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Goodfellas DoE


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Hi everyone, I am known as Jack The Ripper in-game and do hereby declare the existence of The Goodfellas Alliance.

For more information, please join our forums here: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Goodfellas_Alliance

Here is a copy of our charter:


We, the esteemed members of the alliance known as "Goodfellas" do hereby agree to promote our sovereignty and assist each other in times of need.

Article I: Admission

Any nation on black team that is not engaged in any active wars or are on any alliance's blacklist will be admitted on "Associate" status. Associates may only become full members upon completion of Goodfellas Training.

Article II: Governance of Goodfellas

The alliance shall be lead by The Don. The Don has sole control over all affairs of the alliance. The Don serves for life or until resignation. Upon termination of The Don's tenure, he may appoint anyone he chooses to replace him.

Underneath The Don lies the Underboss. The Underboss represents The Don when The Don is unavailable. All other duties carried out by The Underboss are given by The Don.

Underneath The Underboss lies The Commission. The Commission shall consist of five elected Goodfella members, who are elected for the duration of a Tournament Edition Round. The Commissioners shall be: The Commissioner of Defense, The Commissioner of Internal Affairs, The Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, The Commissioner of Economics, and The Commissioner of Omerta.

Article III: Expulsion from Goodfellas. Any Goodfella may make a motion to expel a fellow Goodfella. If a majority (50%) of the alliance votes in favor of the expulsion, the expulsion shall be carried out. All expelled members are automatically placed on the Goodfellas Blacklist.

Article IV: Amendments to The Charter

Any Goodfella may make a motion to amend the Charter. If a majority (50%) of the alliance votes in favor of the amendment, the motion will be considered passed and carried.

Feel free to shoot me a PM for more info.


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