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The Geneva Accords


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Geneva had historically been a city where people came to conclude peace, however in recent times this role had been minimal. Today this would change. Delegations from Blue Heaven and Great Britain had been welcomed and press agencies across the world had sent reporters. With all parties present the meeting would start, the main part open to the press and somewhere in between a private part only the 3 participants would know about.

[quote][b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Welcome, we have come here today to find an end to this conflict. I hope you all had a pleasant trip?
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Indeed. How is everyone?
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Very well, thank you.
[b]William:[/b] Magistrate Picard, a pleasure to see you again, My trip was... tense
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] I imagine
[b]William:[/b] Before we start
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Okay let us begin with the basic facts, I think we can all agree both parties have been scammed on the matter
[b]William:[/b] You beat me too it Sir. I was just about to say I believe we have been blagged over this entire debacle.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Quite scammed Magistrate Picard.
[b]William:[/b] I had better explain myself then Gentlemen.
[b]William:[/b] As your both aware, Britain was attacked several weeks by by a force using highly advanced chemical weaponry. This lead onto a long investigation which lead us here.
[b]William:[/b] However, until the final piece was put with the rest, it didnt make sense.
[b]William:[/b] These "doctered" satellite images from Korea I was given by a certain Mr Pak Ui Chun, Magistrate of Foreign Affairs of the GKF
[b]William:[/b] I will be willing to provide the original images, flight tickets, hair samples, all that forensic and investigative stuff, to clear this mess up.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] That evidence would be much appreciated and great in holding those parties who caused this disaster responsible.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] That said, what would Blue Heaven seek to end this war mister Smith?
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] What we would need is complete assurance that the government of Britain will not do something like this again.
[b]William:[/b] Now hang on a a Minute Mr Smith.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Please excuse me for asking, but do you mean never attack Blue Heaven again or never attack at all?
[b]William:[/b] Until JUSTICE broke into your Governments computers and stole everything you have.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Never attack us again.
[b]William:[/b] The evidence condemned Blue Heaven.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] The evidence was quite shoddy and flimsy, at best
[b]William:[/b] It was only until AFTER JUSTICE, broke into your computers that your name was cleared.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] At worst, it was a complete joke.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Please, please, let's not get too worked into the specifics
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] The parties who faked this evidence will only laugh if we do
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Would Great Britain agree to a non-aggression pact?
[b]William:[/b] A complete joke Mr Smith? Did you see it as a joke when Blue Heaven used biological agents on the Commonwealth of Canada?
[b]William:[/b] The UK, will sign a peace treaty with Blue Heaven and aid the the investigation, but we will not sign a NAP. Their past history prooves them too unstable.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Usually, what I try to do is that after a war or a problem occurs, I do my best to become friends with that nation, thus I offer my friendship to the nation of Britain.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Well, did you not agree to a non-aggression pact with Ireland at the time to lower tensions?
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Would a similar construction be possible here?
[b]William:[/b] You had just signed a treaty with the Commonwealth when you both went to war Mr Smith.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Yes, but there was never an investigation of the biological attack,
[b]William:[/b] I wonder why.
[b]William:[/b] Mr Picard, Blue Heaven is innocent and the UK is at fault here. We will sign a peace treaty and pay reparations for the damaged caused by our airstrikes.
[b]William:[/b] Apart from that we will have no reason to interact with Blue Heaven.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] While I do appreciate the occasional debate on history, the matter at hand is irrelevant to our current situation. In all honesty a mistake was made, not intentional but it did happen. If this conference would fail this might devolve into a war that kills millions
[b]William:[/b] Other side of the globe and all that.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Is setting aside some pride not worth saving these lives?
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] You are quite right Magistrate Picard.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] We need to settle this and find out who did this and bring them to justice.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] I will give the personal guarantee the Athenian Federation will hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] But only if this ends in peace
[b]William:[/b] Mr Picard, like I just said. We are at fault, we will sign a peace treaty, pay reparations and aid the investigation. But a NAP is not needed.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Would a non-aggression clause within the peace treaty be agreeable then?
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] We will accept the peace treaty and reparations, if Britain does not want to have a non-aggression pact, that is fine.
[b]William:[/b] There we have it. An agreement.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Perfect.

[color="#FF0000"]-The press is escorted out as a private part of the meeting starts - Classified-[/color]

[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Then the final subject; Korea.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] The evidence seems to suggest they are responsible for this. I propose a joint a declaration of war if we confirm this evidence.
[b]William:[/b] Its standard for members of the Royal family to wear a wire when at a public engagement Mr Picard.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] I would agree, but unfortunately my nation does not have a navy, thus we would need aid in getting our troops into Korea.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] I am sure that can be arranged
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Potentially with help from other North American nations
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] I'd be willing to send in the 1st Army, which consists of 10 divisions.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Very well.
[b]William:[/b] Mr Smith dont worry about that, we have a mothball fleet four times the size of our own navy, the UK can spare the merchant marine fleets.
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] Would Great Britain be willing to send all evidence to Athenian authorities?
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] for comparison in our systems
[b]William:[/b] Mr Picard, I took the liberty of bringing the recording from the meeting, would you like to listen?
[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] I would indeed, thank you.
-Evidence played-

[color="#FF0000"]-Press allowed back in - No longer classified-[/color]

[b]Jean-Luc Picard:[/b] I thank both sides for finishing this on such good terms and look forward to finding those responsible.
[b]William:[/b] Mr Smith, how much damage did we cause so I can arrange reparations?
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] To repair our radar network, it would cost $25 million.
[b]William:[/b] I will have the Bank of England wire the money on my return to London.
[b]Roger Smith:[/b] Thank you.


Afterwards all evidence provided was analyzed by forensics experts and the CSS to confirm the English story, it was found the recordings were real.

An announcement would be issued by the Magistrate of Foreign Affairs with the other participants beside him.

[quote][center][b]A Joint Declaration from the Athenian Federation, Blue Heaven and the United Kingdom of Great Britain[/b][/center]

Fellow leaders, reporters and the world at large.

Earlier today the world was brough to the brink of war due to the actions of rogue nations, I am pleased to announce this conflict has been resolved. Both Blue Heaven and the United Kingdom have agreed to a peace treaty where repairs are paid to Blue Heaven for the damages done.

That said, in these times we can not tolerate the actions of states that seek to destroy the delicate balance we live in. Evidence provided by the English and confirmed by several organizations within the Athenian system have shown the Greater Korean Federation has forged evidence that caused this war. We stand here together in opposition to this move and call upon the world to join us in bringing justice. The Koreans must be held responsible for their crimes.[/quote]

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The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade released the following transcripts taken during a meeting between Prince William and Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak Ui Chun at the Ryugyong Hotel

[quote]William: "Greetings Minister, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Prince William, but please, call me Will" he said with a warm smile.

Pak: "What brings the petty islanders to this side of the globe? We consider this visit from a regime that has constantly worked to undermine the freedom of the Korean people to be quite unnatural."

William: "Its not like Korea doesnt undermine Britain either, dont play the victim, we are both at fault.

Things change, regimes change as does policy. The abolishment of the Triumvirate and the re-instating of the Monarchy changed alot of things in Government. My father faced down the Irish, the Scottish and the Slavorussians and the unification of Britain cost him his life in the end. He is considered a great man in Britain, but on the international plains? He was a hot headed and tempermental son of a !@#$%* who more than often let his passion overwhelm his logic and unfortunately, it influenced Britains standing with several nations in a negative fashion, mainly those of the former Empire and those who suffered at the hands of Imperial Britain in one form or another. However, when he unified the Isles, he declared the Windsor Doctrine, which essentially stated Britain would not be expanding outside of its existing territory, we also issued a formal apology for the crimes of Imperial Britain, Im sure you will have recieved a briefing at somepoint in time in regards to it. He also worked tirelessly to bring Britain back to a fully democratic state, something by brother is continuing to work with." Will paused and thought for a second before continuing.

Britains friends are Euro-Centric, we did have close ties to America before Maine went beserk and sent nukes flying the world over. Britain and Asia have never really had strong ties and often, the UK and Korea end up at loggerheads. However, I think we should change that. Doctrines and apologies only achieve so much as far as repairing relations goes so I have a suggestion that has merit. Instead of going at eachother in the diplomatic scene where other nations can interfere, make things worse and all that negative crap they usually try and pull. How about if we come to a disagreement or whatever it is along those lines that we dont agree with, we confer in private and discuss the matters at hand like gentlemen."

Pak: "So basically, you want a gentlemen's truce, where we are supposed to respect each other? That is something I believe we are not ready for just yet. After all, it took diplomatic isolation for you to come to us, has it not? However, perhaps we can work out something informal.....Who do you think is the United Kingdom's most possible enemy in the near future?"

William: "We have strong reasons to believe that the UFE was behind the chemical attack on Britain earlier this year, all the evidence points to them, but without a confirming piece of information we cannot say for certain. And for your information, no it was not diplomatic isolation, it was the simple fact that you hate us, we dislike you, it made more sense to try and fix things with a nation that we know where we stand with. If we know where we stand then we know we can find some sort of arrangment."

Pak: "An arrangement..... Something we can work on, it seems. A business transaction is much more trustworthy than most mere promises. Now, concerning the recent opiate attack on the UK..... We might have something which would be of help to you, but I am not sure if I should discuss it, given the repercussions this might cause. What might you offer for this?"

William: "It would depend entirely on what the information reveals to our investigation. For example if it prooved without a doubt the perpetrator of the attack, we would pay handsomely aswell as other benefits. If it narrowed down the investigation to a particular region of the world? Well I'm sure we could come to an agreement."

Pak: "As I said, this might be of help, given that it is circumstantial evidence. "These were taken by our Space-Based Infrared System over the Kuriles, on an area just barely within sight. As you can see, approximately less than two hour before the United Kingdom was attacked, there were some lights leaving a certain Alaskan base, heading north. Our line of sight was not enough to constantly track them, but given the cirumstances, we are suspicious. I cannot say whether this can be decisive evidence, since the country in question is known to be the one with largest clique in the world, and the activity in the area makes it ideal for the nation to hide things. This is the most I can provide for you.

Now, what would the UK be willing to do for us?"

William: "Those images are from the UFE Base in Alaska, a known military hub with flights coming and going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Sir. It isnt concrete enough to issue a statement, nor is it legitimate enough to be put down as solid evidence in our investigations. The UFE also already informed us that they had detected strange radar signals over Alaska and had dispatched jets to investigate but the radar signatures had already escaped and were left unidentified. I do believe this rules out UFE involvement to be honest. However, Blue Heaven on the other hand has solid reasons to wanting to attack the UK. Decades ago when Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of Canda held the Imperial Canadian throne, Blue Heaven and Imperial Canada came very close to open warfare over a border dispute. When the Imperium launched its campaign against several Arctic nations, Blue Heaven siezed the initiative and invaded in an attempt to capture/kill the Imperial family. Either way, to cut a long story short, his daughter, Jessica got married to my brother. She is now the Queen of the United Kingdom Sir." Williams eyes widened as it dawned on him.

Do you think that Blue Heaven could have been behind this attack? With solid evidence? We will seek to elimate Blue Heavens war fighting ability. We will humble them before the world Sir and seek monetary compensation for the thousands of ruined lives."

Pak: "We cannot be certain, but we shall allow you to have these photos. Have a nice time in Pyongyang before you go."[/quote]

*Added Note*

"Nice try, Great Britian, for trying to blame us."

OOC: I just wish to clarify that I had to rewrite this part of the original:

[b]These were taken by our Space-Based Infrared System over the Kuriles, on an area just barely within sight. As you can see, approximately less than two hour before the United Kingdom was attacked, there wre twelve of these strange planes that took off from a certain Alaskan base, heading north. Our line of sight was not enough to constantly track them, but given the cirumstances, we believe that the nation who has the base is the culprit.[/b]

This is because after the final ruling by Cochin, all I could see were some lights rather than actual forms, so I have rewrote the above to fit it with actual RP.

Besides that part, all the rest are reorganized parts of the actual discussion taken.

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On the Athenian announcement, the Illustrious battlegroup in the South Atlantic sailed south into the Indian Ocean through International waters. Their orders were to link up with the Greek fleet after they set sail from Cam Ranh Bay. Battlegroups Ark Royal and Swann would set sail once again from the North Atlantic and the North sea towards the Indian Ocean. to hook up with the allied forces.

The first Merchant Marine Fleet would attach itself to the Swann battlegroup carrying the other 10,600 Royal Marines.

[quote][b]Public Statement from HM Government[/b]
We are disgusted at the Korean's response to a genuine outreach of friendship towards Korea. To decieve somebody in such a way is beyond dishonour and we will commit fully to this endeavor against such a deceptive and dishonest foe. As you can see further from their once again doctored piece of evidence.

Their actions cost Great Britain its reputation and its honour by attacking a completly innocent Nation. Ontop of the peace agreement with Blue Heaven we formally apologise to them for the damage and loss of life caused by this miscarriage of justice.

In response to Koreas actions and in accordance with the Geneva Accords, the UNited Kingdom of Great Britain recognises a state of war with Korea.

His Majesty Harry the First, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of His other Realms and Territories, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

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"We do wonder why the Koreans are airing a feed much like the one we just published. The feed does not excuse you, the British asked for evidence, you presented them with forged pictures."

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"While this raises questions about Britain, we can't help but be struck at the tone deafness of the Koreans in this meeting, or how they [i]expect[/i] this be perceived abroad.

Korea was providing reconnaissance on a UFE military base to a foreign government looking for hostile action against the UFE and kept this concealed from us?

Also what clique is this you speak of? Are you comparing us to some sort of mob of thuggery?

You can expect to be on your own for this one."

-August Imperator Jia

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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1308519227' post='2734980']
"While this raises questions about Britain, we can't help but be struck at the tone deafness of the Koreans in this meeting, or how they [i]expect[/i] this be perceived abroad.

Korea was providing reconnaissance on a UFE military base to a foreign government looking for hostile action against the UFE and kept this concealed from us?

Also what clique is this you speak of? Are you comparing us to some sort of mob of thuggery?

You can expect to be on your own for this one."

-August Imperator Jia

[quote][b]Private to the desk of August Imperator Jia[/b]

We just want to clear something up. We were not looking towards hostile action against the UFE, but you were on the list of suspect Nations due to your highly advanced military. The list was public at all times and wish no ill will to come between our Nations.
Harry Windsor.[/quote]

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[quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1308519059' post='2734977']
"We do wonder why the Koreans are airing a feed much like the one we just published. The feed does not excuse you, the British asked for evidence, you presented them with forged pictures."

"Of what feed has the parties in Geneva published? Only we would have any sort of records concerning the meeting, since it was down within our territories, and it is regulation that any person meeting with the Foreign Minister would have not been able to have any recording devices with them All we have given the British are the original photographs. What they might have done with it in order to get out of the hole they dug in their rash blood-thirst has no connection with us."

[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1308519227' post='2734980']
"While this raises questions about Britain, we can't help but be struck at the tone deafness of the Koreans in this meeting, or how they [i]expect[/i] this be perceived abroad.

Korea was providing reconnaissance on a UFE military base to a foreign government looking for hostile action against the UFE and kept this concealed from us?

Also what clique is this you speak of? Are you comparing us to some sort of mob of thuggery?

You can expect to be on your own for this one."

-August Imperator Jia

"We would have to beg the pardon of the Minister's rash actions. He is one of the rather "patriotic" person who grieves at how Jeju had joined the UFE. He shall shortly be "purged," for his deeds at providing intelligence without authority of the Premier."

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[b][size=4]Japanese Statement of Support and Cooperation[/size][/b]

With the escalation of affairs related to the Greater Korean Federation to their current status, the Japanese Government hereby states that it will support the actions of and cooperate with the coalition whose intentions have been made clear by the Geneva Accords. We will make all contributions to involved parties that they deem necessary and with which we agree.

The territorial waters of Japan are hereby closed to all non-allied military vessels except for those affiliated with this statement. Breaching of this act will constitute an act of war.

Our grounds for support of the Geneva Accords ought to be obvious to most of the world.[/center]

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[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"][b]Official Imperial Announcement[/b][/size][/font]

The Empire of Pravus Ingruo finds this disgusting ploy by the Koreans unworthy of civilized nations. For their deception in attempting to destroy an American nation, and with the full backing of an emergency session of the Joint Houses, I hereby declares war on the Greater Korean Federation. On this day even the stars will weep with the destruction that we will rain upon you.



The Athenian Federation and the United Federation of the East were both notified of the Empire's 10,000 Marines currently stationed near the UFE, ready to be used, and only needing to be transported to Korea to join in the fight. Permission was sent to several Canadian nations (Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Ursalia) for permission for Imperial air assets to pass through their airspace on their way to Imperial Military Base: Command Pacific off of Ursalia's west coast. From there, the air assets could be picked up by allied ships, or bunny hop to Korea. (OOC: No response from those nations will be seen as approval.)

The Imperial Missile Corps in Long Island and Florida readied their arsenals. The opening strike would be swift and fierce. 10 HMWC-Thor rockets took off, each carrying five two ton reinforced tungsten rods as payloads. These heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles would take off, traveling in space across the globe towards Korea. Over the Sea of Japan, the rockets would open, distributing their guided payloads towards their targets.

The targets were:
Military positions around Pyongyang: 3 rods
Military positions around North Pyongan: 7 rods
Military positions around Changang: 10 rods
Military positions around Hanka: 10 rods
Military positions around Ryanggang: 8 rods
Military positions around North Hamgyong: 5 rods
Military positions around South Pyongan: 5 rods
Two of the tungsten rods went slightly off course in Seoul, a geographic error made by a Lieutenant in the coordinates. Instead of heading for a military target, both rods shot towards the Seoul Museum.

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New Cadia expresses its well-wishes to all those who brought forth peace in this situation, especially the Athenian Federation. We also further find the actions of forgery to beseech war to be more than deplorable and we do hope that the International Community (at large) feels the same.

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We are glad to see that the war in North America has ended before it had even begun. Furthurmore we are disgusted that the Koreans deliberatly misslead Britain into attacking our allies, Blue Heaven. As such, the Commonwealth of Canada recognises a state of War to exist between the Greater Korean Federation and the Commonwealth of Canada.


Entire Military moved to DEFCON 1, Task Force Arrowhead prepared for deployment. Fighters and AWACS scrambled over Canadian airspace and bombers prepared for missions.

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"What the Koreans have done here is a gross miscalculation in the intelligence of those around the world. Your government will learn its lesson from this."

All foreign based troops, aircraft and naval vessels were ordered to mobilize to the UFE base. Another 100,000 troops, 300 tanks, 2 Nuclear-armed sub flotillas were ordered to the UFE base as well. The nuclear command was put on high alert and the nations defenses were put in to high alert. All defenses were put in to action, including jamming of non-allied communications and radar in and over Novak. 150,000 troops were placed on the borders of Novak and the rest were put in to mobilization for border protection and fighting abroad.

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***Private Message to Athens and the UFE***

If Dalian is needed as a base of operation of any sorts, do not hesitate to ask us. In addition, if military assistance is necessary, do not hesitate to ask for that as well.


Rebel Army has gone to DEFCON 4, due to current tensions. The military being mobilized encase power projection is necessary, no deployments being set as of yet.

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The entire Federation would move to AlertCon Alpha as all branches were prepared for combat. The Pacific Fleet would leave from their positions in the South-China Sea towards Korea while remaining close to Japanese and UFE waters at the same time Korean satellites would be targeted by A-Sat lasers to temporarily disable their ability to track the ships. 10 B-10 Squadrons and 20 F-1 Squadrons were moved to Cam Ranh Bay and Cimei Naval Station to launch an air attack once ready.

The Fourth Army would begin leaving their bases in Cam Ranh Bay. 210,000 soldiers, 2,000 tanks and 4,000 support vehicles would be deployed to Japan.

Transportable Docks attached to the Pacific Fleet would pick up the marines from Pravus Ingruo to allow deployment to the frontline.

[quote][center][b]Declaration of War[/b][/center]

In line with the declaration from the Geneva Accords we hereby declare a state of war between the Athenian Federation and the Greater Korean Federation.[/quote]

Messages were sent to all MEMU member nations to activate the optional aggression part of the bloc and join the Hellenic Forces in Asia.

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The entirety of the Empire's worldwide military forces moved to DEFCON 2. The Winter Contingency was in effect, effectively blacking out all non-essential communications. The Spring Contingency was also put into effect, and mandatory evacuations of non-essential personnel began to be effected of all major cities. Summer Contingency was on standby.

A message was sent to the Athenian Federation from 2nd General James von Tapt letting them know the Marines under his command were ready to go.

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An urgent message appeared from the Athenian Federation. With the reassembly of the New Cadian military following the previous military operations several years ago, 120,000 soldiers along with 3,000 tanks were called to arms immediately. 15 FB-22 Squadrons were scrambled along with 15 F-23 Squadrons, accompanied by 12 Naval vessels for support. Likewise, an effective number of artillery pieces were issued to each respective division to be distributed where deemed most important.
*To Athens*[/b]

We are responding to your call for MEMU nations to take action. We will head off to where ever we are needed since we aren't fully aware or knowledgeable of the Asian region first-hand. Likewise, we lack the diplomatic connections that you all carry which allows you great expediency in these operations. As such, we are inquiring where we would be needed most.


The Emperor, Oligarch of New Cadia


We, the government enclave of New Cadia, hereby declare war on the Greater Korean Federation via our obligations to the MEMU treaty we hold dearly. We will not tolerate the blatant ignorance of the GKF and its willingness to let countless lives be lost at the cost of their deceit and lies.

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The UFE forces in the North were now fully mobilized. Missile commands were ordered to begin moving around Orders were transmitted to cities to move civilian to fall out shelters. Hundreds of chemical warfare teams and biological warfare teams were mobilized as part of the health care system. Tu-160 Rudolphs and Boeing AL-2s were put on defensive patrol along with strategic missile defense forces.

UFE commanders were distrubuted between Southern Airborne Command Centers, the Chongqing Bunker, and the National Strategic Air Command Bunker outside of Taibei.

The UFE Air Force Deployed 10 squadrons of F-1 Quantums and 8 F-2 Sino IIs to defend UFE air space along the border areas. Skyhawk stealth AWACs were deployed to provide further support.

SOSUS grids, MADs, and other listening devices were mobilized along with deployments of satellites and UAVs and USVs in anti-submarine warfare missions.

Eight Type 022 Squadrons of 12 Fast Boats each were moved into the Yellow Sea while four additional once were deployed to the Korean Straits.

Blue Water Naval units were ordered to prepare for defensive actions.

UFE forces in region now moved to Defcon 1.

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**Classified to Athens**

We are prepared to go to war against Korea. Our forces are mobilizing to a base in the UFE and will be prepared to fight side by side with the Athenian Forces as soon as possible.


**Classified to all MDP+ Allies**

We are going to war with our ally in Athens. We are requesting you standby in case of an attack on Novakian soil by another nation.


"Novak hereby declares war on the Korean nation in pursuance of our alliance with Athens. Our borders, airspace and waters are hereby closed off to all non-allied nation personnel, their vessels and their aircraft.

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Across Britain people were told across the Emergency Broadcast channels to head for the Pennine bunker facilities. Army formations across the Nation began mobilising and spreading out across the countryside to minimise casualties should nuclear weapons be used. The NBC suits the Government made every building stock were fast becoming worn as people made their way to the spine of England, the mountains of Scotland and the hills of Wales. The Guards Corps and Royal Coldstream Guards both went to the Pennine bunkers whilst the Duke of Lancasters Corps would prepare for any attack on England. The Scots Guards and Blackwatch look up positions in the Scottish mountains. In Wales, the Welsh Guards were ordered to spread out in Company strength across the province.

Ten of Britains Attack submarines would remain patrolling British Waters, the North sea and Atlantic and Arctic Oceans ensuring no Korean subs could sneak past. RAF helicopters routinely did AWS patrols.

The other 9 attack subs made their way to the Indian Ocean aswell as the five Vanguard missile submarines, each was armed with a variety of chemical and conventional ordinance.

A total force of almost 850 aircraft, 50,000 soldiers + and 1200 tanks would be heading towards East Asia. Reports of the British progress would be sent on the hour to Athenian Command.

[quote][b]Private to Japan[/b]
May the United Kingdom base its 25,000 man force of Paratroopers and associated aircraft from your Nation for operations against Korea?[/quote]

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"The Holy Empire of Ursalia is appalled by the deception and subterfuge of the Greater Korean Federation to not only disrupt the peace of the North American continent but also the peace of the world. In this, with the full authorization of the Imperator and the Imperial Ruling Council, the Holy Empire of Ursalia recognizes itself to be in a state of war against Korea, starting immediately."


The Army were readied for deployment. Hundreds of thousands of troopers were mobilized for action, while pilots and personnel in airbases and hangars across the Empire scrambled into action. In short, the entire Air Force would be ready for action if needed. The nation was moved to DEFCON 2 as the Imperial government moved to impose an blackout on all non-essential communications, and to set in place preparations for mandatory evacuation of non-essential personnels in major Ursalian cities.

To maintain law and order, the Military Executor imposed a nighttime curfew and authorized COMPNOR (the Inquisition and Imperial State Intelligence) to use whatever powers and resources at their disposal to ensure that the internal peace and order within the Empire were upheld.

Likewise, the Military Executor, the third highest position after the Imperator and Grand Vizier, ordered the Imperial Cabinet and their families to relocate to classified locations across the country; he himself would move from Ursalia City to Nadrink to oversee the efforts.

In the meanwhile, the Executor would dispatch a classified message to the Empire of Pravus Ingruo, granting permission for Ingruoian military assets to pass through the country as long they did not pass through the major urban centers. All branches of the Imperial Ursalian Armed Forces would provide protection and cover for Ingruoian assets passing through the country. In turn, the Executor requested permission for Ursalian assets to be deployed to the Imperial Military Base: Command Pacific if needed for deployment to the Pacific.

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