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A New Age Has Dawned


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After a long and difficult struggle, the Revolutionary Elutherian Front finally succeeded in overthrowing the tyrannical monarchy that held power for too long. Elutheria was engaged in bloody civil war for six months, when finally the King's most trusted ministers fled the capital city in fear of the Revolutionary Militants slowly advancing on the capital city. The militants held a siege on the city for two weeks, fighting day and night against royalist thugs. Finally on the fourteenth day, with popular support from the city's civilians, the Revolutionary Elutherian Front stormed the King's palace, and struggled past the troops still loyal to the king. On the fifteenth day, the gunshots from within the palace stopped, and the King was brought out onto the front balcony of his palace, and executed, for all those watching to see.

The Revolutionary Leader proclaimed the start of a new era for Elutheria, that the country had finally left the dark ages that it's monarchy had kept the people in for so long, that Elutheria would finally rise to the rank it is truly capable of on the international stage, and in a final ultimatum, that enemies of the revolution had 24 hours to leave Elutheria, or suffer the same fate as their king.

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