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A Treaty Too Big To Fail

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[center]It's been, like, twenty minutes since the last message from:


[i]It was a time of great turmoil...[/i]

This is a tale of two lands. One was large, proud, powerful.

[SIZE=1][i]They went for the eyes, Boo. Look at where it got us.[/i][/SIZE]

The other was small, but their acumen in many a subject was...unrivaled.
[SIZE=1][i]A candid snapshot of [b]Shane-o[/b][/i][/SIZE]

They were separated by...a gulf. Perhaps filled with water, perhaps with golf balls. Really, it isn't integral to this story. They wanted this gulf to be [i]crossed[/i], you see. Their women were beside themselves with grief.

[SIZE=1][i]Truth be told, I think she's kinda pissed we didn't do this before now[/i][/SIZE]

And so they came to the one man who could undertake this journey.

That's right.

They came to me.

[SIZE=1][i]Xiao's body double in a dramatic re-enactment[/i][/SIZE]

I said to myself, "Self, what better way to cross a gulf of [s]water[/s] [s]golf balls[/s] immeasurable sorrow?"

So I wrote...a treaty. This treaty, here.

(And there was much rejoicing.)

With as much ado as I can muster on half a case of summer ale, I present this treaty of Peace, Intelligence and Aid, thereby combining the power, stature and respect that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization commands with the class, wit, and administration savvy of The Brain*.

[QUOTE][center][b]The Globally-Conscious, Smart-Money Agreement[/b][/center]

[b]Article 1 - Non-Aggression[/b]
No member nation of either signatory alliance may attack a member nation of the other signatory alliance. Any violation of this will result in immediate reparations equivalent to the damages done. Refusal of the violating nation to pay reparations can result in severe punishment from the alliance they are affiliated with, and the reparations will be paid by another nation of the aggressive alliance. Both alliances also agree to peace between each other until a point in time when this pact is cancelled with just cause.

Fair Game Clause - It should be understood that any nation who is 'ghosting' either affiliation is hereby considered 'Fair Game' and will be subjected to side bets as to which organization fills the offender's dance card first - and who reaches the coveted 'Stone Age' milestone of no infrastructure left within their demense.

[b]Article 2 - Optional Defense[/b]
War happens. If one signatory is under attack, it should be understood by the global community that this document provides [i]casus belli[/i] for the other signatory to get involved in the conflict should they desire such an outcome. Neither signatory expects the other's allies to get involved in the situation should it escalate, unless it is through another treaty or like document.

C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker Clause - Should the global mileu shift events so that both signatories are on opposite sides of the inevitable burning of the treaty web, it should also be understood by the global community that this document provides ample enough reasoning that, for all intents and purposes, the war stops here for both parties. The signatories will not chain treaties to declare on one another.

[b]Article 3 - Intelligence[/b]
Any information picked up by a signatory of one alliance that may contain information leading to hurt/danger towards to their signatory partner must be given to the government of the partner alliance as soon as the information is picked up. Any other information or intelligence picked up by one signatory alliance may be given to the other signatory government, but there is no obligation in this case and it is completely optional. Any privileged information from this relationship may not be shared without the express consent of both parties.

Source Protection Clause - While it usually need not be said, both parties will take steps to protect their sources as intelligence on the scale that would injure either party has been taken as a [i]casus belli[/i] for war. Both parties will also take steps to vet and verify this information as accurate to avoid any kerfuffle that may arise when acting on unverified intelligence.

[b]Article 4 - Aid[/b]
The signatories of this document acknowledge that this is a plausible gateway to an extended transfer from one alliance to the other for the purposes of rebuilding, economic growth, the purchase of war materiel, scientific advancement, or some other combination that is yet to be decided. The only caveat to this article is that neither party can be directly involved in a conflict.

[b]Article 5 - Cancellation[/b]
This treaty may be cancelled if one of the articles given in this pact is not met or one of the signatories has done something that shows ill-will towards their partner alliance. Unless both alliances agree to termination, there must be a 48 hour notice of cancellation before the termination takes complete effect.

Signed for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization:
[b]Assembly Chairman[/b]

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]

[b]GATO 44th Congress[/b]

Signed for The Brain
[b]The Central Nervous System[/b]
Friar Tuckman

[SIZE=1][i]* Class, wit and savvy are sold [b]as-is[/b]. Seller takes no responsibility for any liabilities that may be incurred after purchase.[/i][/SIZE]


In all seriousness (a rarity for me), GATO are super folks and our relations with them have been fantastic for quite some time. The treaty was a long time in coming and is only opening the door to much more in the future. We liked them enough to offer a no-questions-asked $300m marker to sweeten the deal, but they actually [i]turned us down[/i], showing it's not about the dongs, it's about the good times. That's something we can all get behind, and so here it is.

Stay classy, Digiterra.

[i]Xiao Weng[/i]

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[quote name='emmabuddie' timestamp='1309488863' post='2745554']
fake and gay

i don't not approve this treaty

letub is horrible

and i am not a liar

[color="#000080"][b]Oh you![/b][/color] :awesome:

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