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Mongolian Diplomacy

Imperator Azenquor

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The following message is sent to the Mongolian Government by the Vaulian Diplomatic Corps:

To: The Government of the People's Republic of Mongolia
Fr: The Government of the Serene Republic of Vaule

[u]Re: Issues of Concern/ Vaulian-Mongolian Diplomatic ties[/u][/b]

The Government of the Serene Republic of Vaule urgently requests a meeting with a representative of the government of the People's Republic of Mongolia regarding issues of concern as well as the future direction of diplomatic ties between our two countries.

A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

B. Svatek, Prime Minister of Vaule

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[u]Classified Response[/u]
We shall arrange for your arrival in the capital, protection will be provided by the 101st Infantry division and the meeting held in the newly built Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.

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[b]***Classified Message***[/b]

Acknowledged. Vaulian Deputy Prime Minister Adam Kerbev will be arriving shortly.

[b]**End of Classified Message**[/b]

A single government Tu 144 High Speed VIP aircraft flew towards Mongolian Air Space, escorted by 2 MiG 31 Interceptors. As the aircraft approached the border between Vaulian and Mongolian air space, the pilot radioed ahead and requested landing instructions from Ulaanbaatar. Once landing instructions were received the escorting MiG 31s would break off and return to base.

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[u]UlaanBaatar International Airport[/u]

"This is control tower, adjust your craft to 40 degrees west and land on runway five. You have permission to land welcome to Mongolia"

Near the airport a convoy of Black SUVs and AT-ASVs ready to escort the Vaule Prime Minister to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building.


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As soon as the aircraft came to a stop in front of the terminal, the Deputy Prime Minister and his entourage emerged to greet their Mongolian hosts. The Deputy Prime Minister would be accompanied by two diplomats and a Lt. Colonel from the Vaulian military.

OOC: We could just skip to the meeting venue if you wish?

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At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Deputy Prime Minister was escorted along with his entourage to a room with a long table. At the end was Prime Minister Yanjmma and Head of Foreign Affairs Yultan Zhao.

"Welcome to Mongolia, I hope your trip was pleasent. Please sit down, if you need anything refreshments, food or even time to rest our facility can accomodate whatever you need" said Zhao.

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[i]"Thank you Prime Minister Yanjmma, Foreign Minister Zhao. I must also express my gratitude that you agreed to meet with me on such short notice. Since time is something that I do not have a lot of, I will try to get to the point. The purpose of my visit, and by extension this meeting, is threefold. Firstly, my government wishes to strengthen the diplomatic ties between our two countries while finding areas of common interest where cooperation is possible. Secondly, my government has some security concerns especially concerning our joint border and the adjacent areas. And of course, my government would like to discuss your nations stance regarding the ongoing Korean conflict and its implications on the region and beyond.

Like any other government, the Serene Republic of Vaule expresses its sincere concern about the current status of the diplomatic relationship between Mongolia and the United Federation of the East. We convey our hope that this particular diplomatic relationship may be improved, albeit in incremental stages. As for the relationship between our two nations, it is our sincere hope that we may further strengthen the ties of friendship that we have forged and to expand these ties both politically and economically.

Firstly, regarding the issues of border security and control along our shared border, we feel that there is an urgent need for additional security along this border and a mechanism of communication between our state border control agencies. This would ensure a speedy resolution of potential issues, and would allow accurate and up to date information to be easily communicated to our respective governments. For example, an issue of the Mongolian Unen Newspaper stated that the Republican Guard arrested a Vaulian citizen along our shared border. Our first issue of concern, if indeed the article is to be assumed to be factual, was that no attempt was made to contact the Embassy of the Serene Republic of Vaule once the suspected Vaulian citizen was arrested. This would mean that an individual, who as far as the government of Mongolia was aware, was a Vaulian citizen was denied consular access.

Secondly, after conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, my government has concluded that the individual in question is not a citizen of the Serene Republic. This curious development raises more questions than it answers. Why was it that this individual was thought to be a citizen of the Serene Republic? Was any documentation to prove this alleged citizenship provided? and most importantly the question that is most concerning, is the article in the Unen newspaper a fabrication?

Prime Minister, in the interest of my government and in the interest of preventing such an incident from occurring again, we would like to hear your side of this story in order to better enable us to piece together what took place."[/i]-Deputy Prime Minister Kerbev

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The Prime Minister gave a stern and forward answer.

"The People's Republic of Mongolia and the United Federation of the East currently have no formal or offical relations with one another and im sure both parties wish to keep it that way, if not I have been instructed by parliament that we have no interest in forming ties with them other than a possible non-aggression pact.

"As for the current Korean conflict, we are apalled sir, absolutly apalled by how an entire coalition has managed to glass Korea with radioactive fire and show utter disregard for the Korean civilans. I fear the penisula will be affected for years to come and that the damned UFE don't care...another reason Mongolia wants nothing to do with those savages."

Zhao cleared his throat trying to deter the Prime Minister's comments but Yanjmma simply ignored him

"Anyway, as for the incident at the border. It is factual, the Republican Guard seized a man trying to cross our borders illegally and put him into custody. The Vaule embassy was not contacted due to security concerns that the commanding officer at the border station had and made it his personal priority to make sure the man was not going to be a threat. He was released following standard procedures showing he was not a danger and was allowed back into the Vaule border. We have copies of an ID and license plate that suggested he was a citizen of Vaule and due to a lack of communication at the time between Mongolia and Vaule we simply had little choice but to proceed with the matter in the way it resulted. We can and will forward the information about the incident to Vaule but quite frankly the northern border of Mongolia is mainly known for light traffic and this incident was simply a fowl up that occurred on an inexperienced group of men who didn't know how to properly react."

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The Deputy Prime Minister glanced at one of his two diplomats before replying:

[i]“Well Prime Minister, my government sees it as extremely unfortunate that you view our ally the UFE in such a negative light. We can not help but believe that some of your anger towards the UFE is unwarranted at most and misplaced at least. Nonetheless we acknowledge the position of your government.

Regarding your rather colorful comments regarding the ongoing conflict in Korea, I would say that I find some of them to be somewhat insulting. As a member of the coalition that has, as you have put it, [b]‘shown utter disregard for Korean civilians’[/b], we find this to be a generalization and not entirely factual. While I do not doubt that there have been civilian casualties on the Korean side, Vaulian military forces, like our coalition allies, have strived to ensure that any civilian casualties on the Korean side are as minimal as possible. It is the duty of the coalition to target the military of the Greater Korean Federation and its associated infrastructure regardless of where it may be and to take as many steps as possible to reduce civilian casualties. It is an unfortunate occurrence during a war, especially one in which nuclear weaponry has been used, that their will inevitably be civilian casualties.

To suggest that we have shown disregard for the civilians of Korea is an insult to our Armed Forces and by extension our Imperator. Although it is likely a moot point at this stage, will your government continue its policy of neutrality regarding this conflict?

Regarding the individual alleged to be a citizen of the Serene Republic, we would like to see the copies of his identification and passport which were used to imply that he held Vaulian citizenship. It is the view of my government that these documents are forgeries. We have no record of any of our citizens passing through Vaulian Border Security into Mongolia on the day in question. If, as the article implied, the alleged incident took place at an approved border crossing, the individual would not have been allowed through the crossing from the Vaulian side with forged documents.

This minor incident concerns us as it would indicate a need to strengthen border control and verification systems on the Mongolian side of the border. We are prepared to assist in this regard, if it is the wish of your government. We are willing to provide a liaison officer who would manage communication between our respective border control agencies, as well as to propose some amount of standardization of the processes employed at our borders.

On the economic front, are there any particular sectors in which your government would be willing to either establish, or expand a trade relationship with Vaule? For example, our rich oil and natural gas reserves would allow us to offer oil and natural gas to the Mongolian government at significantly discounted rates. In a similar vein, our wheat and timber industries would relish the opportunity to expand into new markets. I have also been asked to convey the desire of some influential figures in the Vaulian business sector to invest in Mongolia. Such investment would include infrastructure development as well as financial investment. What are your thoughts regarding this?[/i]-Deputy PM Kerbev

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"I apologize if you saw my remark about the coalition as an insult, but I stand with what I've said I think the sheer amount of nuclear force was...unneccessary not to say it is of complete fault on the coalition. Korea started the nuclear play after all. As for the conflict, yes Mongolia will remain neutral we have no interest in the war other than the safety of our ally Zargathia, our military would rally to their defense at a moments notice but we have been asked that our intervention will not be needed. As for the ID papers I will have the Republican guard give you copies but the originals are with the man in question. As for the border yes it needs improvement on our behalf, it would seem the severe lack of communication between the two nations has caused some issues. Im sure Parliament will agree with a liason and a new standard for the Northern Border."

"As for economics, I believe you will find Mongolia to be a land undergoing a surplus of copper and other metals. Oil is primarily something our military needs but the wheat, natural gas and timber is something our nation desperatly needs. Timber is simply...well non existent here. And more wheat could help feed my people who are having a difficult harvest this year."

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