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ARES Announcements


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[center]Announcements from the office of the SupCom[/center]


I am please to bring three important announcements from the Ascended Republic of Elite States, first, to our new government, congratulations to the new members of the High Council:

[center]Supreme Commander- Jtkode
Vice Regent- Partymaster
Minister of Foreign Affairs- Joe_Stupid
Minister of War- BelkanFederation
Minister of Internal Affairs- GeneralDolan[/center]

Our second announcement is also a very joyous in ARES as well, we have formed a new charter, which can be viewed by the public at this link:


(it is encouraged by all to make an account at our forums and get to know us better!)

And for number three, I'm very glad to announce that we have our official channel back at #ARES on IRC, so please come and party with us, beer and food will not be provided so bring us some...

Jtkode of Desconfulie
Supreme Commander of ARES

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[quote name='Slade' timestamp='1308774629' post='2738545']
I was told ARES disbanded long time a go. Nevertheless best of luck.

Don't know who told you, but a simple check of the Wiki would have sufficed.

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[quote name='partymaster' timestamp='1308776371' post='2738573']
Hi Wally! :D

Hey mate long time no talk hey... you know true story I nearly considered starting the Army of Darkness into SE mode before popular vote pushed us to lock in the NPL theme.

Those sure were some fun times over in TE mode :)

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[quote name='Joe Stupid' timestamp='1308773445' post='2738531']
Part 1 of ARES revival.

Part 2 is where you get the "child" who is running this alliance to step down and let you take over. Also, apologize for killing Teen Titans. Now.

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