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Relations between Wagadou and the Commonwealth of Africa


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<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Hello brother!"
<Director_Frontino>: "Afternoon, my friend. I trust the flight over was uneventful?"
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "A
little bumpy, but other than that, it was excellent. You should try
this drink I had on there...shame I didn't ask the name of it,"
<Director_Frontino>: "Probably a French wine. Lots of those around these parts."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "It was great. But, I suppose we should get down to business..How long has the Commonwealth been apart of Africa?"
<Director_Frontino>: "Around a year, I believe. It was started late last Spring by my father. His statue is out there."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "I'll have to stop and see that sometime...What are the Commonwealth's goals in Africa, and their goals for internals?"
<Director_Frontino>: "The
Commonwealth is primarily concerned with keeping peace in Africa, a bit
moot since there haven't been many wars here. Internally, we're dealing
with the outbreak of the RB virus, and strengthening ourselves
economically and militarily."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "The RB virus? What is that?"
<Director_Frontino>: "It's
a horrible disease that started in the southwestern part of Niger, a
strain of rabies it seems. We've been researching it, but it doesn't
look like it'll spread past here."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Well,
after this, I'll see if we can send some scientists over to study it.
Hopefully a quarantine can be enacted. How are the Commonwealth's
relations with other African nations?"
<Director_Frontino>: "We've
had generally warm relations with most nations, exluding a bit of a
cold war between the PRA and ourselves. We've recently signed a NAP with
them to ease tensions."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "What was the problem between the two?"
<Director_Frontino>: "For
one, I declared a claim on the province of Nigeria, since we've split
it between us. The second was one of our officers caught a spy
attempting to steal plans for one of our military vehicles. They claimed
he was a PRA spy but that was later debunked."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Hopefully,
with our alliance, we can ease the tensions. The PRA is one of our
closest allies as of late, and together, we hope to help stabilize
Africa. But, onto our relations...What type of treaty would the
Commonwealth be comfortable signing with the Empire?"
<Director_Frontino>: "I believe an MDoAP would suffice."
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Well, I have a draft document here..."
Kwame_Nkrumah pushes it forward
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Standard
sovereignty, intel, mutual defence, and optional aggression. If
everything looks acceptable, all I'd need is your signature."
<Director_Frontino>: "Perfectly fine. We can iron out the details later."
Director_Frontino signs it
<Kwame_Nkrumah>: "Excellent!
I'll have the final copy sent to you...It's been a pleasure meeting
you, Director. Unless you have anything else to add, I think I'm going
to go look at that statue before I depart the Commonwealth..."
Kwame_Nkrumah shakes hand
Director_Frontino shakes hand as well
<Director_Frontino>: "I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay." [/spoiler]

After deliberation, the Empire of Wagadou and the Commonwealth of Africa have agreed to sign a Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression Pact between the two states. The treaty itself, can be seen below.

[quote]Article I: Sovereignty
Both nations shall remain sovereign bodies. They shall not infringe on the other’s sovereignty nor shall they conduct any actions that may negatively affect the other nation. They refrain from conducting military acts of aggression or espionage against the other nation, directly or through another nation. The two nations shall also refrain from enforcing or upholding economic or trade sanctions against a fellow signatory.

Article II: Mutual Defense
Each nation recognizes that an attack on one signatory is an attack on the other. The signatories shall therefore provide any requested support in a defensive war, whether it be through military, financial, or political support. Should a signatory become attacked due to an aggressive war, the treaty becomes optional. While being optional, the signatories are still urged to support one another's endeavors.

Article III: Optional Aggression
a) Should either signatory choose to conduct or be a part of an aggressive action against another sovereign nation, they may request support from the other signatory, in terms of military, financial, or political support.
b) Both signatories guarantee at the time of this treaty that we agree with the doctrines and policy of the other signatory. Should another country break the policy or doctrine of a signatory in place at the time of the treaty's signing, the other signatory has the right to request support through the means listed above. Should new doctrines and policies be enacted, in order for sub-article B both signatories must be consulted and not express objection.
c) Any military action taken by or against a signatory can be considered a valid and legal casus belli for the other.

Article IV: Economic & Trade Affairs

Both signatories are encouraged but in no way required to provide economic assistance or aid when requested.

Article V: Intelligence

a) Both signatories agree to share any and all information found by either signatory that is relevant to the safety and sovereignty the other signatory.
b) Both signatories shall inform the other of any intelligence which may result in a war, either of aggression or defense for either signatory.

Article VI: Cancellation

a) Should Article I, Article II, or Article V be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.
b) Should either nation come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 48 hours after either private or public notification of the activation of Article VI.

[u]Signed for the Commonwealth of Africa[/u]
Director Frontino

[u]Signed for the Empire of Wagadou[/u]
Emperor of Wagadou,

Kwame Nkrumah,
Head Diplomat of Foreign Affairs

OOC: Axol, I totally stole your treaty. :3

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