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Korean War Rolls Request Thread


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With the escalating use of spy rolls and nuclear weapons, I'm at the point where I can't make sense of which rolls succeeded and what actions were, done, and how many nuclear weapons have been used and their success/failures. So, I'm making this thread so that we can consolidate all roll requests, which I will post in single posts at the Gm thread so that the GMs don't have to go around missing requests in the overflowing workflow (like how Cochin didn't do 4 rolls which were on a previous page). At the same time, I'll try to keep the nuke count recorded, along with numbers fired, remaining stock, and reloads. So please, help me out with this.

[b][u]Current Spy Roll Requests[/u][/b]

[b][u]Current Nuclear Roll Requests[/u][/b]

[b][u]Anti-Korean Spy Odds[/u][/b]

Triyun: 50%
Centurius: 50%
Zoot Zoot: 50%
Imperator Azenquor: 50%
iKrolm: 50%
Lavo_2: 70%

[b][u]Nuclear Uses/Total[/u][/b]

Kankou: 4 (3 success, 1 anti)
Triyun: 23 (9 success, 14 failure, 2 anti)
Centurius: 10 (3 success, 7 failure)
SpacingOutMan: 10 (3 success, 7 failure)
Voodoo: 18 (7 success, 11 failure)
Axolotlia: 25 (12 success, 13 failures)
iamthey: 25 (8 success, 17 failures)

Total hits: 42
Total blocks: 69
Percentage: 62.16%

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