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Joint Tetris/SLCB Declaration


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Tetris would like to today declare our election results for the July-Sepetember term. You may be wondering why our war flag appears overhead. This is quite simply in memory of the legacy of Billy Mays. RIP.

[b]Programmer of Foreign Matters[/b]

Hereno wins again. He comfortably saw off the challenge from USMC123 with little effort whatsoever. We hope that he continues to shape our FA path in the direction best suited to the alliance.

[b]Programmer of Game Patent[/b]

USMC123 won the election by a narrower margin than he would have liked. An early surge for his opponent, [url=http://www.hollandspies.co.uk/upload/products/33/large/220834-C01_ChickMushPie.jpg]This Pie[/url] was saw off in the latter stages of the voting process, despite [url=http://www.hollandspies.co.uk/upload/products/33/large/220834-C01_ChickMushPie.jpg]This Pie[/url] having far more jokes and charisma than it's opponent.

[b]Programmer of Internal Matters[/b]

ali5541 remains in this position after seeing off a challenge from Ridin High. ali has done a fine job in this position so far and we hope that he will remain active as much as possible during the coming term.

[b]Programmer of Line Completion[/b]

ali5541 also won this election but said he prefered the IM job, and so this position goes to the relatively unknown antrizar, who impressed Tetris members with his ability to actually do something remotely related to what the position involves, which os more than can be said for any of our previous PoLCs.

[b]Game Councilors[/b]

Only 3 Game Councilors were nominated for election, and with 3 positions available, this election was pretty pointles. The Game Councilors for the July-September term are Granat, Archer ( :gag: ) and Ridin High.

[b]Game Developer[/b]

Although the Game Developer position is unelected, I decided to open it up to a public election to see who should be the Game Developer for Tetris. I stood against Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Selena Gomez and I tied initially, but those who voted Demi Lovato gave their votes to Selena, meaning that she is now the Game Developer for Tetris. Unfortuntely, she has recently embarked on her tour of the US to promomote the release of her new album and as a result, will be unable to perform her duties. It has therefore been decided (by me) that I shall stand in for her.

[b]Minister of Entertainment, Trolling and Lulz Provision[/b]

This new position was held by Ridin High unoficially last term, who impressed us with his takeover of The Arab League. This election, which was also open to diplomats as well as members to vote in, was a straight out fight between Rhaemyr, [url=http://www.hollandspies.co.uk/upload/products/33/large/220834-C01_ChickMushPie.jpg]This Pie[/url] and Microsoft's E3 Conference, with Justin Bieber, BladeX and the SOS Brigade also recieving votes. In the end, the election was won by Rhaemyr.

Complete Government Lineup:

Game Developer - Selena Gomez (Stand In - Pollard)

Programmer of Foreign Matters - Hereno
Programmer of Game Patent - USMC123
Programmer of Internal Matters - Ali5541
Programmer of Line Completion - Antrizar

Game Councilors - Granat, Archer ( :gag: ), Ridin High.

Minister of Entertainment, Trolling and Lulz Provision - Rhaemyr


According to Cntel, SLCB and Tetris are supposed to be making a bloc. This confused us, so we thought "LET'S MAKE ONE ANYWAY!" So here it is!


1. Both parties agree to spend 2 minutes forming a CB when they want to roll someone.

2. If the alliance we want to roll has more NS, we will surrender unconditionally.

3. NCC and Pollard agree to not slag off the other's home city.

4. SLCB and Tetris will play minecraft. Neither party shall teach dane0 how to fly.

5. SLCB shall support AFC Tetris in any CN Soccer tournament.

6. There will be no love for CelesteA.

7. Articles can be added by either signatory at any time.



Edit: 4 am spelling mistakes.

Edited by Pollard
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Marry me Selena! Also I am proud to hold the near useless position of Game Councilor. I pledge to uphold Tetris tradition and use this position merely to !@#$%* and moan while doing nothing myself for the most part. I also had no idea I was running for the Internal guy position, it would have been very amusing had I won.

I would also like to thank all of my fans who made my last term as Minister of Entertainment, Trolling, and Lulz Provision possible. As of tomorrow Julian of Julianopolis will be deleted of inactivity and victory will be mine for once and for all. Give him a round of applause for being a good sport.

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