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Cerberus Disbandment Notice

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Before I say anything else, let me note that Cerberus is a Valhalla protectorate and will remain so until our members have a chance to decide their future course and until Valhalla says otherwise.

Given our low profile on the OWF, some of you may not remember our existence. We were founded by DeScepter, Degenerate108, and Manfred about a year and a half ago under a protectorate arrangement with Valhalla. Some months after our inception, all three of the founders (for one reason or another) left CN (though I believe Degen is back somewhere under another name). So, three of us who had not really intended to be running the show--were running the show, and Cerberus soldiered on. Valhalla was really supportive when the three founders left and did everything they could to reassure us that the new leadership of Cerberus had their full backing.

With one of our commanders now about to leave CN, and with limited time to commit from myself and others to the alliance, the three commanders voted (unanimously) that our members are best served by disbandment. Valhalla has graciously agreed to accept any Cerberus member into its ranks (and that is where I have moved my nation). However, I know some Cerberus members are wedded to the notion of residing in a small alliance and will choose accordingly, and some simply have not chosen what to do yet.

Let me thank each of the members of Cerberus and wish all of them well in the future.



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The cerberus AA will be protected until we decide it is no longer needed. It has been a pleasure working with you guys and we wish you all the best of luck.

*******edited for length of protection the above length is the legitimate time frame. ****************

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[quote name='President S O' timestamp='1308527765' post='2735128']
Best of luck to former Cerberus members, wherever you all may go.

Valhalla has our assistance in protecting the Cerberus AA for as long as they deem necessary.
No they don't SO, I am looking now to see if I can raid any of them :P

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