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Organization XIII

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[center]Its been a fun run, but its not so much fun any more as such, its time to close up shop and move on. I want to thank all members past and present for their hard work and effort. I'd like to thank our allies; FEAR, your the best. Paragon, keep up the good work you guys can do it. KoH, its been a blast, I'm glad to have worked with you. WP, you guys were great to us thanks. Europa, its been swell. URON, you guys were amazing, keep up the good growth. [/center]

[center]♫We had joy, we had fun,
we had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song,
like the seasons, all have gone.♫[/center]

[center]I'll keep this short simple and to the point, we are disbanding. Its been fun, but in time all things come to an end.[/center]

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The Organization XIII AA remains under the protection of Blood For Friends until such time as we see fit to allow its members to move to new homes.

Signed by the governments of the Blood For Friends alliances,

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[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1309426123' post='2744930']
Organization XIII may be gone, but your flag of balls will always be remembered fondly.

Also good luck. :)

Quoted for truth.

We wish OXIII members well, wherever they may go. It's a shame, you were great allies. ;(

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