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Rise of Transnational Legion

Captain Enema

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[b]Port Sudan[/b]
"Legion is a way of life, Legion is a choice, Legion is a state of mind. Those who join Legion do so knowing they shed the skin of their former selves and swear allegiance to a new way of life and a new way of thinking. It brings me great pride to announce the resurrection of Legion.

More so a trans-national Legion. From Fort Kimberly to Sudan to Austria to Ireland the men and women of Legion stand ready to defend our allies and our way of life.

We stand before you as a partner in the Austrian Empire. Specifically, the Empress Maria Theresa has agreed to allow Legion to resume control of our affairs. We live to serve our Empress, let there be no mistakes made in the recognition of this point.

Consider Legion one of the jewels in the Austrian Crown. We stand independent of Austria but at the same time very much united."

From this day forward Independent Australia will know be known as Fort Maria Theresa. From this day forward Port Sudan will now be reunited under the banner of Legion.

Fort Charles White in memory of the beloved Major General Charles White will be established near Port Sudan as part of our new Irish Base Agreement. Fort Charles White will serve as a Desert Warfare Training Center for the Irish in exchange for the Irish allowing us access to the Collin Barracks outside of Cork for Legion training purposes.

With this in mind the 222nd Search and Rescue Wing will be permanently stationed at the Collin Barracks and will is ordered to assist the Irish with any and all Search and Rescue related tasks in the area.

Further, as Legion recognizes that it can no longer limit its way of life to Africa we open our ranks to recruitment to the world. If you can meet the physical requirements, if you can swear the Legion oath, if you can survive our Basic Induction training, you too can be part of Legion.

Keep in mind, once in, never out."


10:45 Denard walks into the Empress's throne room and takes a knee.
10:45 Maria_Theresia Ah, Commander Denard, please, there's no need to be so formal. What do I have the pleasure for this meeting?
10:46 Denard Legion Ma'am, Legion rises once again. I come before you to ask a small favor.
10:46 Maria_Theresia Of course, what's on your mind?
10:48 Denard Our arrangement needs a bit of modification. The Legion way of life is quickly becoming one that is going to reach to different parts of the world. We wish to become more than just your employees, albeit valued employees I won't deny that.
10:49 Maria_Theresia You have already been granted citizenship I believe, Commander, what else can Austria offer you?"
10:50 Denard Recognition of our nationhood and a full alliance as partners.
10:50 Maria_Theresia I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying you are revoking your Austrian Citizenship for Citizenship and loyalty to a different nation?
10:53 Denard "Ma'am Legion is our country, it always has been. Once a man or woman signs for the Legion they are a Legionnaire for life. What we are asking for is some sort of arrangement that allows to continue to serve you, while perusing our own way of life. Maybe a semi-autonomous merger of sorts. I'm not quite sure how to explain it."
10:56 Maria_Theresia Theresia frowned, looking hurt. "No, I just had thought that your people enjoyed their time in Austria, I didn't know that there was a nationalist feeling behind everything." She sighed. "I'm not sure how this could work. People were up in arms that my sister granted you citizenship, now you want to be your own nation and still serve us. It would look very...
10:57 Maria_Theresia poorly on my reign against the Nationalists. Surely you can explain things a bit better to me, Commander."?
10:59 Denard "Ma'am, I'm just a Legionnaire. What Legion means to us is something profoundly hard to describe. It's a way of life. It's how we think and breathe. It is who we are. The men and women of your Imperial Guard are Legionnaires and as is such they've sworn to serve and defend you to the death because they are Legionnaires. It is the oath they took upon..
10:59 Denard enlistment into the Legion. Legion has a few small bases in other parts of the world.
10:59 Denard err.. !@#$
10:59 Denard arghh.. hold on
11:00 Denard enlistment into the Legion. Legion has a few small bases in other parts of the world. We merely wish to be allowed to serve Austria and retain control over our territories at the same time in your name."
11:00 Maria_Theresia "So this new nation would still serve Austria and the Hapsburg Family?"
11:02 Denard "To the death. But more so you have to understand that Legion is very much enamored with the people of Austria. We'd not only serve your Family, we'd fight to the death for Austrians anywhere in the world. A big part of our rebuilding of the Legion after the nuclear attack came from Austrian recruitment."
11:03 Maria_Theresia "Then this could work in a way, does the Legion have a government body then?"
11:05 Denard "The Legion Council in Port Sudan, call them a council of wisemen I guess, is made up of former Legion Officers. They serve as our oversight body, to ensure Legion follows its own code of conduct. All day to day decisions and such are made by the Legion Commander.
11:05 Denard Which at the moment happens to be myself."
11:06 Maria_Theresia "I would allow something like this to exist fully under the condition that Legion would join the Austrian Commonwealth immediately and recognize the Austrian Crown as it's Head of State. You, Commander, would be promoted to Viceroy of all Legion's holdings."
11:06 Maria_Theresia She smirked, "and expansions."
11:07 Denard "Would this be something like the old Canadian Commonwealth that recognized the Queen of England as its leader, but was free to conduct its own affairs?"
11:08 Maria_Theresia "Exactly, maybe a tad more tight on some parts as you have sworn an oath. But you know I'm not a witch, Robert, you won't have a despot to worry about."
11:10 Denard "The only thing I must be candid with is the fact that Legion is conducting its own foreign affairs while in your employment. At the moment we are negotiating with the Irish for a base, negotiating with Aeon to reclaim Port Sudan, and looking elsewhere in order to begin trans-national recruitment."
11:12 Maria_Theresia "You realize that there could be a significant penalty to Austrian affairs if Legion would perhaps overstep it's boundaries. We do not have any relations with the Aeonese or the Irish, nor do I see the push for relations in the future. I would hope that Legion would keep it's goals open to perhaps Austrian oversight."
11:14 Denard "Well I reckon I'm telling you these things now before we start signing papers for a reason. The negotiations with the Aeonese are to reclaim what is traditionally Legion territory. Ireland.. well that's more of a strategic move in the event Austria comes into conflict with the United Kingdom, which seems likely."
11:16 Maria_Theresia "You're a wise man Commander, though I wouldn't over step that boundary yet. The United Kingdom has shown no problem with us, or us to them aside from arguments and disagreements. I dislike judging countries, even ones with a taste of imperialism like the British. But so long as Legion knows who took them in when both our peoples were weathering storms, I'm..
11:16 Maria_Theresia sure I can agree with most things on the offering table."
11:31 *** Maria_Theresia is now known as SarahTintagyl
11:31 Denard "Legion recognizes that Austria has been good for Legion. We'll never forget this. In the end we serve you directly. Consider us that pitbull on your leash. What we do you can later claim was done without knowledge. Call it a proxy of sorts should
11:31 Denard things come to a head and you need a shield from the world."
11:32 SarahTintagyl "You have my thanks Commander, as always, my most loyal subject."
11:33 Denard "I do have one more request."
11:33 SarahTintagyl "Of course."
11:35 Denard "Only a Legionnaire can lead the Legion." Denard says as he takes out a box and hands the Empress an official looking document that formally swears here in as a enlisted Legionnaire. "Fortunately, there was never a mention of what rank that Legionnaire had to be, which allows us to get away with inducting you into our ranks and putting you on permanently
11:35 Denard detached duty. Your parent regiment will be the 1st Legion Regimental Combat Team, the Les Terribles."
11:36 SarahTintagyl Theresia took the document from his hands and chuckled. "I assume I enter as a private?"
11:38 Denard "No ma'am, you'll be inducted as a trainee first. The status of Private comes with the completion of Legion Basic training. That's not something we can waive even for the Empress of Austria. Though if you ever wanted to go through basic we can bash something out for you. It might be a welcome holiday from the pressures of leadership."
11:38 SarahTintagyl "I'll definitely consider it, I'm sure I could use the exercise too, get back into tip-top shape."
11:40 Denard "Well ma'am if you ever decide it I'll get Dellion to set up a special training detachment right here in Austria. Not sure I want you trooping around the desert in Sudan. Not exactly the most inviting place. But should you accept this appointment you'll be also awarded service for time served in the Austrian Military. I do believe that requires us to promote
11:40 Denard you."
11:51 SarahTintagyl "Of course."
11:52 tidybowlman "Congratulations Major General Maria Theresa, may you serve with honor and courage."


11:14 Denard Hello, I represent Legion, whom am I speaking with?
11:21 Aoife I am the Irish Taoiseach, Aoife Ó Cuinneagáin.
11:22 Denard "I'm Mad Dog Bob Denard of Legion. I believe we had the honor of meeting at your ball, quite a nice one if I might add. It's rather hard to find people who know how to throw a good bash these days."
11:23 Aoife Hello, Mr. Denard. Thanks for the compliment, but I find it hard to believe you'd call over that?
11:25 Denard "Not only to thank you for the lovely time, but also to extend an offer. Legion is about to reclaim it's heritage, though under the auspicious of the Austrian Empire in sort of an autonomous capacity. We wish to offer your nation a training center in Sudan for desert warfare. We'll be stationing a regiment of our troops there to be oncall for security and
11:25 Denard training with your men. In exchange for this we'd like to have access to a base in Ireland for similar purposes."
11:26 Aoife Sudan? Do you own land there?
11:27 Denard "We own Port Sudan and 200 miles around it. Plenty of room for practicing maneuver warfare. We also have an extensive port facility."
11:32 Aoife This is agreeable. Do you have a place in mind for an Irish base?
11:33 Denard "I bow to your superior knowledge of Ireland. We really desire a base that will allow us to practice our search and rescue skills, which are fairly weak at this point. Maybe something near Southern Ireland?"
11:44 Denard "An Island or something like that perhaps?"
11:45 Aoife [[Got sidetracked]]
11:45 Denard {{happens to the best of us}}
11:45 Aoife Collins Barracks outside of Cork and the surrounding area should do the trick.
11:46 Denard Sounds grand, we look forward to doing further business with you.


10:38 Denard says, "Hello Ma'am, I think you might remember me from the ball, we danced together? I'm Robert William Denard of Legion."
10:39 Princess_Rhianne "Why yes, the charming fellow from Somal? How does the day greet you?"
10:40 Denard "Not to bad. I'm calling to ask you two questions. First question, and most important of the two, Port Sudan has traditionally been part of Legion. My organization would like to reclaim it's statehood. Would this be something we can negotiate?"
10:41 Princess_Rhianne "Well, I'd have to refer you to Avatar Marxon for that specific topic, but yes, I believe a compromise is what I see looming over the horizon"
10:41 Princess_Rhianne "The other question Good Sir?"
10:42 Denard "Legion is greatly concerned with the rising levels of tension between your government and the former NODIC elements. We have a great deal of sympathy for the former NODIC elements, but it's hard to not like AEON either, I mean you are a pretty damn good dancer, much better than that Executive Minister character."
10:43 Princess_Rhianne OOC: Hmmmm, i'd leave that out for now
10:43 Princess_Rhianne OOC: Nothing has shown up yet, but im glad you've been following the thread
10:44 Denard OOC: going by newspaper reports and such.. nothing specific.
10:44 Denard OOC: otherwise I would have mentioned them.
10:45 Princess_Rhianne OOC: Perhaps you've heard rumors about the Aeon crack down on Nodic sympathisers then?
10:46 Denard OOC: mostly.. just newspaper items and gut intuition so to speak
10:46 Princess_Rhianne OOC: Okay
10:49 Princess_Rhianne "Yes, it truly saddens me, but must be done. The Nodic state has used the East African peoples' dollars for funding, their sons for war, and their blood for sustenance. We can ill afford to allow a Nodic insurrection to take root in East Africa""
10:49 Denard "I understand your position. However, AEON and NOD can stand to benefit from each other. Do you anything of Legion's history?"
10:50 Princess_Rhianne "Please, do not mistake my words for callousness - I know there are some that can be saved. Yet, until I am sure another tragedy of the magnitude of Addis Ababa's destruction does not happen, I cannot relent""
10:50 Princess_Rhianne "As for your history, I am sure we can arrange a more 'intimate' setting for such story telling to occur?"
10:50 Princess_Rhianne OOC: :P
10:51 Denard "Ma'am I'm fully aware of just how stubborn Nodic Militants can be, which brings us to Legion's history. We once were enemies of the Nodic Militancy and somehow we came to see each other as friends. What I'm offering to AEON is my willingness to act as a third party in any talks that should arise. A neutral African third party that is known to both sides."
10:54 Princess_Rhianne "Perhaps... I will keep your offer in mind, Mr. Denard."
10:54 Princess_Rhianne OOC: Talk to the other guy now about sudan
10:54 Princess_Rhianne "It has been a pleasure conversing with you... Robert, but I must take my leave. I have summoned the Avatar, i am sure the two of you can come to a suitable arrangement regarding Port Sudan"
10:54 Princess_Rhianne exeunts
10:54 *** Princess_Rhianne is now known as Avatar_Marxon
10:55 Denard "Hello Avatar, has the lovely Princess Rhianne briefed you on the situation at hand?"
10:56 Avatar_Marxon "Yes, I have heard of your intentions the Port"
10:56 Avatar_Marxon OOC: for*
10:57 Denard "Well, Legion and our way of life is about to go trans-national. We wish to reclaim our territory. We are thinking Port Sudan and one hundred miles around it. Can we come to some sort of agreement?"
11:01 Avatar_Marxon "I will be brief, Denard - The Princess wishes to allow the Legion to reacquire the Port - but it is ultimately 'my' decision as the Avatar of War. As the Avatar, it is my duty to ensure the Aeon is protected on all sides -secure so that the faithful can live under the Princess' teachings in peace."
11:01 Avatar_Marxon "To what end would you be willing to hold such ideals?"
11:03 Denard "Legion has a code of conduct, if these teachings in peace and our code of conduct line up well enough I reckon we can come to an agreement. Elaborate upon your teachings in peace?"
11:07 Avatar_Marxon "I do not expect an outsider - an unenlightened one such as yourself to know the Princess' teachings so easily!"
11:07 Avatar_Marxon OOC: holdo n
11:08 Avatar_Marxon "Do not*"
11:08 Avatar_Marxon OOC: and
11:09 Denard "Well sir, how about I just go ahead and ask what Legion can do to reassure you that we aren't aiming to cause a problem in this neck of the woods?"
11:09 Avatar_Marxon "I was simply referring to the simple matter of security. Such a port is of significant strategic value - I want assurances that the... 'dalliances' the African Legion is known for across the world will not come back to hurt the Aeon in the future. I do not want future generations to look back at this moment and cry out in shame and loathing"
11:10 Avatar_Marxon "If you can assure that, then I will submit to the wishes of the Princess - Port Sudan will be yours"
11:11 Denard "I'm not sure how we can assure you of this. You know the world is a particularly treacherous place. Do you have something specific in mind?"
11:14 Avatar_Marxon "Know your place in the world, and do not bring shame to the Aeon. I need not go into specifics."
11:14 Avatar_Marxon OOC: I'd just have Denard grudgingly agree or something
11:15 Avatar_Marxon OOC" perhaps during the war the two of them can gain each other's trust
11:16 Denard "Our place in the world is to serve our Empress Maria Theresa. I think she's proved that she's an able and wise leader on the international scene."
11:17 Avatar_Marxon "Then we have nothing more to discuss, Mr. Denard. Port Sudan is yours... for now."
11:17 Avatar_Marxon exeunt Avatar_Marxon

[b]Fort Maria Theresa[/b]

The flag of Independent Australia is lowered. The flag of Legion, with the Austrian Royal Crest in the upper left-hand corner. The men of the 1st Independent Australian Brigade remove their shoulder patches, toss them in a barrel to burn them, and replace them with the new badge of the Legion Asian Rapid Response Brigade.

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Marxon had been tricked. He knew it, yet he also knew that he could not go back on his word what with the Princess giving her blessings to the wretched Bob Denard and all.

But he also wasn't going to let an entire Irish base set itself up within the Aeon homestead unwatched.

Instead, the Acolytes, Zealots and Paladins under his command would deploy to nearby Suakin Naval Base. An entire pre-Aeon division of air assault infantry and accompanying [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65298&view=findpost&p=2464943"]Air Assault[/url] Tilt Rotor Crafts would be stationed permanently at the previously deemed 'untenable' defensive strongpoint of Suakin. There, this division would remain alongside a smaller contingent of the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=77405&view=findpost&p=2075911"]anti-ship[/url] evasive launch grid situated near the coast as well as FFL-00[i]'Victory[/i]', FFL-01 [i]Ascendancy[/i]', and FFL-02[i] 'Conquest[/i]'. These [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65298&view=findpost&p=2526354"]fast interdiction[/url] ships would give a mobile and potent anti-air capacity to complement the several strategic and tactical surface to air missile battalions that frequented the port during their long evasive patrols.

The Legion would be given free reign to their newly reacquired plot in the sand - for now.

[quote][i]"It is a joyous occasion indeed when a good friend has found your home to be suitable enough for his!"[/i][/quote]
[b]Princess Rhianne Lucretia Sidamo[/b], Reigning Sovereign of House Sidamo, for the Principality of Aeon

Edited by Executive Minister
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Ireland would send a diplomatic message to Aeon stating that the Irish Desert Warfare Training Experimental Group, or DesGRU, would be stationed at the joint Legion-Ireland facility. The group would be small and comprise of three subgroups of twelve members of varying specialities each and each would be accompanied by two tanks, APCs, and helicopters. Repair parts or new armour would be coming and going regularly. The message would ask for permission to use air and sea space to transport the soldiers and arms, and that Ireland officially requests an embassy in case of emergency.

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[quote name='Sargun' timestamp='1308632494' post='2736786']
Ireland would send a diplomatic message to Aeon stating that the Irish Desert Warfare Training Experimental Group, or DesGRU, would be stationed at the joint Legion-Ireland facility. The group would be small and comprise of three subgroups of twelve members of varying specialities each and each would be accompanied by two tanks, APCs, and helicopters. Repair parts or new armour would be coming and going regularly. The message would ask for permission to use air and sea space to transport the soldiers and arms, and that Ireland officially requests an embassy in case of emergency.

With the Legion owning Port Sudan as well as a swath of land approximately 100km west into the desert from the coast, the Irish would be able to immediately ship all necessary goods and personnel without ever having to touch Aeon soil via international routes over the Red Sea. An embassy would be promptly designated amongst the administrative buildings within Suakin Naval base for any and all contingencies.

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Legion responds to Aeon's increase of force levels by leaving a single case of demilitarized Baker rifles at the nearest Legion-Aeon border crossing and they promptly go about their business of ignoring the increased troop strengths.

"Legion is more than willing to allow observers from Aeon to observe Legion-Irish training exercises. It'll save you having to reposition satellites to do the same thing."


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Jia busted out laughing when he heard about the requirements of basic for Theresia, the image of a drill instructor barking out orders at her while she had to crawl through the mud under barbed wire was quite amusing to him. After regaining his composure he ordered his chief of staff to issue a statement.

"The UFE recognizes the changes of status for the Transnational Legion and hereby acknowledges those changes as legitimate."

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[quote name='iKrolm' timestamp='1308633181' post='2736820']
The PRo Selenarctos wonders if Legion maintains its status as a Private Military Company or if not, how would the leaders of Legion classify their organization?

Legion never has considered itself a Private Military Company. This label was flung upon us by outsiders and we suffered under its yoke for the short term. Legion is an autonomous part of the Austrian Republic.

This includes all of our holdings in Africa and Asia. You'll note we've changed the name of Fort Kimberly to Fort Maria Theresia in honor of our Empress.

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