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The Island and the Mainland

Sarah Tintagyl

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[b]To: The Head of State of the United States of the Island
From: Maria Theresia II of Austria[/b]

[i]Your Excellency,

With Austria's Civil War finally at a close, one of our main priorities aside from reforming domestic and economic policy is to reach back out to the world for friendship. The USI's time in the Zurich Pact was fast and our nations have never had a real fruitful meeting to possibly become closer on the world stage. Squeezed in between the Irish and English, the Islanders offer Austria a new voice in the British Isles and a voice we are very anxious to hear. If you would accept, this is an invitation to come to Vienna and meet with me personally, along with members of my government, to create a strong and viable friendship between the USI and the Austrian Empire.

Together we can make both Austria and the USI prosper in a world filled with tension, destruction, and war. We can be the guiding lights of a new generation of European countries and I hope you will accept my invitation.


Maria Theresia II of Austria[/i]

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To: Maria Theresia II of Austria
From: David Anthony O'Reilly of The Island

Your Imperial Highness,

I would be more than happy to visit Austria and enjoy a good talk between the two of us. I would also hope that I can keep my nation on the map, in a political since. You are remarkably the first nation in a very long time to ask to even speak to me on behalf of our nations. I will pack my bags and make my way to Vienna as soon as possible. It is a true honor that a nation as great as Austria has come to us, these small United Islands.
I will be there before you know it.

For Freedom,

David Anthony O'Reilly
[b]The President of The United States of The Islands[/b][/quote]

David piloted his own craft, filled with three Marines to keep him company. It would be the smallest security detail the Untied States ever had for any diplomatic trip with the President. But David knew he could trust the Austrians. David landed in Vienna in his favorite suit. He had on a beautiful orange tie and a solid black jacket with black pants, shoes, and a belt. The [url="http://weaselzippers.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/SilentDrill2.jpg"]three Marines[/url] were in full uniforms as the slowly exited the commuter craft in front of the President. David came out side as his eyes adjusted to the light. It was early in the morning and there was a fine.. mist in the air.

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Through the mist a limousine would approach and out of the vehicle appeared a small man wearing a black suit and black hat with a sash of the Austrian flag tied around his chest. He smiled to David and bowed, taking off his hat. "Herr President, welcome to Vienna, my name is Frederich Kant, Her Imperial Majesty's Foreign Minister and I am here to take you to Hofburg Palace were we can begin the audience. If you would follow me," he gestured David to the open door of the limousine and once they were in, the two men took off towards central Vienna and the Imperial Residence.

The city of Vienna shown eerily through the morning fog, spires of churches, ancient buildings, and government complexes poked through the mist while the business crowd began making their way through the city. "You're missing out on the night life, Herr President," Kant chuckled, "But perhaps if you stay for a few days, a lucky courtesan might be able to show you around. Perhaps even the Empress, if you make sure to bring His Majesty Yuan Jia, he can be fairly protective of the young Empress." As the city began to disappear around them, out of the fog, two great iron gates appeared and there stood the Imperial Residence of the Austrian Empress. The gates opened with a clank and the limousine drove slowly in, crunching over the gravel on the path. Finally the car pulled to a stop at the entrance way and two Imperial Guards walked down and opened the door.

"Herr President," one of the guards said, "If you would follow us, Her Imperial Highness is in her study."

They walked him through the marble halls of the palace to the Empress' study where Theresia sat on a lounge chair with a book at her side. She had only woken up about two hours ago and was still in her morning wear, but fashionable enough to appear in front of rulers.

"Your Highness, may we present, The President of the United States of the Island, David O'Reilly."

Theresia rose from the chair and bowed her head. "Herr President, welcome to Vienna. I trust you had a pleasant trip. Guards, if you please." She pointed them towards the door and then gestured towards a chair for David before taking her own. "We have a great deal to talk about so I figure we should begin now. Mainly, the Austrian desire for relations with one of the most neutral nations in Europe. Which would be perfect for our new policy of friendships and alliances."

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David never bowed to any foreign official of any nation because it would be political suicide to do so, however he was alone in a room with a young Empress - what was the worse that could happen?
David bowed to the young Empress, "I thank you for inviting me here Empress.. I hope through these talks you and I can come to an understanding and hopefully some type of treaty."
David sat and unbuttoned his jacket buttons seeing as he was now inside. "I wish I had a gift to offer you.." David thought for a moment and then reached in his pocket and pulled out a solid gold coin.

He reached over and handed it to the young Empress. It was [url="http://goldcointreasure.com/images/RomanCoin.jpg"]Roman[/url], it must have been over 2,000 years old. "When the Romans came and conquered most of known Europe, they made it all the way to England and Whales on the Isle of Great Britain before their empire began to crumble. They didn't conquer Scotland or Ireland.. so goes the story. However, where present day Dublin is, my hometown, I was told by my father that the Romans had a small outpost there. Historians around the world, even many in my country, seem to disagree with that story my family passed down for generations. I would say it is true while others say it is a myth.

This coin, and six others my grand father found in Dublin seem to prove everyone otherwise.. But I would rather keep this to myself.. I think this story is better kept secret, but alive... There might come a day when I am killed and someone finds my coins in a well guarded box and donates them to a museum, not knowing their original place in history. For now I will keep the other six but I will give this one to you. Although I don't know you to well, I think you of all leaders in the world could appreciate it and keep the story alive, secretly, if I were to be killed or forgotten."

David knew he needed to give one to someone, why not her? "You can have it, I hope you accept it, as long as you promise to keep it within your reach, and not give it away of course.." David smiled softly at the Empress.

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