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5 for the Price of 2!

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A few days ago, PC and iFOK merged. And a few days after that, Athens, =LOST=, and GR merged. We thought this was pretty great, so the five of us decided to merge together as well. Because it was on such short notice, we've named the alliance 5ive, after my favorite boyband.

We'll be posting details of the merge later. For now, enjoy the classic sounds of this great band: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GjTvV3bAt8"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GjTvV3bAt8[/url]

[center][size="7"]Merger Madness[/size]
[i]An ODOAP[/i][/center]
Article 1.
The Last Remnants and Non Grata will not fight each other, spy on each other, or say bad things about each other.

Article 2.
Both The Last Remnants and Non Grata agree that they will share any information with eachother that might threaten the security of the other.

Article 3.
If one signatory is attacked the other has the option to enter the conflict in defense.

Article 4.
If one signatory aggressively enters a conflict, the other has the option to enter the conflict along side.

Article 5.
Should one alliance decide this pact no longer fits into their best interests, 72 hours must pass before it is considered null and void.

[i]Signed for Non Grata:[/i]
MiketheFirst, Triumvir
Arexes, Triumvir
KingXander, Triumvir

Derwood1, Advisor
Gofastleft, Advisor
zoomzoomzoom, Advisor

[i]Signed for The Last Remnants:[/i]
Rush Sykes, Triumvir
Mandellav, Triumvir
Shamed, Triumvir

Voodoo, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Eratria, Minister of Defense
Wyrmon, Minister of Internal Affairs
Azie, Minister of Economics

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