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Kyoto Declaration

Mergerberger II

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[b][size=4]Kyoto Declaration[/size]

Declaration of the State of Nippon-koku[/b]

With unification of the Japanese isles and people now secured, the Government of Akitsushima hereby issues this statement, wherein as of its existence, the state known as 'Akitsushima' ceases to exist and in its place shall exist the state of Japan.

The same Government of Akitsushima shall preside over the state of Japan and continues its claim of sovereignty over the islands of Japan and continues to represent the people of those territories it governs.

On this day, Japan shall exist as one people and one nation once again.[/center]

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The United Federation of the East recognizes Japan and renews its protectorship over Japan, any hostile action taken against Japanese territory by any country in this hemisphere, shall be considered an attack on the United Federation of the East, and require a full and thorough retaliatory response, by the United Federation of the East.

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