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Trade with Foreigners on the BLUE TEAM

Duncan King

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I am here to bring you trade circles that are in process over at The Foreign Division. To join them, you need only be on the Blue team.

To be added to our database for future reference, fill out this form: [url=https://spreadsheets1.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&formkey=dGprcW1FS1pyclA3ZUw3bERUS1NxcEE6MQ#gid=0]here[/url]

Bonuses: Beer, fast food, construction, steel
Requires: aluminum, cattle, iron lumber, marble, pigs, sugar, spices, water, wheat
Flexes: 2

aluminum: Rhaegar Targaryen
cattle: Leveritt
iron: Roland Verne
lumber: Pride (?)
marble: willy81
pigs: Muaddib Atreides (?)
sugar: Leveritt (?)
spices: willy81
water: Roland Verne
wheat: Pride (?)
flex: Muaddib Atreides (uranium) (?)
flex: Rhaegar Targaryen (fish)

Bonuses: Affluent population, fast food, fine jewelry
Requires: cattle, coal, fish, furs, gems, gold, pigs, silver, spices, sugar, wine
Flexes: 1

cattle: guandi
coal: Yo mon (?)
fish: Yo mon (?)
furs: guandi
gems: King Phil II
gold: Valde Preliator
pigs: Valde Preliator
silver: JonPaul23 (?)
spices: AfterShock (?)
sugar: King Phil II
wine: AfterShock (?)
flex: JonPaul23 (water) (?)

[(?) Confirmation of interest not yet received]

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[font="Verdana"][size="4"][b][color="#4169E1"]My Nation:[/color][/b] http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=368875

I have Wheat/Pigs and am looking for the following TC:

Resource list:
- Aluminum
- Coal
- Fish
- Iron
- Lead
- Lumber
- Marble
- Pigs
- Sugar (Can be Substituted for Cattle or anything else you want)
- Uranium
- Water
- Wheat

Don't really care about what Color it's one, just looking for stability.

Thanks! :) [/size][/font]

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