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Viking Diplomacy


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Germany and Greenland have maintained close ties for decades, and most recently Germany had selflessly prevented Greenland from falling into anarchy at the collapse of the once great Eggman Empire. Though Greenland spent a large portion of it's time focused on North American and Arctic affairs, it had not completely turned its back to the Old World. A large push was being made in the Greenlandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take an interest in Europe and build relationships with neighbors. Because of its extensive history with Greenland, relations with Germany were a must.

The German government would receive a diplomatic message that was an invitation for a diplomatic summit in the Greenland capital city of Höfuðborgarsvæðinukrokurfjordur. President Alejandro Californian would meet with their representative personally, in the hopes that the foundation of a long and prosperous relationship could be set.

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Due to the ongoing war with Ireland - and others - the leader himself apologized for not being able to show up. However, Holger Richards, formerly one of the main people tasked with the stabilization of Greenland, had been sent by plane from Iceland.

Haas had regarded the previous government's acts of assisting Greenland as a failure, having spent funds without receiving anything in return when it had become apparent that the country wanted to go down an isolationist path, or at least one facing away from Europe. But having received news from them while the battle was going had been one of the few pieces of good news received in Germania even since that the battles had started.

Richards had arrived to the meeting.

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Holger Richards would arrive to much fanfare. His plane had been escorted by five Greenlandic fighter jets as it had flown over the North Atlantic due to the hostilities currently taking place in the region. The plane had arrived safely at the capital and the Richards had been quickly transported to the presidential office where the President was waiting.

"With the ongoing war in Europe I realize the Kaiser himself was not able to attend. I understand completely and hope that he and the rest of your nation are doing well, given the trying circumstances. I appreciate you willingness to meet with me Mr. Richards on short notice and I shall be as brief as possible due to the current situation.

Germania have been our brothers throughout the ages, from the vikings to the Norden Kingdom to the current day German Union and Greenland. Greenlandic culture has been influenced heavily by Germany, even today Nordlandic continues to be taught as a second language to a majority of our people. Though we have spent the past few months re-building our nation and forging our own destiny, it is inevitable that we should once again have the honor - the privilege- of working side-by-side with Germany. Your acts of generosity to our nation throughout the ages have not been forgotten, and we are willing to fight alongside you, even to die alongside you if necessary. Hoping there are reciprocal feelings and allegiances from the men and women of Germany I have called this summit in the hopes that Germany and Greenland may once again sit on the world stage as brothers, and as allies.

We hope that signing a mutual-defense document would be acceptable with you, and already we have begun drafting plans to assist in your nation's defense. We have no ill-will towards Austria or the other nations of Europa, however we will defend the integrity and sovereignty of Germanic soil. We will help repel all foreign troops from your borders regardless of any treaty signed here today.

Strategically, I believe we may be of most assistance defending Iceland and Germanic assets in the North Atlantic. I am prepared to immediately dispatch ten squadrons of dive bombers and six squadrons of fighter aircraft to provide aerial defensive support. Additionally a small 5,000 man Greenlandic Expeditionary Force has been formed to assist with the ground defense of Iceland. Their numbers are few, however they are mobile and rugged and well suited to the terrain that is present. Reinforcements will be called up as needed.

Does this sound agreeable? Please, do tell me your thoughts on these matters."

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"We would not at this point ask you to get involved against Austria. In fact, as far as we are concerned, these wars are entirely different, as the Irish had no legal resource to justify their action. They are merely expansionist and opportunistic. But that is fine. They will freeze upon the black sand of Iceland. These Proxian Leftovers will never have that land again..."

"Especially not if we can count on your forces to defend. The situation at Faroe is critical, it will fall soon enough. But that will only make them overconfident and will be their undoing. We have geared up for wars that never happened, there, in Iceland..."

"First it prepared as Nordland to be invaded by the whole world. Later, by Communist Germany, it was supposed to be the final and most resilient outpost of our honor. Thankfully it never came to that. And now we still continue to work around the clock to resist the new enemies. Your unexpected assistance is the final nail on their coffin. For that, we are very thankful, we agree."

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"With the way events are unfolding in the current situation our assistance may not be needed in Iceland. However we will keep a expeditionary force and several squadrons of fighters on heightened alert in case they are requested.

In regards to a treaty between our two nations, here's a standard MDoAP draft for you to review. I'm optimistic our relationship will be closer than what is written here, however I believe this is a good jumping off point between our two nations."

[quote][b]Germanic Union - Federal Republic of Greenland Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/b]


The Germanic Union, hereafter referred to as Germany, and the Federal Republic of Greenland, hereafter referred to as Greenland, agree to the following provisions laid out in the mutually-agreed upon pact. Both nations remain fully sovereign states and sign this treaty in the hopes that better relations may be attained for the greater peace, prosperity, and good of these two nations.

Article 1: Nonaggression & Intelligence

The states of Germany and Greenland agree to a pact of non-aggression, and will not interfere or step into the soil of the other nation when not specifically requested. Nor will either signatory illegally spy, destabilize, or in any other way attempt to bring harm to the other. Novak and Greenland agree to disclose and share any relevant intelligence and information.

Article 2: Mutual Defense

The states of Germany and Greenland agree to a pact of mutual defense and pledge to defend the other from attacks by a foreign aggressor. If a nation is waging a defensive war, the other promises to provide military, intelligence, and civilian aid to ensure the survival of the threatened nation. A declaration of war in response to an earlier declaration of war by a signatory, commonly referred to as “treaty chaining,” shall make such aid optional.

Article 3: Optional Aggression

Should Germany or Greenland seek to attack another state in a non-defensive war, it may request help from the other signatory, however such aid will remain optional.

Article 4: Economic Policy

The states of Germany and Greenland pledge to improve trade with each other and promote economic policies that forward this goal.

Article 5: Cancellation

Should either signatory wish to leave the obligations of this treaty, a notice must be given at least seventy-two hours in advance.

[b]Signed for the Federal Republic of Greenland,[/b]

Alejandro Californian
President of Greenland

Kristjan Vilhjálmsson
Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Senatus of the Federal Republic of Greenland[/quote]

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