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R.O.A.D. Decleration of Existence


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Greetings world.

Sometimes one is nostalgic. As R.O.C.K.ers we still dream about the day when we were still R.O.A.Dies. Some of us have decided to take action and do something about it. :awesome:

Without further adieu, I am proud to present the statutes of the Royal Order of Allied Duchies(R.O.A.D.)

[quote] [center][size="5"]Statutes of the Royal Order of Allied Duchies[/size]


[b]Motto:[/b] [size="1"][i]By divine right [/i][/size] [/center]

§ I: [b]Membership[/b]

To be accepted into the Royal Order, one must fill out the specified application form and be accepted by the Grand Duke or the Chamberlain. Applicants that wish to reside in a sphere other than Yellow must be accepted by the Grand Duke.

§ II: [b]The Grand Duke[/b]

The Grand Duke leads the Royal Order by royal prerogative and appoints the Privy Council at his will. He must appoint an Heir-Apparent that will take over in his absence or abdication. The Grand Duke will be considered absent if he has not shown signs of activity for forty-eight hours. If the Grand Duke is inactive for five days without giving notice he shall be considered abdicated.

§ III: [b]The Privy Council[/b]

The Privy Council shall advice the Grand Duke. It consists of the Aide-de-Camp, the Chancellor and the Chamberlain.

- The Aide-de-Camp shall communicate orders from the Grand Duke to all of the Allied Duchies, and advice him in times of war.

- The Chancellor shall entertain foreign dignitaries and oversee the diplomatic conduct of our members.

- The Chamberlain shall maintain order in the Ducal household and safeguard the economic wellbeing of the Allied Duchies.

The privy councillors may appoint deputies to assist them in their duties.

If the Grand Duke is unable to respond within reasonable time, the Privy Council may in urgent matters rule in the Grand Duke’s name through a simple majority. If they wish to declare a State of War or cessation of hostilities unanimous consent is required.

§ IV: [b]Limited State of War[/b]

The individual duchies of the Royal Order may declare a Limited State of War against individual nations. They may not do so if the nation reside in the yellow sphere, or is under protection, of a Foreign Entity consisting of more than three members. Should the conflict escalate the individual duchy may not reasonably expect any aid.

§ 5: [b]Nuclear policy[/b]

It is the right and duty of all members to become nuclear capable.

The preemptive use of these weapons must be approved by either the Grand Duke, the Chamberlain or the Aide-de-Camp. If however one of the following scenarios play out, a nation is free to retaliate by going nuclear. These are as follows:

a) If a the member is attacked by a nuclear weapon
b) If member has it's nuclear arsenal destroyed by foreign spies.

§ VI: [b]Changes to these statutes[/b]

These statues may be changed may be changed by the Grand Duke with the consent of the majority of Duchies in this Order.

§ VII: [b]Ratification[/b]

[i]We hereby pledge to uphold these statutes and declare the Royal Order of Allied Duchies for founded.[/i]

[center]Grand Duke Sebastian I of Sandtorv[/center][/quote]

Our government is as follows:

[size="4"]Grand Duke[/size]
Sebastian I of [url=http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1001264]Sandtorv[/url]

[size="4"][size="3"]Privy council[/size][/size]
[i]Aide-de-Camp[/i] Mappy of [url=http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1001277]Zeprinzicus[/url]
[i]Chancellor[/i] Neforatu of [url=http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1001267]Decedere[/url]
[i]Chamberlain[/i] Bojje of [url=http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1001274]The Holy Empire of F[/url]

Our forums is located at http://s4.zetaboards.com/ROAD/index/
Our IRC-channel is #ROAD at Coldfront.
Our colour sphere is [color="#FFFF00"]Yellow.[/color]

We are protected by SUN( :wub: ), so don't do anything stupid.

Once we get properly established, we look forward to fighting and interacting with the TE community. :)

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[quote name='jereish1' timestamp='1309497288' post='2745681']
Just to annoy people :awesome:

[color="#FFFF00"]Gooooo yellow WOOT! :wub: SUN and you got yourself a good group of guys ROAD. [/color]

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