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Operation Springer


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At 1:42 pm, all citizens were removed from major population centers and told to go indoors. A curfew has begun, and anyone outside would be arrested/

At 1:53 pm, all citizens were advised to stay indoors and underground during the evacuation, and turn their radios on.

At 1:56 pm, congress announced the decision to surrender to Pravus Ingruo. Their most notable line was that, "The people will be safer under the Empire's rule." Police were to patrol the nation and use lethal force against rioters.

At 1:59 pm, a small riot broke out in Cleveland but was quickly ended.

At 2:13 pm, congress was dissolved.

At 2:16 pm, the entire military was honorably discharged by General , aside from half a dozen generals and some 100 missile command operators. All military bases were cleared, and destroyed.

At 2:51 pm, Goldman Industries was renamed and temporarily shut down.

At 2:52 pm, the Goldman Brothers committed suicide in their Mansions. No one is sure why.

At 2:54 pm, an unknown former-general managed to arm nuclear bombs and place them in launching position. He was shot and killed before he was able to launch them, though his soldiers managed to seal off the silos.

At 3:14 pm, a pre-recorded message was broadcast from Columbus, saying: Thomas Atkinson-Asgeirsson is a sniveling $%&@tard

At 3:18 pm, Oscar McArthur killed himself in Texas.

At 3:24 pm, Staff Sergeant Jerry Springer seized control of the Akron Missile Station, along with twelve other soldiers, due to a power vacuum. Had the United States been given more time to break down, this wouldn't have happened.

At 3:34 pm, the US Senate and all local governments were dissolved. The United States was now nearly non functional.

At 3:45 pm, Donald Trump called in Jerry Springer's capture of the missile station. The station was noted to have control of 6 nuclear missiles.

At 3:48 pm, police surrounded the missile command center.

At 3:49 pm, an anonymous US general sent Jerry nuclear launch codes. The general has not been identified.

At 3:54 pm, the nuclear threat was messaged to Pravus Ingruo. Due to a glitch, this message was broadcasted over public radio waves and caused widespread panic.

At 3:56 pm, an attempt to breach the US

At 3:59 pm, Jerry Springer said he was not going to come out alive.

At 3:59 pm, several SWAT teams failed to breach the missile command.

At 4:00 pm, six nuclear missiles were launched from four different silos. Their targets were: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, New York City, New York City.

At 4:01 pm, nuclear sirens went on throughout the nation.

At 4:02 pm, Jerry Springer showed a live broadcast of himself. He mumbled a few words, which no one could understand, then shot himself.

At 4:02 pm, a message was sent to Pravus Ingruo to immediately arm its nuclear defenses. The entire leftover US budget was sent to the Empire. The launch station was still unbreachable and there was no way to shut down the missiles. Oops!

OoC: Rerolling obviously. But I decided to hit Pravus again. Should've just accepted the agreement friend, or just not have been so hostile to me. You learned that from Labrador, right? Silly Pravus.

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President Natas: "!@#$, they fired nukes. The SDI system is still online, right?"

Director of Department of Defense, Frank Griffen: "Yes."

President Natas: "Intercept the nuclear weapons. I don't want radioactive fallout showering on our land. Enter DEFCON 3, activate the Emergency Broadcast System."

Frank Griffen: "Understood."

-Few minutes later-[/i]

Frank Griffen: "Good news, our missile-launching satellite is operational and had fired six missiles to intercept the nuclear missiles. But..."

President Natas: "But what?"

Frank Griffen: "The satellite responsible for the missile guidance is borked and directed the anti-ballistic missiles at the Sun instead. Except for one missile, it was directed at the guidance satellite and made quite a mess."

President Natas: "Really?..."

Frank Griffen: "It shouldn't been a surprise that a satellite system designed to last 12 years would be malfunctioning at age 31. I told you we should've replaced the SDI system ASAP instead of relying on Great Lakes States' increasingly aging and buggy SDI system."

President Natas: "I would've listened if our budget wasn't in the red. Money doesn't grow on trees."

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OOC: I second what PD said. The least you could do is fight a conventional war with SMH, like what the player Raritan did when he left CNRP a long time ago. It's more enjoyable that way than setting off nukes and leaving the targeted player to deal with the mess in the end. :/

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[quote name='JEDCJT' timestamp='1308854986' post='2739506']
OOC: I second what PD said. The least you could do is fight a conventional war with SMH, like what the player Raritan did when he left CNRP a long time ago. It's more enjoyable that way than setting off nukes and leaving the targeted player to deal with the mess in the end. :/
OOC: Agreed.

I was even planning on backing you up Fizzy.

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OoC: I don't like setting nukes off, but quite frankly I'm a bit sick of having to change nations everytime I make a mistake. I would've fought him, but I'm awfully bad at fighting wars, and everytime I DO fight it becomes a major headache, since it begins to turn into OoC mudslinging. And even if I would've fought him, I would only have a half finished military to do so. I've gotten rolled tons of times before and it isn't fun.

Anyway, I had plans for my leaders, internal RPs I was going to make. It's a bit frustrating losing all of your characters.

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OOC: Grow up Fizzy.


[quote]At 3:18 pm, Oscar McArthur killed himself in Texas.[/quote]

OOC: lol no


The Texas Rangers responsible for escorting, monitoring and generally baby sitting Mr. McArthur prevented the man from committing suicide on their watch. The would restrain him using handcuffs, leg irons, etc. for his own safety before taking him to a military hospital where he would be restrained and put under suicide watch.

J.O.C.A. alerted to nuclear launches in the United States of America immediately broadcast to the Empire of Pravus Ingruo an emergency message notifying them of the launch. Texas would then proceed to broadcast on open military channels to the rest of the Americas that the United States had begun launching nuclear weapons. J.O.C.A. brought up their SDI system just in case the nukes were headed for Texas. Military jets were scrambled and put into the air above Texas. The Warden program, still being built would be brought active in the border areas where they were already installed - barely ten percent of the system would be active. Bases across Texas were shut down as the military awaited the Chancellor's orders.

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The Texans weren't the only one to be alerted by the nuclear launches. At roughly at the same time they received notification by the Texans that the 'entity' that was the 'United States of America' had begun launching nuclear weapons, the Ursalians had sent the Ingruoians an emergency message notifying them of the nuclear threat.

The Ursalians would maintain communcation through secure military channels with the Texans and the Ingruoians. Good thing the Empire was in a status of high alert, with its SDI activated and fully-online, but still the Military Executor was shocked and angered that such an entity would endanger the peace and stability of the North American continent.

In Rio Grande do Leste (Saskatchewan) and Nova Coimbra (Alberta), fighters and interceptors of the Imperial Ursalian Air Force flew up into the air to conduct air patrols over Ursalian airspace while SDI systems prepared to shoot down any nuclear missiles that might be targeted at the Empire.

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OOC: Now you're just proving Pravus Ingruo's suspicions completely correct. Because of this, you've made it clear their hostility was perfectly spot on. Any other RPer, more mature and skilled than you, would have taken the time to prove to the world that their incarnation of the United States wasn't going to sink to the levels of previous incarnations, but I wouldn't have expected you to bother with something like that.

If you're tired of rerolling, then stop !@#$@#$ doing it and start RPing with one damn nation. And if you take some !@#$ while RPing as that nation, tough. Grow a pair and RP your way through it rather than ragequitting and nuking everything because you're being a pissy little kid about it rather than an actual RPer. Stop whining about how you had 'plans' and how it's 'frustrating losing all your characters'. You made the first move here, not Pravus Ingruo, and it's [B]your[/B] fault you're losing all your characters, not Pravus Ingruo's.

tl;dr: As Yawoo said. Grow up Fizzy.

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OOC: my corporation is currently banned from a number of other RP nations, i deal with negative attention, hell, i am essentially a drug dealer, which doesnt win me over friends, i'd like to see you be able to RP as one nation and keep it for more than a month.

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[u][i]Inside the residence of the Archon Castellan[/i][/u]

Paradis- "They did WHAT?!"

Forrest- "Yes, sir, they did."

Paradis- *sigh* "Tell the FDF to prepare for fallout procedures, go to DEFCON 3, and issue a statement."


From the desk of the Archon Castellan:

This nuclear attack is, quite simply, a terrible act of murder. Many will die, whether from the actual attacks or from their fallout. As of today, anyone claiming to be loyal to the United States of America is considered a criminal in the Federation of Columbia with the charge of genocide, and shall be executed upon entry into the country.

Robert Paradis
Archon Castellan of the Federation

[/color][/size][/u][/b]The FDF is now at DEFCON 3.
The FDF is now to act under fallout procedures.

OOC: Not cool, man.

Edited by Torias
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Among other American nations New Spain was quickly alerted to the nuclear launches originating from Ohio...or as the former regime deemed it the USA. Upon this New Spain activated their SDI system to defend against any potential ballistic missiles entering or nearing New Spain, Interceptors were scrambled in mass and began flying sorties within the borders of New Spain to further assist in detection and destruction of any missiles to enter Spanish airspace. Emergency broadcasts aired simultaneously on all radio & television networks in New Spain ordering immediate evacuation into local fallout-safety shelters. New Spain was placed into Defcon 3 and military personal were quickly being mobilized within the confines of military fallout shelters to respond to any emergencies post detonation that may arise within the country. King Enrique Bourbon quickly drafted a declaration denouncing these acts and released it to the public. Soon enough he would be moved into an undisclosed facility deep within New Spain until further notice.

"Today in a deplorable act of hostility parties within the United States of America launched multiple nuclear devices at the nation of Pravus Ingruo. Preliminary reports state that military officials within the USA gave implicit consent and launch codes to allow this attack to take place. We have acted in the defense of our countrymen by activating our own strategic defenses in tandem with launching interceptors to destroy any such missiles from entering our air-space furthermore our military has been placed at DEFCON 3 to prepare for any further hostilities should their be any more launches or acts of aggression by the USA. We stand ready to assist the nation of Pravus Ingruo in her time of need."

[b]Encrypted Message To PI[/b]
"We offer you the use of our strategic defenses, radars, and monitor equipment in conjunction with your own to assist you in destroying these ordinances. Further we stand ready to assist you by any means necessary in bringing justice to any responsible for these actions. Lastly, should any of these ordinance detonate at their given targets we stand poised to offer you any rebuilding aid needed in conjunction with other states in America.

Signed, Enrique Bourbon King of New Spain"

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"Nuclear launch detected! Counting... six missiles, sir! All from the United States. Preliminary analysis shows targets are... Philadelphia, Hero City, and Virginia Beach!"

"Get the Emperor on a live feed now and sound evacuation alarms for Virginia Beach! They aren't covered by the Spring Initiative. Tell all essential personnel in Philadelphia and the Hero City to get to their bunkers ASAP!"

Emperor Atkinson-Asgeirsson was already on his plane back to the Empire when the news came in. Emergency plans were immediately put into action. The plane turned south, heading over the Gulf of Mexico, to circle between Key West and Miami. A full squadron of fighters would also deploy to establish a 20 mile air buffer around the craft. Inside, a projector showed Thomas the inside of the Command and Control Center on Long Island.

"General, status update." The Emperor's voice was terse as he stared at the screen.

"Six nuclear missiles in the air. Targets are Philadelphia, the Hero City, and Virginia Beach." It was the last name that made Thomas' blood turn cold.

"Have evacuation notices been sent out for Virginia Beach and those still in Philly and the Hero City?"

"Yessir. Still expecting massive casualties in Virginia Beach."


"Just came online, sir."

"Then start shooting, General. We've already lost valuable time." The CCC began a flurry of activity. (OOC: This next part is per GM's ruling) One by one, the nukes were knocked out of the sky. When the final nuclear missile was destroyed, Thomas sighed.

"Let the world know we'll be making a statement soon."

[quote name='Fizzydog' timestamp='1308853225' post='2739483']
OoC: Rerolling obviously. But I decided to hit Pravus again. Should've just accepted the agreement friend, or just not have been so hostile to me. You learned that from Labrador, right? Silly Pravus.

OOC: You are a spoiled, rotten little child. I've seen toddlers with more maturity than you. Because while a toddler might throw a tantrum once when they don't get their way, they learn. They learn how to say "please" and "thank you". They learn how to appreciate what they have instead on constantly whining about what they don't have. You railed against Thomas for not working with your characters, claiming he was simply out to "destroy anything that didn't agree with him". How are you any different? When faced with a tough situation, instead of trying to work at it, you simply throw a tantrum and leave, attempting to destroy everything left behind. You are a spoiled, rotten little child, and a hypocrite to boot.

Your "agreement" went against all tenets of good RP and consistent RP history, two things you obviously know nothing about. The first is obvious as to why you have no concept of it, and you have no concept of the second because you can't keep a nation for more than two months at a time. You are a disgrace to everything good about RP.

Further, you are the epitome of everything wrong with the internet. You feel that simply because you have a keyboard and a computer screen in front of you, you are anonymous. You are not. You feel that simply because of this perceived anonymity you can do whatever you want and treat people however you want, tossing tantrums when you do not get your own way without consequence. You cannot.

You are scum. You have no concept for teamwork or mutual RP. Don't ever come asking me for land, ever. You will promptly be told to $%&@ off and any other communication will be ignored. I personally wouldn't mind if I never saw another one of your half-baked "RP" hacks around here ever again.

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[quote name='Pravus Ingruo' timestamp='1308940711' post='2740573']

OOC: rawr[/quote]

OoC: You have full rights to be upset and all that, but I've apologized and asked for the nuclear weapons to not hit. Yes yes it was a bad choice and all and it had bad consequences. Alright, what happened happened. It's done and over.

I wasn't planning on coming to you ever again, Pravus. Never ever again, so don't worry about that.

Edited by Fizzydog
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From Miami, the Emperor made a statement regarding the recent attempted nuclear attack.

"Fellow citizens, and citizens of the world, tonight we have dodged a blow. The United States of America has shown itself to be ineffective and unstable once again, and it is only by luck and quick action by our armed forces that the cities of Philadelphia, the Hero City, and Virginia Beach were saved from utter destruction. And while now would be a time to sigh in relief, to congratulate ourselves for a job well done, we cannot. Ten minutes ago I gave the authorization to our armed forces to begin Operation Third Time's the Charm. This operation is aimed at bringing the rouge state of the United States of America under heel, to eliminate any insurgent elements within the state, and to stabilize this part of the continent once again. The 1st and 2nd Armies, backed by the multiple air assets, has already begun movement into the former state of Ohio. At the conclusion of this campaign, Ohio will become an Imperial protectorate. Anyone with anything to do with these attempted nuclear attacks will be arrested, as will anyone from the former United States government and military leadership. Justice will be had for this heinous act. Thank you, and goodnight."

At the EPI-USA border, 120,000 troops, tanks, helicopters, artillery, and aircraft surged forward into the rogue state. Their objective? Secure and pacify each town, destroy resistance with overwhelming firepower should they encounter it, and arrest those responsible.

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Although still in its development stages, the Cajun Federation Armed Forces also responded with impunity to the detection of the nuclear launches from the United States. Although regular citizens remained unaware unless they tuned into news stations originating from other countries, there were some questions as to the sudden increase of flyovers. Although still in advanced-testing phase, the First Fighter Group, equipped with the first batch of thirty-six F-22 "Raptor" Stealth Fighters, was assigned to patrol the airspace over the Federation. Also in its initial stages of deployment, the Cajun Federations' land-based Ballistic Missile Defense system was also put on alert for the first time, in case missile launches gave a trajectory for the Federation.

Ground forces that had been on leave were recalled, and many combat units were geared up for ready deployment in case the conflict escalated further. Activity on many installations was visible through satellites, as land vehicles were gathered into their company elements and troops were issued live ammunition and other aircraft took to the sky. National Guard forces, particularly those involved with the Military Police, were quietly quick-deployed towards the borders of the Federation, to assist customs personnel and provide extra border security. JSTARS and AWACS patrols, which were a normal occurrence, were doubled over the Federation, as were the presence of extra air-to-air refueling tanker aircraft. The navy, although without a meaningful fleet yet, increased maritime patrols with cutters and patrol boats off the coast, as the country went to a state of readiness, the first in its history.

On top of defense preparations, a secure transmission was flashed to Pravus Ingruo;

[quote]"The Cajun Federation stands ready to provide any assistance that it can to Pravus Ingruo, militarily or otherwise. Combat and support forces can be both utilized if needed by the Empire, we hope to that this conflict is ended with relatively little loss of American blood and wish the Empire the best in pursuing to quell the upstart United States for their internal inability to stop this from happening."

[i]HRH, The Prince of Acadia[/i][/quote]

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"The Federation of Columbia fully supports the Empire of Pravus Ingruo's move to secure the region."

A Secure message was sent to the Emperor:

[quote] If there's any way the Federation of Columbia can help in this operation, be it anything from managing supply lines to having boots on the ground with EPI troops, let us know.[/quote]

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[quote]To: Emperor Atkinson-Asgeirsson

From: Chancellor Croix, Republic of Texas

Re: U.S.A. Government

Dear Emperor Atkinson-Asgeirsson,

My deepest condolences that your nation has once again found itself facing nuclear weapons. Members of the Texas Rangers, responsible for escorting Oscar McArthur from the Dallas mediation meeting, prevented Mr. McArthur from committing suicide less than an hour before nuclear missiles were detected. The Rangers did not observe any communication from Mr. McArthur to the outside world, and the investigation into the events has concluded that Mr. McArthur and the United States government never intended to negotiate in good faith. The nuclear missile launch had to be planned well before the Dallas meeting. No doubt, had the United States been given more time Dallas itself would have been targeted to eliminate yourself as well as your adjunct. Currently, Mr. McArthur is being held under military supervision under suicide watch at Naval Air Station Reserve Base Fort Worth (NAS RB Fort Worth). It is Texas's opinion that Mr. McArthur should be returned to the Empire to face a war crimes tribunal. Should the Empire so wish to extradite Mr. McArthur they will be permitted to send in a team of military police to take him under custody.

Best Regards,

Michael Croix
Chancellor of the Republic of Texas[/quote]

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To: Texas

The Empire gratefully accepts the Republic's help is detaining Oscar McArthur. We will be there to pick him up soon. He will not enjoy his flight back.

[b]**Battle for Ohio**[/b]

The first third of Ohio came under heel quite easily. A pitched battle around Cleveland began, and smaller skirmishes starts around Wooster and Zanesville. Troops in the southern part of the state continued a steady march towards Cincinnati.

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