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Justice League Plea/Request for Attention/Members

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[b]Justice League: WHY?[/b]
More like Justice League: Why Not? ....Or because we allow freedom. We're raiders, we have fun. We don't make you sit on your hands for months at a time.

[b]Justice League: WHO?[/b]
More like Justice League: [b]WHO NOT?[/b] We're currently filled with smaller nations. We're learning how to make our way in this harsh foreboding world. But, we're having a good time doing it.

[b]Justice League: WHEN?[/b]
Recently. Here's our Declaration of Existence,

[b]Justice League: WHERE?[/b]
Where do you join? Is that what you mean? You just switch your alliance affiliation. If you want to hang out more, you can join our forums:

Diplomats are also welcome. We have no ability to be meatshields, but we're a kind gentle people you can talk to. Also, tech buyers could probably find some deals amongst our younglings.

[b]Justice League: Wo Wou Want Wrotectors Wr Wreaties?[/b]
No idea what the hell that means, just come see us at our forums.

[b]Justice League: WHAT?[/b]
An alliance of nations.

[b]Justice League: WALLABY?[/b]
We do not have a wallaby. We are sorry.

[b]Justice League: WAE?[/b]

[b]Justice League: WAFFLES?[/b]


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[quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1309473921' post='2745368']
I was all set to join till I realised you didn't have any Wallabies... now I just dont know what to beleive in anymore.

Good luck hey :awesome:
I tried to get a wallaby but the zoo won't return my calls anymore. You try and eat[i] one[/i] wallaby and suddenly you're a bad guy. :mad:

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I hit a wallaby in my car the other day... i could go back and retreve it for you if you like... it will have a slight limp however so it will likely be jumping in circles (conveniant mind you if you own a round enclosure!).

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its generally a bad idea if your a tech raiding AA to post on the OWF, it attracts undue attention, then again attention does get you members.

That being said i wish you the best of luck although its seems a strange mix for you to be a pro-tech raiding AA will portrays itself as a guardian of peace and order.

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