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An end of an Era

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Long ago, the Ghor Republic was conceived in ignorance, but now it will be disestablished as those it called brother failed to uphold their end of the bargain and spurned all attempts at coming to an understanding or fixing the breakdown of communications.

Then came the purge, CommissarThomas realize IRON had used him and would not fix its contempt for lesser nations and he also realized why so many prominent members he fought and bled with simply walked. At that point, CommissarThomas purged all connections with IRON, labeled them persona non grata and ordered all true Ghor Citizens to follow him to reestablish the Greatness of the Ghor People in a new Empire.

So on June 29th of this month the Ghor Republic will be deleted and rerolled as a new nation, an Empire in a new land. IRON is dead to me, when it came time to stand up and deliver on its promises, it failed to do so and failed to repair the breakdown or even discuss it with me in a timely manner.

If that is how it treats its members, then that Alliance won't be long for the world and it will deserve to fall.

[font="Book Antiqua"]CommissarThomas,

High Commissioner for the Ghor Republic[/font]

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