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Internal Affairs


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This evening, the Department of Internal Affairs was meeting. Minister Markus Ali Lamont, General Amil, Admiral Akeem, Eli-al-Mulim, and the Prime Minister are going to be in attendance. Markus gathers his information, takes a last sip of his evening tea and sets of for the board room. "Discussions are going to be heated tonight," Markus thinks, "The Prime Minister and General Amil have never seen eye to eye on the New Akkad Problem." New Akkad, that was the topic tonight. As Markus got to the room, he took a deep breath and entered.

Immediately he was thrown into the center of a huge heated debate, with General Amil yelling at the Prime Minister.

"The IDEA that we allow New Akkad to be annexed by the Fascists is not even worth discussion. You would give up our largest port because some small militia's could harm our capital. Our people must be saved, our shipping industry could be greatly hurt and that can cause a huge economic recession."

Larkus rebutted with, "What in the hell do you know about economics, General."

Eli-al-Mulim tried to calm everyone down, "Guys, guys, Markus is here, we can use his information to get a final decision."

PM Larkus turned to Markus and said," Sorry about that Mark. Now, what do you have for us."

"Well," as Markus sat down, "From our information, the New Persia Party militants do not seem to pose a threat to any other city yet at this time."

General Amil interrupts with a, "Ha, told you so!" Larkus and Eli eye him and he shuts up quickly.

Markus continues, "Although our nation is not able to take out these threats, and the United Kingdom has not been able to help us due to our neighbors, Novak and UFE, we also still have not heard back from the Kingdom of Cochin on their part or help. I think we should contact another nation for help.

General Amil says, "But who can we trust out of the Asian Nations."

PM Larkus replied, "Japan, Mongolia, UFE, Novak, Sri Lanka, Korea, Zargathia, Soldania, SR Valueya, and GNED. In Europe, I believe we can receive help from Germany and possibly Athens. Most Information says that Novak, UFE, and GNED seem most reasonable."

General Amil replied, "But wouldn't one of those larger nations want to hold onto New Akkad?"

Markus says,"True, I say we contact Japan for the help."

Admiral Akeem says, "I second that."

PM Larkus nods and says,"I will contact Parliament leaders and put it up for vote."

Eli-al-Mulim also says, "I will contact the Emperor as soon as we are done."

PM Larkus agrees and adjourns the meeting, but asks the General and the Admiral to stay. The others leave.

PM Larkus turns to the high level military men and says, "Now, have you done what I have asked you." The men reply,"Yes."

PM Larkus replies in turn replies,"Then I will speak to parliament in the morning about it. The Invasion will get us new ports and new resources to become powerful. Soon we will control it, and we will have it. I have to contact Novak first to see if they will help us, if not, then we will not be able to do this mission. As of now, Operation Homeland Retrieval is classified and pending activity.

OoC: This is NOT a deceleration of war on anyone as of yet, just to clear the air.

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