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*Private missive sent to the United Federation of the East*

Esteemed Allies,

While we have done our best to contain the reality of the situation, it has become appallingly clear that the military capacity and technological edge of Greater Pacifica has fallen below acceptable standards. To that end we would like to arrange a meeting to discuss a sizable arms purchase.

Among other things we are interested in retiring our largely outdated Airforce. We look forward to hearing from you.


Committee of Military Acquisitions[/quote]

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[quote]To: Committe on Military Acquisitions
From: The United Federation of the East
Subject: Rearmament

Body: Please let us know quantities and types of armaments you wish to purchase, we can prepare a list of options for usage.[/quote]

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[i]"Continuing from where the now defunct Committee of Military Acquisitions left off, Avalon would now like to proceed in the scheduled arms purchase. Our order requirement is contained in the message attachment."[/i] - Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Avalon

*30 Squadrons of Air Supremacy Combat Aircraft.
*70 Squadrons of Multi-Role Combat Aircraft.
*5 Squadrons of Ground-Attack Aircraft.

or, in so far as there is no significant drop off in air-air combat,

*100 Squadrons of Multi-Role Combat Aircraft.
*5 Squadrons of Ground- Attack Aircraft.

-Modularize electronic warfare packages,
-Stealth/detection evasion capabilities,
-Active and passive sensors
-Relevant to each class of aircraft, the ability to handle a variety of air to air and/or surface to air missiles.

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[quote]We propose the following arm sales.

80 F-2 Block 3 Multi Role Aircraft
15 F-1 Block 2 Multi Role Aircraft (Optimized for Air Superiority)
10 B-11 Strategic Bombers

The F-2 is used for providing manned close air support missions for our air forces, as well as possessing air to air capabilities on par if not exceeding most if not all enemy air superiority fighters. Additionally for dire situations we'll supply you with 15 F-1 Block 2 Squadrons, which are our air superiority fighters. The B-11 has the capability of carrying a massive amount of fire power both for strategic bombing or interdiction missions.[/quote]

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[quote][i]"We find your revised proposal agreeable. What are the rates for rates on each of these items, and what is your preferred form of payment."[/i] - Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Avalon[/quote]

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If upfront payment could be made, that would be preferable, however these items can run quite expensive, some sort of down payment with a pay as delivered scheme could also be done. Each F-2 fighter runs approximately 150 million, F-1s 200 million, B-11s two hundred and twenty million. We would prefer payments be made in either international bancors, treasury bonds, or renminbi.

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[i]"After reviewing the proposed transaction, our accountants have determined that an upfront payment would feasible by utilizing an internal financing scheme to structure the payments. As we conduct much of our foreign trade in the Bancor already we'll work out the details of the exchange and forward lump sum payment to either your treasury, or another preferred institution. Delivery of the order will be accepted by military representatives at the ports of entry at Deveraux's Island."[/i] - Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Avalon

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