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The Legions protection and SUPPORT


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In CyberNations, not being a part of an alliance can be dangerous. Without an affiliation, your nation is vulnerable to offensive 'tech raiding'. This is can be prevented by joining an alliance. The Legion alliance offers stability, security and strength and, at more than 5 years old, we have stood the test of time. Moreover, The Legion alliance is ranked in the top 'sanctioned 12' of ~200 alliances in the game. We offer the protection and—more importantly—the /training/ to help build and grow your nation into something more.

Some initial benefits of membership include:

- 3 million in entrance aid
- 9 million in Legion support aid
- Tech deals, where you make 1.5 million per deal
- 30 million rapid growth aid and sledding programs
- Economic and military nation training
- Companionship in a tight knit community

To learn more, change your nations alliance affiliation to ‘Legion Applicant’ and follow this link: *http://avelegio.net/membership/*

On a last note, the legion welcomes anyone, as we are here for you. Our passive stance means that you will rarely beforced to fight in a war, it will allow your nation to grow at it's own pace, and provide protection from any type of raid that may come to harm your nation. The Legion provides great help, and has a very fun forum filled with lively people, that are almost active 24/7. So their will never really be a time were you feel alone.

The Legion

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