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Remove defensive war slot limit

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Slot filling is simply not fun to deal with. There will be a lot of creative cheating by those who choose to cheat, with much of it difficult or impossible to prove.

One solution is just to remove all slots. That should prevent any possibility of slot filling (except maybe spy slot filling).

Offensive slots will be kept at around 3, of course. You'll still have to pick your targets.

I'd trust that the TE community is mature enough to keep from curbstomping people despite unlimited defensive slots, and will force vigilante justice on those who try to control TE.

Several people pounding a high profile target is also unstrategic, because they still have limited offensive slots and would leave the low profile targets free to steal the flag. Defeat alert limitations and one nuke a day limits will make a single nation curbstomp overall unstrategic as well.

Since you won't be able to block slots, it also opens up other stealth strategies like feinting an attack (without doing damage), but it won't be cheating as other people can still attack the same target.

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No, there is a limit to prevent 10 nations of double the defending nations size down declaring. Defending nations would have to deal with around way more of everything. It just wouldn't work.

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[quote name='sir pwnage' timestamp='1309791155' post='2748355']
Maybe removing defensive slots in the last week or so of the round. But otherwise curbstomps just get stompy-er

Yeah, I'd rather go with this. At the end of round, offensive war slots (especially around the top tier) are often a rarer commodity anyway and everyone is just looking to go out with a bang (or get the top spots).

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