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A Cuban Revolution


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[font="Palatino Linotype"]Cuban nationals and their communities have begun to take political action in proceedings that concluded a common dream for Cuban self determination. The Cuban people have organized to petition peacefully, the procurment and self governance of a new Cuban nation apart from the Holy American Empire. We ask that the Empire grant us more than land, but an oportunity to be as we were born to be; sovereign and independant. In anticipation for your decision to our request, we swear peace with you and a return to your protection should we fail in our efforts, but we will not fail.
The specifics of our negotiable request to you is the soverignity and self governance of the city and province of Havana of the Cuban island.


For us, this action constitutes the ultimate dream of our people and we declare in peaceful solidarity [i]¡soberanía o muerte![/i]. We wish that you would grant us soverignity, because to anything less we would simply prefer death.

the Cuban people[/font]

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King Enrique read the Morning Tribune and chuckled aloud. "More talks of independence in America...it's crowded enough as it stands. Oh well, I"ll support whatever action the HAE choose to follow on this course." Before continuing his morning briefings and leisure.

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[quote name='Yawoo' timestamp='1308682649' post='2737551']
OOC: That really wasn't what I was getting at ;)
OOC: My first post in the forums was my independence thread, and (I assume) I turned out fine.

IC: The Federation of Columbia will be watching with interest.

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Recent polls for the Cuban people have indicated that they wish to be free of the Imperial umbrella. Those same polls indicate their desire for self government as opposed to being subservient to another regional government. Therefor, under the Imperial Right we recognize the ability of Cuba to form their own soverign government.

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Following the petition for independence, the Cuban people have been granted sovereignty from the Holy American Empire. The island of Cuba has united in self determination & since elected 1st Presidente of the Republic, Ignacio Cialon. The Revolutionary Republic of Cuba, or simply known as Cuba has been declared into existence.

[i]"Cuba. This word should take up a new meaning for all the world today. No more may we be subjugated to the rule of foreigners- that is, foreign in thought, action, interest, to the Cuban people not only of foreign camp or country. We have won the peaceful war for our right to exist independent of anyone's control aside our own.

The liberation of Cuba has come clean from bloodshed & free from foreign control. By the cry of independence, the Cuban people join hands with the rest of the world & launched themselves, a new dream in mind, upon the greatest stage the world has ever known- the global theater.

From this day on Cuba stands united in defiance of tyranny to live & die as a free people. Cuba libre!"[/i]


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