive cabinet of the Commonwealth of America?[/i]
[b]Yes[/b]: 53%, 2366 votes
[b]No[/b]: 47%, 2099 votes
4,465 total votes

28 JUNE | [b]PROGRESSIVES FILE SUIT[/b] - FAIRBANKS, Even before the Supreme Court is selected, Progressive Minority Leader Susan Byrd has filed a lawsuit with the court claiming that members of the Common Party, the Common Church of Christ, and that the Sheldon Administration aided in several discrepancies that appeared during vote tallies. "Our lawyers and investigators have uncovered several instances where allies to Sheldon, his party, and his church have altered the true results of the vote in several parishes," said Byrd, "they simply don't add up when you look at the demographical records". The Progressives' lawsuit claims that the Common Church of Christ "intimidated its members and their families into voting pro-administration", "encouraged and bribed polling stations into only accepting or counting pro-administration votes"; that the Common Party "organized programs and events designed to intimidate and discourage opposition supporters from voting", "worked with the provisional government to skew televised and published results".[center][img]http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/4981/061hansenjameswarmingho.jpg[/img]
[i]Progressive Party legal first consul, James Dean, gives a presentation on their party's legal disputes[/i][/center]"It's obviously anti-American," commented Daniel Consa from Kodiak Parish, the only Common Party member to be elected to the State Council in that parish, "the Progressives want to undermine our democracy, take control, and turn this nation into another liberal-socialist haven. It's anti-Christian, and anti-American, and I know my party and my fellow Americans won't stand for it". The Supreme Court is scheduled to have their nomination and filling process begin July 5 after a 24-hour recess for July 4 celebrations.

Jacob Ballard, Secretary of Culture said that his department will look into the claims seriously as the department "oversees what it means to be an American" and that "we must ensure that our obligations to God and the constitutions are met fairly". In a leaked internal memo, the Culture Department said that it would be establishing an anti-terrorism bureau "to investigate and monitor all potential anti-American threats". Progressive Party officials have stated that they are worried that the Culture Department will charge this new bureau in suppressing the opposition.

The Common Church of Christ declined to comment.

Edited by Louis Sheldon
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"We would ask that your government cease bashing socialism, after all we generously granted you your independence. Demagoguery of neighbors is not ways to make friends. Also do not associate Liberalism and Socialism together. They do not mean the same thing. You can disagree with others all you want, but when using black and white language to turn those who disagree with you into the 'other' and declare those of us who have a different economic system as Anti- your country, you destabilize the situation"

Grand Vizier Wei Hai of the United Federation of the East

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"The Cajun Federation lauds the democratic process that has shown to bloom in the Commonwealth of America. We would, however, like to question these leaked reports of some sort of anti-terrorism bureau? The world has yet to see a wave or uptick in terrorism in many years, therefore we question the formation of this bureau, especially under a Department that has no real links to the justice system. Quite a strange thing, if you ask us.

Other then that, we hope to see that the Commonwealth of America ensures that its democratic due process continues with unaltered results of votes, and hope these accusations of government wrangling with the voice of the people are untrue."

[i]HRH, The Prince of Acadia[/i]

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