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The Alliance You've Never Heard of...

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Good Evening. I stand before you a better man; I have only been in the vibrant and welcoming social atmosphere of politics since January 8, 2008. And realistically, I know by now, most of you don’t care about what I'm saying. So I’ll get to the actual point of this announcement. Today, the alliance I am proud to be part of turns two years old. Incidentally, we tried to get our strength to two million, but with the economy and jobs as they are we only managed to get 1,893,420 (at the time of this being written).

But, the point of this announcement is to celebrate the two years we’ve had, and to look forward the next years we’ll be alive. Now many of you don’t know us or know only tidbits about us, so I’ll give a brief history.

*If you’ve haven’t skipped to the end already, good luck here*

Menotah was an idea in my mind for quite some time, and during the Dark Evolution – Athens merger, I set it into place. Due to some disagreements to the merger, some of the members from DE joined me, I believe it was 15. This and some logs from DerKaiser, set off a nice amount of drama which led to a big headache but eventually everything was cleared up without war. During that time TOOL was our protector but ceased to protect us for a week due to the Athens incident.
So, considering DE’s main allies were CDT and I knew them since Element, I talked to them about temporary protection. They offered membership in CDT and I accepted. I’ve learned that the leaders of UPN, USN, Invicta, FEAR, WP and UCN are great people. Now I know some would disagree, and at times, I want to punch their teeth in too but I guess they grow on you. NOIR was also an ally at the time, and well they all were great friends and allies in their own right. It was such an eclectic group and when there wasn’t bickering and fighting, it was a lot of fun.

Following that, we had a generally under the radar life and grew. We gained great members and stayed quiet. That is when DerKaiser had some issues. He decided to turn our forums off, take a few members and start Pissed Off Puerto Rican. After a bit, he realized turning the forums off was a bit an overreaction but by that time, we had moved forums.

Add in some growth, more treaties and fun times and you have Menotah. Here we stand, I hope that these experiences made me a better person and I would have to say I am a better person for knowing and conversing with all of you. There’s a lot of drama and hate in this community, a bit like a high school, but in the end, we’ll all together in this world.

It is my pleasure to announce that as of 10:48:55 AM today, Menotah is officially two years old.

I'd like to thank our allies and the membership, none of this could have been done without you.

Special thanks to everyone for not DoW'ing on us.

Member, President & Founder

P.S. Feel free to stop by #Menotah for some cake!

P.P.S. I'm sure I'll end up amending this announcement due to grammatical errors or an angry person, so before anyone yells at me, I apologize in advance for the thing that offended you.

P.P.P.S. o/ NCIS

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[quote name='Joey67500' timestamp='1309456493' post='2745163']
During that time TOOL was our protector but ceased to protect us for a week due to the Athens incident.
One of my greatest regrets to this day.

Congrats on 2 years Menotah :)

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[quote name='R3nowned' timestamp='1309495834' post='2745661']
One of my greatest regrets to this day.


I can safely say it's the only regret I've got in the world.

Best of luck to Menotah in the future. I know some of the guys in the gov and with them you're more than capable of thriving.

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