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All Great Cities Fall, All that is =Lost= is Found, All Green Republics.... turn Yellow?

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On this day, June 19th, 2011, three friends, brothers, allies, become one. The last remnants of an early era of C&G: Athens, =LOST=, and Greenland Republic, are the oldest of an era--an era in which our friendship started. To this day, our bond remains strong. It grew stronger with each war we fought together. It grew even stronger with every diplomatic incident, dirty joke, and change of government we endured. We accepted each other for who we were as alliances. We accepted each others' cultures, each others' ways of governing, and each others' members.

The acceptance we have for each other creates a strong foundation. The friendship we have, the bond we share, has made this foundation strong enough to form a new home. Our new home--which brings together the best of us--provides our members the opportunity to forge the best community in this world.

This is the end of an era for our respective alliances, but it is also the inauguration of an epoch. It is a new beginning, a new start. We come together to become one community and one home. We do not wave farewell to our old alliance names, our old cultures, or our old ways. They are a part of each and every member. They are inside us. While we may no longer be known as Athens, =LOST= or Greenland Republic, we will forever cherish and forever protect the sanctity of these names and images of our old homes. We will forever remember our friends and our enemies alike. Today, we are no longer Athens, =LOST= or Greenland Republic. We are The Last Remnants.

As The Last Remnants, our first act as an alliance shall be to protect the Athens, =LOST=, and Greenland Republic Alliance Affiliations, names, imagery and such related to our old homes into perpetuity. Along with this, protectorates that were protected by Athens, =LOST= or Greenland Republic shall be protected by The Last Remnants.

For communications, you may find us on IRC at #TLR or [url="http://thelastremnants.com."]http://thelastremnants.com.[/url]

[i]The First Government of The Last Remnants, [/i]

Rush Sykes, Triumvir
Mandellav, Triumvir
Shamed, Triumvir

Voodoo, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Eratria, Minister of Defense
Wyrmon, Minister of Internal Affairs
Azie, Minister of Economics

Stefano Palmieri, Senator
Devilyn Caster, Senator
Cameronious, Senator
Kestral, Senator
Wurzel, Senator
Red, Senator
Floul1, Senator
An4rk, Senator
Eragon, Senator

Archon, Eternal Minister of Trains

[i]The Final Governments of Athens, =LOST=, and Greenland Republic:[/i]

Archon Eponymos - Rush Sykes
Archon Basileus - Voodoo
Theorodokos (MoFA) - Jgoods
Strategos (MoD)- Azelie
Agoranomos (MoE)- Lawliet68
Dikast (MoIA)- Eragon55
Hierophant (MoR)- Spartans 101

Emperor: Mandellav, Sovereign of the Shadows, Giver of the Laws
Minister of War: Eratria
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Stefano Palmieri
Minister of Economic Affairs: Devilyn Caster
Minister of Citizens' Affairs: Wyrmon
Chief Justice: Hombre de Murcielago

[i][b]Greenland Republic[/b][/i]
Archon: Shamed
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gn0x
Minister of Defence: ff0000
Minister of Finance:
Minister of the Interior: Cripple
Senate: Horatio II, Abstain, Kestral, Trebekistan, Nighthunter

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After 4 years in =LOST=, including one year as emperor it's hard to imagine myself in CN without it, but our community remains only under different tags.

In many ways this is the logical conclusion of the CnG of 2 years ago, and I am excited about the future.

o/ =LOST=
o/ TLR


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On behalf of the entire membership of Athens, I would like to thank every single person who has ever came into contact with our alliance. Every friend and ally, every former member, ZI/PZI/EZI listed target we ever had, every nation or alliance we raided over the course of our entire existence, every alliance we ever fought, threatened, teased, bullied or protected. Every alliance we ever ate and the alliance that is about to eat us. Every single one of you, we thank you. For everything that has helped made our time here as "Athens" entertaining, rewarding and memorable.


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It's sad to see Athens, =LOST=, and Greenland Republic go as independent alliances. We've had a lot of history together, both good times and bad, but all good things must come to an end eventually. I've known and worked with many of you, especially in Athens and =LOST= over the years, and you've been nothing but a pleasure in that regard. I'm happy to see y'all come together and I hope that this merger will help y'all reach your full activity and potential. I have nothing but the best wishes for y'all. Cheers and good luck!

o/ =LOST=
o/ Athens
o/ Greenland Republic
o/ The Last Remnants

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