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The American Treaty Organization

Michael McBride

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The American Treaty Organization's first, temporary, headquarters would be in Washington D.C. until the Organization decided on a more permanent location. Each nation was to submit on delegate to sit on the Executive Council. For the Empire of Pravus Ingruo, that delegate would be Edward van Zandt.

The first order of business would be the location of the Organization's permanent headquarters.

Empire of Pravus Ingruo: Edward van Zandt
Republic of Texas: Charles Fountaine
Holy American Empire: First Consul Aulus Vibius
Holy Empire of Ursalia: Juan Salvador
Cajun Federation:
La Republique du Quebec: Marquis Louis de Lafayette

The treaty is posted for reference.

[quote][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"][center][b]The American Treaty Organization[/b][/center][/size][/font]

[center][b]I. Preamble[/b][/center]
We, the undersigned (henceforth known as the Signers), do come together on this day, June the 21st, year 20XX, to sign on to the American Treaty Organization (henceforth known as the Organization). We the Signers come to proclaim loudly and in one voice that the American powers once again stand united across continents. We the Signers come together to say that the Americas were a victim of colonization for too long, and it shall not happen again. We the Signers come together to say that American affairs will be dealt with by Americans, not dictated by foreign powers.
II. American Sovereignty[/b][/center]
We, the Signers, believe that America should be for Americans. The Signers pledge to do everything in their collective diplomatic and military power to prevent any further expansion into the Americas by foreign powers. We, the Signers, also pledge to prevent any future foreign territorial foothold from forming in the Americas, save for military bases agreed on by treaty partners on an undersigned’s sovereign territory.
III. Signatory Sovereignty[/b][/center]
The Signers of this treaty agree to respect the sovereignty of the other Signers.
IV. Organization Executive Council[/b][/center]
Each Signer shall submit one Representative to sit on the Executive Council of the Organization. These Representatives will make decisions for the Organization on behalf of the Signers.
V. Signatory Intelligence Sharing[/b][/center]
The Signers agree to share any and all intelligence pertaining to the future safety and security of the American continents. Failure to do so can be used as grounds for removal from the Organization.

[center][b]VI. Mutual Defense[/b][/center]
Should any Signer’s American territory be attacked, either by another American or foreign nation, the other Signers agree to aid the aforementioned nation by any means necessary, including diplomatic, military, and through the use of MAD policies.

[center][b]VII. Military Action[/b][/center]
Should a Signer wish to use the bloc for aggressive military action, they must have their Representative bring the proposal before the Executive Council of the Organization. Aggressive military actions on the American continents must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Executive Council. Use of this Organization to initiate aggressive military action outside of the American continents is prohibited.

[center][b]VIII. Superiority Clause[/b][/center]
Signers to the Organization agree that in matters regarding an attack by a foreign nation on American soil, or an attempt by an existing foreign power in America to expand, this Organization will hold superiority over any other treaty Signers hold. This Clause will not apply to actions taken outside of the American continents or aggressive military action taken by the Organization.*

[center][b]IX. Adding New Signers[/b][/center]
New Signers may be added only with a unanimous approval vote by the Executive Council. This is to ensure that all Signers of the Organization are comfortable defending and being defended by any new Signers.
X. Leaving the Organization[/b][/center]
A Signer, at any time, may leave the Organization by notifying the Executive Council of their intent. A Signer will then have one week before their membership in the Organization is null and void. A Signer may also be ejected from the Organization at any time by a unanimous vote by the Executive Council, excluding the vote of the Signer up for ejection.

*Aggressive military action is defined as action taken by the Organization with no previous provocation. Attacking foreign power trying to establish a foothold in the American continents or a foreign power trying to expand their current land holdings in America are not considered aggressive military actions and will fall under Sections II, VI, and VIII.

We, the undersigned, do hereby accept and pledge to uphold the tenants of the Organization as long as we are Signers:
For the Empire of Pravus Ingruo,
Emperor of Pravus Ingruo, Captain (Ret.), PhD., Lord Sovereign of the East Coast

For the Republic of Texas,
Michael Croix
Gabriel Valcoste

For the Holy American Empire,
Lord Admiral Andrew Wiggin, Emperor of the Southern Rim

For the Holy Empire of Ursalia,
James Norton, Imperator
J Thomas Christopher, Grand Vizier

For the Cajun Federation
HRH the Prince of Acadia, Henri Broussard

Signing for La Republique du Quebec, her Citizens and her National Assembly, in the Name of Christ Our Lord,
His Excellency, Maxime Vigneault, President of La Republque
The Right Honourable Alexandre Picard, Prime Minister of La Republique [/quote]

Edited by Pravus Ingruo
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Charles Fountaine stepped forward and spoke into his microphone, "Honored assemblymen, I have a prepared statement from Chancellor Croix to read, it is as follows."


American Treaty Organization Brethren,

The Republic of Texas hereby activates article X. Leaving the Organization. The Republic feels that certain members of this illustrious treaty bloc have larger commitments to both their internal audiences and their external allies. In a treaty bloc associated with American stability this is unacceptable to the Republic. We hold no ill feelings and wish all the best.


Michael Croix [/quote]

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Edward van Zandt stood. "With the actions of the Cajun Federation against the Holy American Empire, recognized by the Empire of Pravus Ingruo as declaring war against one of the oldest and most stable nations in this hemisphere, we move for the expulsion of the Cajun Federation from the American Treaty Organization. Further, pending the expulsion of the Cajun Federation, I realize that this bloc may have been too broad in its original reach and scope. I move for the dissolution of the American Treaty Organization."

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Mr. Juan Salvador spoke up. "I'm in support for the dissolution of the A.T.O. Despite its noble intentions, the organization had done nothing but breed more problems and instability in North America."

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