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North meets South


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Ever since the events in the South Atlantic the Athenian government had turned their attention towards Greenland, a country that had established itself already in the Arctic Sphere and one that held considerable power in the Atlantic.

An invitation would be sent to their government for a meeting in Athens.

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With the resolution of the South Atlantic Fiasco, Greenland did not forget Athen's willingness to provide military support based on principle. Greenland had no official treaty and barely any relations with Athens yet they had provided escort to the transport ships and had even had fighters at the ready when the situation had become most critical. This was an ally worth having and the Greenlandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs sought to push relations with both Athens and Germany, two well-respected and prominent members in the European stage.

With confirmation that the message from Athens had been received, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristjan Vilhjálmsson was tasked with heading the diplomatic trip. The President was unfortunately hosting a summit in Greenland with Germany, however Vilhjálmsson was the highest-ranking diplomat and well-trusted within the government. When this man spoke, he spoke on behalf of Greenland, and he quickly traveled on a ministry jet where he would land in Athens.

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