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An Imperial Statement from the UINE

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[center][font="Arial Black"][size="6"][b]The Second Era of the UINE Begins[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[font="Arial Black"][size="4"]Hail to all of Planet Bob!

A few weeks ago, as per the peace agreement signed with RnR, the Union of Integrated National Entities began a chain of reforms that will move the UINE forward into the what would be called the New Era of CN. For the first time in our history, we allowed the membership to elect its leader. On Friday, June 17th, I was humbly elected to be given the task of steering the UINE forward as its Emperor. For the last several days, myself and several trusted UINE members took the painstakingly difficult task of forming the new Government. When you have many good, strong, and experienced people to choose from, you can understand how difficult it is. This weekend, we finally put the final pieces to the puzzle. To wit......
[center][font="Arial Black"][size="6"]THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UINE[/size][/font][/center]

[center][font="Arial Black"][size="3"]Emperor: HRH King Raymond II
Prime Minister: Piratemonkey
Imperial Advisor: Grumpdogg

Minister of Defense: SgtSmurf66
Minister of Finance: Reghar73
Deputy: MinuteVariance
Minister of Internal Affairs: Apocalypsse
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mantooth
Deputy: Askani the Rotund[/size][/font][/center]

[font="Arial Black"][size="4"]For over two years, the UINE have fought many a battle, have stood with countless numbers of friends and Allies, even stepped on a few toes. We've done everything from driving an Alliance to disband, to getting our teeth kicked in on occasion, to forming economic allies, to standing with our friends when others when the going got rough, to cheering on others when they do well, and criticizing those who we think are in the wrong. Few Micro Alliances can say this with the utmost confidence in their achievements. UINE can because it has stood proudly in the test of time. When the UINE was counted out in its early days, we banded together to make the Common Sense Revolution not just mere words, but to put those words into action as a beacon of hope for Planet Bob. Today, there are those that believe the UINE is down for the count. I can assure you that nothing is further from the truth. As we rose from near death two years ago, we will rise again.

Today I declare that the Second Era of the UINE begins. We will be working harder than ever to maintain and improve our status on Bob. To our Allies: As always, we shall stand together in good times and in bad. I assure you that you will have no better friend in your corner. To those that say we are their enemies: I offer you my hand in friendship. But, in order to take it, you must first unclench your fist. We ask you to give us the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy, not just shun the idea. For we all share Bob, and there are plenty of kegs in the bar for all to have a glass.

On other notes, I would like to personally thank The Archduke, Sgt. Smurf, and Major Lu for what they did in our darkest hours. For had it not been for them at the negotiating table, and informing the membership about what was going on, who knows what might have happened. We are forever in their debt.

As for Keve, on a personal note, I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to aid him when UINE first got off the ground. He gave me a chance at a second life on CN. For that, I will forever be grateful. Keve was the guiding light for the UINE, and his vision kept us going. Though he may no longer be with us on Bob, he will forever be remembered fondly by those in UINE. In his name, the light of theCommons Sense Revolution shall shine on.

And may the light shine forever.

HRH King Raymond II
Union of Integrated National Entities[/size][/font]

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[quote name='Anger' timestamp='1309202232' post='2742846']
Please fix the !@#$@#$ text. It hurts my eyes.

[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1309202612' post='2742848']
That's a whole lot of words to say "we took it up the rear from R&R and enjoyed it thoroughly".

Also this.

Old people want to read, too!

Good luck with all the changes, UINE.

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