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[quote][size="6"][b]Cajun Government Elected![/b][/size]


[i]HRH Prince Broussard of Acadia speaks after the election at Dillard University in New Orleans about the importance of the democratic process in the formation of the Federation's government.[/i]

[b]Baton Rouge, LA[/b] - In the Federation's first election, the Acadian Union Party (center-right), has won a majority of seats (56%) in the National Congress, with the Cajun Liberal Movement (Social-Democrat) gaining a large amount of the remaining votes (27%). Although played down as a small fish in the newly-formed ocean of Cajun politics, the Christian Cajun Democratic Party (center-left) was able to grab thirteen percent of the vote, especially among protestant voters who did not like the conservative values put forward by the predominantly Catholic AUP.

As the ruling party, however, the AUP is allowed to appoint the President of the Cajun Federation, who is, by law, the Head of Government, and tends to much of the day-to-day running of the country. The AUP has decided upon its party chair, Jacques Manon, to take the post as President after some reported conflict within their ranks over suitability As decided by the interim council, the Prince of Acadia, currently Henri Broussard, is to remain head of the Armed Services, and retains a significant amount of power which is shared between the president and him (or her) self. As the Broussard clan was granted royal "foreigner" (etranger) status in the French Court so long ago, and in following tradition with that granting, the ruling head of the Cajun Federation shall never surpass the title of 'Ruling Prince'. As the Head of State, the Prince of Acadia can approve a dissolution of the National Congress if a simple majority of the people allow for it to be dissolved through a referendum, although the National Congress must be reformed and a government election announced within thirty days of the dissolution.


[i]Jacques Manon, the young, hard-faced Acadian Union Party chairman, who has been selected as President of the Cajun Federation.[/i]

Broussard has shown little in the desire to interfere in democratic politics however, and has been a sound advocate of democratic process and adhering to the will of the people he rules over. He has noted in recent days that his interest is in helping prop up the Federation's ailing economic woes, and hoping that a sweeping economic recovery package, tax reform, and incentives for foreign corporations will help to fuel a economic bounce-back. Broussard has said that the country's economy cannot exist on only energy source production and fishing, vowing to offer to the National Congress a package of incentives meant to fuel and motivate heavy industries back into existence.

"My role is not that of a man who sits upon a throne and watch as his country crumbles around him, it is to offer leadership and vision. I vow to work with anyone from any political background, if it means a positive result for this country. What sort of lord would I be to not assist those whom I lead?" said Broussard, speaking after the election to a no-standing-room crowd at Dillard University in New Orleans.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Federal Funding Appropriated for Delta Flood Control[/size][/b]

[b]New Orleans, LA[/b] - In an effort to fix the age old question "What to do about the Mississippi?", the National Congress approved funding for a series of flood management schemes to deal with flooding from the Mississippi. These plans will look to divert flood waters, raise and lower water levels when needed, and assist with sudden disasters. Lessons from the hurricanes and rainy seasons of old are being pored over by engineers, scientists, and historians at a number of universities, in both Louisiana and Arkansas, in an effort to assist with this new project. It has long been known that a number of the levees along the Mississippi, especially near New Orleans, could use improvement, this funding could finally see a concerted effort to alleviate the problem fully.

"I'm finally glad this age-old problem is being looked into, it has been tolerated and overlooked for too long," says French Quarter restaurant owner Melanie Dubois, who has seen flooding of some sort, mostly minimal, hit her restaurant floor as many as three times in the past ten years. "We've been finally given some new hope to this problem that plagues 'N'orlens'."

"We don't need to add on to the existing levees, we need to completely rebuild them. With this new line of funding, we could see that dream made into a reality," said Dr. George Clark, a Professor of Engineering at Louisiana State University.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Delta Aerospace Awarded Defense Contract[/size][/b]


[i]A Markham Aeronautics F300-500 turbofan in testing phase for the newest fight/tactical strike aircraft to be joining the Cajun Air Force.[/i]

[b]Little Rock, AR[/b] - During a routine weekly press conference on giving public information on headway being made in the armed services, Air Marshal Stephan Beauregard, who serves as the Head of the Cajun Federation Air Force (CFAF), noted that service had agreed upon a contract with Cajun Aerospace giant, Delta. Delta has been ailing recently since a downturn in public contracts and defense contracts alike, and was forced to make workforce cuts last summer. It appears however, that the companies' woes have been erased by the CFAF, who accepted a last-minute design which Beauregard regarded as a "top-notch" aerial platform.

"The aerial platform that Delta has provided us details with has a host of applications, and as many as three variants that it could come in, we hope to put this new aircraft into prototype and advanced production stage as soon as possible," noted Beauregard, with a confident nod as he addressed reporters.

The new defense contract is rumored to be in the range of as much as tens of billions of dollars, and could create as many as ten thousand high-tech jobs at various industrial complexes and in different fields of employment. Defense analysts have not had any look at the plans yet to be used for this aircraft, but the CFAF's Next-Generation (NEXTGEN) Aircraft Development Council has said that it incorporates a stealthy design with maneuverability and a substantial payload. The aircraft, which will be equipped with radar that is still under development, and an avionics platform that has never been seen by CFAF Pilots, will be able to replace a number of aerial platforms already employed by the CFAF. The fighter is also rumored to have a naval variant as well, that could see them being based off aircraft carriers that are "surely" going to be developed by the naval forces.

"We are excited to see what Delta can give us for a plane, frankly," noted 5th Fighter Group's Wing Commander, Roy Dawson. "We've been flying the Sixteens (F-16 "Falcon" Multirole Aircraft) for a long time, it'll be a breath of fresh air to get a new toy. We've heard rumors about this upcoming rig, and I speak for most of my squadron commanders, when I say that we are ecstatic about this development. I can say that once these new planes have been put on the flightline, we'll have the defenses of this country spoken for, from the air, anyways."[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Unemployment Down as Private and Public Sector Positions Opening![/size][/b]


[i]The Ingalls Shipbuilding Yard at Biloxi, Mississippi; a sudden flurry of activity has now invested the facility with rumors of a new defense contract in the works.[/i]

[b]Biloxi, MS[/b] - The cranes and slipways at Ingalls-Biloxi have been silent for a number of years now, that is, until two weeks ago, when the first shift horn in thirty-six months pierced the quiet air signalling a new chapter in the facilities' history. Ingalls shipbuilding, the largest shipbuilder in the Gulf, and once one of the most prominent in the former United States, has been put back to work. At all facilities, including the Mississippi parishes of Pascagoula, Biloxi, and Gulfport, and the Louisiana parish of Eden Isle, the shift horns have been steadily piercing the air for the past two weeks; the last three were all but quiet until two weeks ago, when a steady stream of activity invested the shipyards. The Ministry of Defense has given a confirmation nod that a large domestic defense contract has been awarded to the firm, and it showed enthusiasm for Ingalls' work.

"Ingalls is one of the most premier shipbuilders in North America, and perhaps the world, we are lucky to be able to work with them. Their firm has provided steady jobs with good benefits since their beginning, and we expect nothing less as they continue their shipbuilding legacy to provide our Navy with some of the most advanced ships the world has seen yet. We strive to provide the people of the great states of Louisiana and Mississippi with jobs with this new partnership, and will see that Ingalls continues to be supplied with contracts into the future," noted Defense Minister the Marquis Joseph de Lafayette, while speaking in New Orleans at a press conference.

Ingalls is not the only private sector employer that is opening up large amounts of slots, Delta Aerospace has announced the creation of up to twelve thousand new jobs at plants in Little Rock, AR as well as Jackson, MS. The Acadian Group, the automotive manufacturing giant, has also announced its own set of contracts from the government, as well as increased domestic sales, especially of hybrid vehicles. Although the list goes on about defense contracts, other private sector industries have shown employment improvements, including Gulf Oil, which has opened two thousand positions a month since the Federation declared its independence. Deep South Foods, a conglomerate of local independent organic farmers have also announced a series of employment hikes since the Federation's conception as well.


[i]Delta Aerospace manufacturing line in Little Rock, Arkansas, new positions appear to be opening every day as the aerospace giant takes on what is reportedly the largest contract in its history; the production of the F-22 "Raptor" family of aircraft.[/i]

Public sector employment has also been up, with government clerical staff, as well as planning and management positions opening at a fairly large substantial rate. Baton Rouge has become a flurry of activity as well, as potential government employees have been flocking to the area to fill new positions. Many large-scale apartment managers have noted the recent increase in renters, and many are saying that the government employment boom has left them with no space at all. Residential development contractors have also complained about the sudden rise in land values around the city, noting the sudden increase in the population of the area and the boon in government jobs to blame for the hike in prices for land in the area.

A recruitment hike has also been noted by the Cajun Federation Armed Forces, a substantial number of recruits have been reportedly signing up for many of the high-tech positions that are being offered by the Navy and Air Force, who have gone on recent recruitment drives with a number of television ads and public events. The Army has also noted a large number of recruits straight out of high school, who have signed up under nationalistic or patriotic pride.

"It is a very honorable thing to see a number of these individuals sign four year enlistments, many of whom feel that they have a duty to their newborn country. Having met with a number of these individuals, they have stated that they have forgone college for the chance to serve their new country. I feel that these individuals, standing on guard for their country and forgoing personal professional development show a certain quality of the Cajun people. We will make sure to contribute to their personal development by providing them with skills that can last a lifetime, including discipline, working in small groups, and providing these young people with a sense of responsibility which is key in the modern workplace," noted Major General Pierre Vashon, of the Army Operations Command.

"Although there are some jobs out there for us, and going to college was certainly an option. I just feel that I need to contribute to my country, that's all, I am going to honor my heritage," said Stephanie St. Croix, a recent high school graduate, while she signed her Army enlistment forms at a bustling recruitment office in Houma, Louisiana.[/quote]

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[quote][size="6"][b]Cajun Federation Armed Forces in First Large-Scale Exercises[/b][/size]


[i]Soldiers with the First Division, who performed 'opposition force' duties, train with the aging, but still venerable AK-47 before Exercise Annapolis-Royal.[/i]

[b]Fayetteville, AR[/b] - The citizens of Fayetteville and a number of surrounding towns and cities awoke Tuesday morning to what they believed was an early morning thunderstorm, with a large amount of rumbling on the horizon. "It was like a non-stop series of thunderclaps," remarked one bleary-eyed resident of Springdale, who came out into the streets after hearing the cacophony to the east. The 'thunderstorm' turned out to be the rumble of the Cajun Federation's artillery that was opening its first large scale maneuvers in the Ozarks. Residents had been warned for the previous few days that the military was going to undertake major exercises in the Federation, but there was little hint as to where the exercises were going to take place.

"Who the hell knew it would be in my backyard," grumbled hardware store owner Gerald Parks, of Harrison, Arkansas.

Soldiers of the First and Third Divisions clashed in a mock combat scenario that pitched the local 'Ozarks' Third Division against the First in the exercise. Military leaders say that the exercise was a large success in the testing of officers in large-scale combat scenarios. Also involved were the first operational squadrons of the FA-22 and FB-22 Strike aircraft, flying missions against the oppositional force. The use of the aircraft was a reported success as well, as the military reported a large number of successful strikes using laser-guided munitions. The exercise was meant to give Cajun Federation Armed Forces a better feel for combined-arms warfare, and provide them with significant training in the use of coordinated air strikes, as well as the use of mechanized forces.


[i]A self-propelled artillery piece, mounting a formidable 8-Inch Howitzer, on the move during Exercise Annapolis-Royal.[/i]

The Third Division was also given valuable training in the handling of situations where they were without heavy armor support, but faced M1A2 Main Battle Tanks, and had to overcome these dangerous obstacles. The military has reported that it has gained valuable knowledge in the handling of mechanized infantry versus heavy armor units, and feels confident that it can now begin training these refined tactics to all units. The exercise marked the first use (in exercise) of many vehicles in the Cajun Federation Armed Forces' inventory, including the LAV-25 series of vehicles, as well as the CV-90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and other mechanized infantry vehicles.

"Who needs heavies (Main Battle Tanks), when you have good infantry with good support?" remarked M551 Cavalry Tank commander, Lieutenant Fredrick Pearson, of the Third Division's "Razorbacks" Brigade.

"These exercises have really given our infantry a good feel for anti-armor action, with and without air support, and I feel much more confident with their abilities to deal with such heavy weapons should the time come," noted Lieutenant General Marcel Foch, who served as the planning officer for the exercise. "I'm sure not all of the residents of Northwest Arkansas are very appreciative of our use of their locale, but I believe that we have gained valuable knowledge has been gained in many military facets from the progress made during this exercise."[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Armed Forces Increase Patrols[/size][/b]


[i]A medium helicopter of the 4th Division flies on a sovereignty patrol over the Mississippi Delta in Southern Louisiana, the military has picked up such flights in the last couple of days.[/i]

[b]Fort Smith, AR[/b] - With a potential conflict flaring in the Pacific Northwest, the Cajun Federation Armed Forces has reportedly stepped up its activity over the last few days, with what has been reported as "more frequent" air patrols and previously unseen vehicle convoys along the borders of the Federation. While the military appears to be on a higher alert, the Cajun Federation's civilian government has taken a much more soft tone with recent events in the recently-fallen state of Cascadia. While criticized by other members of the American Treaty Organization for not fulfilling obligations, the Marquis de Lafayette, backed up by the Prince of Acadia, have said that, with their interpretation of the treaty, Austria is rightfully the protector of the Pacific Northwest, instead of the Federation's ATO Partner, the Holy Ursalian Empire.

"The ATO Charter is about containment, not actively disposing of existing colonies in the Americas, this was the premise of this treaty. Cascadia had sworn an allegiance to the Austrian Crown, and is therefore part of the Austrian Colonial Empire, if we are to go after Austria over their possession of Cascadia, then we shouldn't we be trying to push the United Federation of the East out of Fort Beihai and the Rebel Army out of the Ecuadorian Highlands?

When I signed this treaty, it was about containment, not aggression, but this conflict has soured the good feelings that we initially had upon returning to the Federation after signing this document," reasoned Prince Henri Broussard, in a personal press conference about the events in Cascadia. He continued on to say that the lambasting of the Cajun Federation by other members for taking a much more stringent interpretation of the treaty by other members was "rude" and "unacceptable", and was forcing an alienated viewpoint upon the Federation. "Accusatory remarks are no better in resolving this situation, it only serves to splinter North American cooperation at a time when it needed to present an open-minded and diplomatic tone.


[i]The Prince of Acadia stalwartly defended the government's interpretation of the ATO, despite personal attacks from other members of the American Treaty Organization on the Federation's take on the matter.[/i]

The Cajun Federation's Armed Forces have not made any official comment on what appears to be a heightened state of readiness, but members of the military's hierarchy have assured the public that these measures are mandatory in incidents like these. Most of these leaders have commented that these roles are more "constabulary" in nature, then anything else. Most agree that the heightened state of tensions in North America is discomforting, but that they have every faith that it will be the civilian governments of the players involved that will solve this crisis. Lieutenant General Marcel Foch commented that he had every faith in diplomacy for this matter, when asked upon arriving for a briefing at Jackson Square today, and noted that sovereignty patrols had been ordered to "maintain the integrity of the sovereign Cajun Federation".

Residents have appeared to be backing the government's stand on the Cascadia matter, but many do feel a slight discomfort at the added visibility of armed military patrols, especially near the borders. "I'm used to hear that low rumble of jets overhead, but these guys fly damn low," commented one Shreveport resident, after a flyby of four F-22 Air Superiority Fighters. "But I guess that's the nature of world politics for you, rather be safe then sorry."[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Border Patrol to receive further National Guard Support[/size][/b]


[i]There has been a recent uptick in National Guard patrols with the Cajun Federation Border Patrol.[/i]

[b]Lake Charles, LA[/b] - The Regional Border Security Office in Lake Charles appears to be a much more different office then it did a month ago, when Cajun TV had its special on patrolling the borders. At that time, the only green in the office were the palms that sat in the corners of the spacious waiting area at the front door, now there is a sea of green; uniforms that is. The Cajun Federation Armed Forces has, for the third straight week in a row, raised the number of National Guard troops on the border, by as much as ten percent in some locales. In many locations, the number of military servicemen and women greatly outnumber border patrol agents.

But instead of manning the crossing gates into other nations, the National Guard has been seen doing actual armed patrols more then anything else, or performing electronic and logistical support. This new, and quiet, reinforcement of the borders comes only days after the Cajun Federation signed its first individual treaty with another nation; the Austrian Empire. Some opposition political figures have speculated that the government kowtowed to the Austrians during the Cascadia Crisis in an effort to gain this new Defense Pact. These statements were quickly shut down by many political analysts, who say that the government, led by the Prince of Acadia, has looked outwards since the formation of the Federation, particularly to Europe and old cultural ties that the Cajun Federation holds with a number of European States.

The government has also noted that while recruitment for the military has soared due to patriotic fervor within the youth of the nation, recruitment for law enforcement positions steadily dropped with the rising military enlistment numbers. Border Security Official Juan Vasquez notes that many posts are only working with fifty percent of what they should have for a complement, which has forced the military to "volunteer" National Guard forces for the job.

"We have seen a dropoff in the number of Border Guard applicants since the new recruiting drive, there is no secret there," commented Vasquez. "We had to raise the overtime hours that personnel are allowed to get by as much as fifteen to twenty hours in some regions and districts, and we have had a number of personnel with reported fatigue issues. We certainly can use the help right now, and the National Guard, thankfully, is providing it."


[i]A Cajun National Guard Patrol marches "the beat" along a street demarking the border between the Pravus Ingruo protectorate state of Oklahoma, and the Cajun State of Arkansas, in Fort Smith, AR.[/i]

Political analysts also say that this is a very unstable time for the North American continent, particularly with the shaky situation the American Treaty Organization or "ATO", is in, only months after it was signed, when the Texan delegation walked out. There is continued speculation that the Cajun Federation may not be far behind, with the recent mishandling of the protectorate rights to the Commonwealth of Canada. Many analysts say the Cajun Government may feel that the entire premise behind the ATO has been "lost in translation", and that the organization is only a political tool for members to use to be able to control the foreign policy of the other members.

"The Cajun Federation, especially with a number of key negotiations we have seen as of late, has a choice to make, it seems. It can follow the Americas into uncertain waters, which have already proven to be stormy, and disjointed, or it may turn to other continents for international friends. The latest treaty with the Austrian Empire has shown the Federation's leadership is willing to work with European leaders, and its support of Austrian during the Cascadia Crisis may prove to be a pattern that the foreign policy of this nation may undertake in the future," noted Dr. Miguel Cordoba, a Leading Professor of Political Scientist at Louisiana State. "Only time will tell, really," he added, with a simple shrug.

Whatever the case, the militarizing of the borders has not gone unnoticed by residents, but many who have encountered this increasing amount of uniformed service patrols along the border aren't worried. A number of border town residents have pointed to statistics in the past week that note that crime among the border towns is down by twenty-eight percent in the last month alone. Many also feel safer with the added security, and have even made it a habit of presenting free home baked goods to the soldiers if they see them on patrol along border properties.

"They serve our country, they volunteered for service, and they're out here on the frontier doing a job that presents dangers sometimes," noted one border-property landowner, south of Fort Smith, Arkansas. "Some people enjoy appreciation you know," she noted, as she boxed up some cookies that she planned to present to a daily National Guard patrol that passed along her property boundary in the afternoon.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Opens EEZ to Foreign Oil/Natural Gas Exploration and Drilling[/size][/b]


[i]As many as three-hundred thousand jobs rely on the oil industry in Louisiana alone.[/i]

[b]Baton Rouge, LA[/b] - In a landmark decision today in the Cajun National Congress, the Federation has approved the opening of its EEZ to allow foreign companies to apply for exploration and drilling rights to petroleum and gas reserves. The move was made following a notice made by Gulf Oil that while it was still a stable company, it did lack the profit margins to allow for expanded exploration and drilling, and with the rising demand for fuel, the government was at a crossroads. A negotiated deal amongst the political parties received unanimous backing from all parties after a three month negotiation over how to manage the opening of the Federation's EEZ to drilling and exploration by foreign companies.

There were many stipulations that were included in the bill;

[*] Foreign companies would have to apply for a permit, which had a flat rate fee associated with it, along with additional fees for each five square miles added to exploration and drilling zones.

[*] Foreign companies would have to adhere to the Federation's own stringent safety and operating procedures when drilling and exploring in the Gulf, and would be subject to safety inspections every month, which would be paid for by the foreign companies.

[*] Foreign companies would have to pay a percentage of its profits from the sale of oil to the Federation, as well as forty percent of oil and natural gas extracted would be required to be shipped to the Federation as a destination. Domestically-owned oil refineries would pay a world market fee for the crude oil.

[*] Foreign companies would have to submit detailed reports on their exploration findings, and would be required to have Cajun Federation Geological and Natural Resources Staff on board exploration vessels during this process.

[*] Foreign companies would be required to employ at least twenty percent of their staff on drilling rigs from the Cajun Federation, as well as ensure their salaries are at least minimum wage, plus extra cash for hazardous duties served for their various roles on the rigs.

The Cajun Government has expressed optimism in the allowing of foreign companies into its EEZ, and the National Congress has said that this expansion of the oil industry could provide an added boost to the economy. Some critics have said that allowing foreign companies to explore and drill could compromise the integrity of the stringent guidelines that Cajun Federation oil companies operate under, in order to attract customers, but supporters have downplayed these fears. A national poll that involved as many as one million individuals showed that over eighty percent of the population support the new measure, and believe it will be a boon for the economy to allow foreign customers into the EEZ.

"The economy ain't bad, but it could be better, and why not use our natural resources to our advantage?" commented one harbormaster along Louisiana's coast.

"We are sure that foreign companies will adhere to our own standards, we have high standards down here when it comes to drilling, there is nothing to suggest that we would lower them for any foreigners coming to drill here," noted Jacques Manon, President of the Cajun Federation. Manon went on to say that during negotiations, political parties agreed that alternative energy means had also been brought up, and that the government is beginning to look for such means as a way to power the country. Manon was no specific about these alternative energy discussions, but it appears to be a glimmer of a possible way to reduce reliance on petroleum products in the future.[/quote]

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[quote][b]Press Release - From the Office of the Monarch[/b]

"With the recent blessing of the Head of the House of Bourbon, the Prince of Acadia has been raised to the title 'King' and has appropriated himself 'King Henri'. The title of 'Prince of Acadia' has passed to the King's cousin, Tybalt Broussard, the Marquis de Nouveau Orleans, who will be the King's successor.

Long live the King!"[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Space Launches Continue Amid Regional Crisis[/size][/b]


[i]The Cajun Federation launch station at Vermilion Bay has been busy with a number of satellite launches into orbit over the past few months since its completion.[/i]

[b]Vermilion Bay, LA[/b] - With the threat of war engulfing the Caribbean Sea, it appears that work is being stalled on many government and privately-funded governments across the region. This isn't the case at the Vermilion Bay Orbital Launch Station, the Federation Space Program's sole launch facility, which has five launch towers. The facility has been busy over the past three months since its completion, launching five GPS Navigational Satellites in the same week it was opened. Since the opening of the facility, the launch facility has played host to a number of launches of satellites of various types. Telecommunications satellites have been the most frequent visitor to the facility, with navigation satellites being the second most frequent launched item off the pad at Vermilion.

"Yes, who knows what tomorrow could bring with this conflict over Cuba, but we have a job to do here," said launch facility commandant, Air Force Brigadier General Alan Foulkes. "Our job is never ending, we have government and corporate work here to do, and a full schedule of launches for the next twenty-four months."

Foulkes noted that there had been a number of launches associated with the Defense Ministry, and that he was 'certain' that the military was prepared for war with a 'fairly substantial number of satellites of all military uses' in orbit. Analysts note that satellites play a key role in ballistic missile defense, and many speculate that the Cajun Federation, with only a limited number of satellites, may be vulnerable to ballistic missile threats should any be launched against the Federation. Foulkes downplayed such notions, but also left his answer open for interpretation.

"Yes, satellites play a key role in ballistic missile defense, can we give the contents of every satellite that goes up from this facility? No, we can't, but what I can assure you is that the Federation is prepared to face any threat with the same grim determination as old Beausoleil did back in the seventeen hundreds," Foulkes noted, with a confident tone. Foulkes' tone is not uncommon, many military commanders share the same confidence as Foulkes, and are fully behind the civilian government's stalwart position over the fate of Cuba.


[i]Delta Aerospace has gotten a large boost from satellite component production, and has been steadily hiring employees for such high-technology manufacturing jobs.[/i]

"The Cajun Federation will not specify the extent of any ballistic missile defense because it shouldn't," notes Political Science Professor Danford Gillette, who is an expert in Civil-Military Affairs. "The Federation has a key interest in withholding information on the extent of BMD until the time to use it is nigh. Why give information on something that could be a keystone in your country's defense network? They are holding a wild card by withholding information on it."

Defense analysts have said that although the country's space program is still in its infantile stages, the Vermilion Bay Launch Station has already launched a total of sixty-seven satellites into orbit. Corporate launches account for twenty-six of those launches, the remaining forty-one have been dubbed 'government-related'. Most government-related satellite launches are considered classified, though many analysts say that at least a third of them are probably Global Positioning System-related. The other two-thirds could be anything, by their reckoning, such as high-resolution optical camera satellites, or signals intelligence and communication-related affairs.

There is also speculation that the Vermilion Bay Launch Facility, and its nearby airstrip also are playing host to some of the newest aircraft designs in the Federation. Information has been spotty, but there has been reports that the newest variant of the F-22 Raptor has come into service and is flying from Vermilion Bay. The newest version, experts say, increases on the other airframes' abilities by as much as forty percent, including increased maneuverability, weapons payload, and range. The 'twenty-two', as it has been dubbed, has already been touted as a very maneuverable airframe and gives the Cajun Federation a definite edge in air-to-air combat, the newest variant apparently improves on those already strong capabilities. Residents of nearby Pecan Island have noted significant activity at night at the Vermilion Bay Airbase and have seen aircraft that apparently have no tail fins.

"I cannot comment on the Vermilion Bay Airbase annex for our launch facility, frankly, its not under my command. My command only extends over the launch facility, the Airbase is [i]part[/i] of the Vermilion Bay complex, but is a different base run by a different commander," stated Foulkes, with a simple shrug. CFAF Officials refused comment on the matter, and simply stated that any activity at the Vermilion Bay Airbase annex was in support of the Cuban Crisis, and therefore confidential in nature.[/quote]

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[center][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Official Announcement[/b][/size][/center]


"The Cajun Federation, as a term of conciliation to the Empire of Pravus Ingruo, and in a move towards ensuring that the Federation shows no ill-will to the Empire, officially [b]validates[/b] the [b]Harland Haiku[/b], south of the old Canadian border. We hope that this offer of validation towards the Harland Haiku will help ease the tensions that have strained relations amongst many of the Gulf states.

We hope that we can see the relations between our two nations repaired by this gesture."

[i]His Royal Highness, the King of the Cajun Federation[/i]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Economy continues Sharp Rise[/size][/b]


[i]Heavy industries and manufacturing, such as the production of motor lifeboats like these for the Cajun Coast Guard, have helped boost private-sector employment.[/i]

[b]Slidell, LA[/b] - At the Textron Marine and Land Systems Headquarters in Slidell, things appear to be much more busy then they were three years ago. Textron filed for bankruptcy only five years ago, but since has bounced back with a new line of contracts from both private and public sectors which has boosted their company higher. Financially unstable due to a lack of contracts for near ten years, Textron offered its services to build boats for the Cajun National Coast Guard, providing it with the revolutionary 47 Foot Motor Lifeboat. The "47 MLB" can right itself within fifteen seconds of capsizing with all systems still operable, and is perfect for close-to-shore search and rescue patrols, as well as sovereignty patrols along the coasts.

With the successful marketing of its "47 MLB", which is also being put to use by other government agencies, such as the department of offshore fisheries, as well as a number of port authorities, Textron has also successfully acquired contracts from the Cajun Armed Forces. Textron Land Systems has begun work on a contract that will provide the Cajun Federation Navy with a number of Inflatable Cushion Landing Craft, also known as "LCACs" to the Navy. These craft can bring ashore large amounts of cargo and troops relatively fast, and could see their baptism of fire with the Cajun Federation Navy if things continue to boil over in Cuba. Textron has also successfully marketed the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle and the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle.

The M1117 has been given high praise, especially by the Cajun National Guard, who have said that testing against underside blasts have proven that the vehicle is perfectly capable of providing significant force protection to its users. The M1117 is highly mobile and features a lethal armament for the internal security duties that it serves. Alongside the M1117, Textron has also begun development of the EFV/AAV-8, a replacement for the aging AAV-7s that the Cajun Federation Navy and Marines rely upon for amphibious assault duties. The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, or "EFV" is a larger replacement for the AAV-7s, with the ability to provide superior fire support to the older vehicle, although it will be able to carry fewer soldiers. Some defense experts have said that the AAV-7 will not be completely phased out, and instead work alongside the EFV/AAV-8, and will undergo a large upgrade so that it can continue to soldier on.

With the contracts received thus far, Textron has put as many as nine thousand new employees to work at its expanding facilities near Slidell, Louisiana, as well as a facility it shares with Ingalls Shipbuilding at Eden Isle.


[i]Aerospace industry has offered high-tech jobs that have attracted many Cajuns into the manufacturing workforce.[/i]

Textron isn't the only company that has bounced back from financial destitution, General Aviation of Jackson, Mississippi has also been hard at work winning both civilian and government contracts for large aircraft. General Aviation is the favorite for production many of the larger aircraft for the Cajun Armed Forces, including transports and specialized aircraft like Airborne Warning and Control aircraft. General Aviation has reopened a number of key production lines across the Federation, including facilities in Arkansas, including Fayetteville and Little Rock, as well as Louisiana, in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, as well as expanding the workforce at its main line at Jackson. General Aviation has received a number of contracts from civilian airlines to build both passenger and cargo jets, and it is also providing large aircraft for the Cajun Government for a number of various non-military duties.

Economic forecasts have pinned the future of the Cajun Federation's economy on manufacturing as well as agricultural services, backed up by the lucrative fishing industry as well as energy production. Although the Cajun Government has said it would like to move away from having to rely on energy production, it does admit that it will be a "definite" supporting industry for the foreseeable future. Despite this admission, the Federation's unemployment rate continues to drop, certainly a good omen for continued future economic growth.[/quote]

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[quote][b]Interior Ministry releases Preliminary Census Data[/b]

After almost a month of data retrieval and processing, the Cajun Interior Ministry announced preliminary data from its Census Division. The official population of the Cajun Federation has been tagged at [b]29,894,093[/b] souls. The interior ministry has also said that, out of those who declared an official religion of the household, forty-four percent were Catholic, with another forty-two percent declaring themselves Protestant Christians. A large percentage of those responding to the census, as fifty-eight percent, tagged themselves as Franco-Spanish descent. The average family household contained three children, with seventy-six percent of respondents reporting that they were married parents, eleven percent identified themselves as divorced, while the rest were single parents.

Further data is set to be released in the upcoming days.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun National Congress approves Defense Infrastructure Modernization Bill[/b][/size]


[i]Defensive infrastructure, like weapons storage facility bunkers featured above, are expected to be upgraded with the approval of the DIM Bill.[/i]

[b]Baton Rouge, LA[/b] - In a surprise twist of events today, the Cajun Liberal Movement fully backed the Acadian Union Party over the Defense Infrastructure Modernization or "DIM" Bill, AUP and CLM leaders both noted that the Bill was of "paramount importance" to the country's defensive capabilities. Although the vote was pretty much already decided, as the AUP holds a majority in the Cajun National Congress, the backing of the minority CLM was a "welcome" surprise to the measure. President Jacques Manon, also the AUP's leader, expressed his hope that this might mark a new age of compromise in the National Congress, as the CLM had opposed some tax reform measures over the past two months, as well as being described as "stingy" on healthcare.

Political analysts have said that while the Cajun Liberal Movement's move to support the DIM Bill was a surprise, it wasn't overly shocking. A number of analysts believe that public opinion has dropped against the CLM in recent months, and that the party's hardline against some healthcare reform measures was unpopular amongst many middle and working class voters. The CLM's dodgy appearance on defense spending also has gotten a number of negative reactions from military servicemen and women, as well as their families. The support of the CLM on the DIM Bill, many political analysts say, could be a political maneuver to quell these negative reactions from the population as of late.

Whatever the reason for the CLM's sudden support of the DIM Bill, the Cajun National Congress also voted a resolution through this session that gave its general approval of the Monarchy's orders to issue an order of protection over the island of Cuba. All parties have expressed support for diplomatic measures to resolve the tense situation with the Holy American Empire, but have said that the Federation has the right to be there, and will support the use of force if necessary. The Congress, along with the tri-state Crown Governors, have noted that they are willing to approve the acceptance of Cuba as the fourth state of the Federation.


[i]Improved aerial defenses are expected to replace aging and obsolete aircraft shelters, like the one featured above, at NAS Gulfport, in Mississippi.[/i]

As for the DIM Bill, it provides comprehensive funding for the military infrastructure, including improvements to army facilities, air bases and early warning facilities, and naval facilities. Although much of the bill is classified, military analysts say that the Cajun Federation has needed to introduce a much more stringent first-strike-survival capability, one that it at least partly lacks at this moment. This would include significant upgrades to facilities housing aircraft, ground vehicles, and even possibly ships. Also included in the infrastructure bill is upgrades to currently existing transportation systems to aid in the national defense if it is needed. The extent of the DIM Bill is not entirely known, but military analysts and strategists believe it could involve one of the largest overhauls and infrastructure projects (related to defense), in the entire region.

"With the amount of defense spending already put into the economy and overseas, it is likely that this infrastructure bill could provide us with the survivability needed to endure a first, and possibly multiple strikes, from both conventional and asymmetric threats," noted Political Scientist Professor Francis Beauregard, from Dillon University. "The Federation has since lacked some strategic depth, something that this bill hopes to eliminate in one swift stroke. If the military correctly applies this funding, we could see this infrastructure plan upgrading our defenses so that they will probably be appropriate and adequate for the next two to three decades."

The government has also noted that the DIM Bill is not only about survivability in first strike scenarios, but also about creating further jobs for employees of large contractors. It has been noted that the infrastructure bill could create as many as thirty to forty thousand new jobs and give many large contractors a financial boost. On top of the benefits to construction employees, upgrades to the civilian infrastructure system used for transit by ground forces. The benefits of this project could certainly outweigh the large cost, which could soar as high as a trillion Acadia over the next three years.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]CLM calls for Monarchy Limitations[/size][/b]

[b]Baton Rouge, LA[/b] - The Cajun Liberal Movement vocally attacked the King of the Cajun Federation yesterday morning, and began calling for reforms that would limit the monarchy's power, especially in dealing with foreign affairs. By law, the King has virtual control over many aspects of the governing processes of the Cajun Federation. Although the Cajun National Congress can check these powers, as it has control over the national budget, it has very little control over diplomacy and other facets of external relations. The Cajun Liberal Movement was checked by the Acadian Union Party, which fired back, saying that Broussard had provided ample evidence of stable rule over external relations as well as internal governing processes.

Most of the country has shown to back Broussard's foreign policy, which has included the conclusion of pacts with both Austria and Athens, as well as a daring adventure that has seen Cajun military forces facing off with those of the Holy American Empire. Although this diplomacy has been touted by some neighbors as "too aggressive" or "destabilizing", many citizens have continued to voice support for Broussard's external activities. Broussard noted in a press conference last night that he was willing to oversee some reforms of the government's running processes, so as to maintain proper "checks and balances" of power.

Broussard has noted that he is in favor of a new constitution that would bring about these checks and balances, but has noted that with tensions in the Gulf at the moment, the time was not ripe for these political machinations. But he has said that he would look favorably on the Congress forming an exploratory committee that would examine options for a reformed constitution and what the landscape of said document would entail. The AUP has said that it fully backs the monarch in these measures, and has urged calmness from the CLM, which, despite voting for the DIM Bill collectively, has appeared increasingly aggressive against the ruling AUP.[/quote]

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[quote][size="6"][b]CCDP Rally Ends in Bloodshed; Central Louisiana Diocese Offices Burned[/b][/size]


[i]Four Louisiana State Troopers were killed in the incident, with three others wounded, a total of forty-three other people were killed or wounded in the fighting.[/i]

[b]Alexandria, LA[/b] - A well-publicized Christian Cajun Democratic Party turned violent yesterday when protestant extremists who attended the rally got into a scuffle with counter-demonstrations with nearby Acadian Union Party demonstrators. A number of AUP demonstrators were attacked with objects ranging from rocks to a hunting knife, which caused Louisiana State Troopers to try to break up the demonstrations as the event was in breach of the law of the right to free peaceful assembly. When the state troopers tried to interpose on the violent scene, as many as five protestant extremists pulled concealed firearms, including one modified machine-pistol, and fired on state troopers, killing two instantly. Three AUP demonstrators were also killed by the gunfire exchange, and five more state troopers were wounded, two fatally.

A state police tactical squad, which was on hand for the event as a backup for uniformed patrol officers, responded to calls for assistance and shot as many as three protestant extremists, but also hit three CCDP demonstrators who were trying to get out of the increasingly violent scene. Louisiana State Police then reported that it came under a torrent of gunfire from a nearby house, where more extremists had apparently holed up, which was responded to large amounts of automatic weapon fire as well as tear gas attacks. A subsequent search of the residence revealed three dead individuals, all of whom are apparently part of a radical protestant organization known as the Louisiana Christian Guard. Subsequent searches for information on the organization reveal a large militant group that identifies loosely with the CCDP, which has called for an end to the "Catholic monopolization of power in the Cajun Government, and the death of the Monarchy."

One eyewitness reported that the streets in Central Alexandria were "awash with blood", and that there seemed to be "bodies everywhere". While a number of Alexandria residents believe that the police were justified in attempting to quell the violence that began the gun battle, they appeared to fired "indiscriminately" in order to quell the secondary threat from gunmen in the building near the rally venue. A number of riots were reported overnight, with local youth demonstrating in the downtown area of Alexandria, Louisiana, smashing storefront windows and overturning cars, while setting fire to some vehicles and buildings. Anti-Catholic slogans were spray painted on shattered glass of known practicing Catholic store owners, and a group of masked individuals also set alight the Central Louisiana Diocese Offices.


[i]Special tactical squads were instrumental in quelling the initial confrontation with protestant extremists at Kees Park.[/i]

While CCDP Leadership has asked its constituency to remain calm and "unified", it has admitted that it was, in recent weeks, receiving radical calls for legislation from mostly unknown sources, including at least six letters from individuals who identified themselves with the Louisiana Christian Guard. Many of the most radical letters were turned over to the Interior Ministry well before yesterday's incident, but the Interior Ministry stated late last night that the letters gave no inkling to an armed confrontation at the rally in Alexandria. Interior Minister Francisco Sparranzo urged calm in the Parish of Alexandria, and condemned further acts of violence and disorder.

Nonetheless, the predominantly protestant parish is in an uproar over what many community leaders are dubbing an unprovoked "use of force" to stop the violence. Many are calling for an internal investigation for the Louisiana State Police, and why the AUP was allowed to counter-demonstrate the rally, with the Interior Ministry knowing about the letters the CCDP was receiving. The Interior Ministry fired back saying that, by law, the AUP, like the CCDP could not be barred from rallying peacefully, which it did. One anonymous individual, who identifies himself with the Louisiana Christian Guard, accused the government of provoking a showdown so that it could crack down on protestants, which was another accusation that was vehemently denied by the Interior Ministry and commented on by Henri Broussard himself.

"The Federation was built on the foundation of peace and understanding between all the peoples who populate its borders. Our many cultures have lived in a long period of peace since the settlement of Louisiana, there is no reason why we would want to destabilize that now," said Broussard, who also ordered a day of mourning for those who had died. Despite calls for peace on the streets, reports of scattered gunfire in Alexandria as well as continued rioting has flowed out of the region. The Defense Ministry and the Crown Governor of Arkansas have reported that the 407th Military Police Regiment of the Arkansas National Guard has put on standby orders to transit to Alexandria, in order to restore public order, "if necessary". A call to the Sheriff's Department of Alexandria Parish was not responded to, but sources inside the Interior Ministry have pointed to the possibility of the loss of control of the situation by public law enforcement.[/quote]

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[quote][b][size="6"]Central Louisiana Civil Unrest Continues[/size][/b]


[i]Municipal Police and State Trooper Precincts in Alexandria, Louisiana, report a state of siege currently.[/i]

[b]Alexandria, LA[/b] - Within the last seventy-two hours, civil unrest has gripped the Central Louisiana city of Alexandria in a state of unparalleled violence and has left both State and National leaders scrambling to react. As many as ten municipal police officers have been reported killed, two were killed execution-style in an Alexandria area hospital after being injured during CCDP Rally-turned-bloodbath and as many as thirty have been injured, and are without adequate medical attention. The State Police Barracks in Alexandria has also reported six dead, and eleven injured in the newest round of chaos that has gripped Central Louisiana.

Protestant extremists, organized under the Louisiana Christian Guard, have launched ferocious attacks against municipal and state authorities, and have reportedly burned Alexandria's city hall, along with a number of Catholic institutions in the area, to the ground. Protestant extremists have reportedly attacked Catholic clergy members, or members of the Catholic community who have tried to resist the growing violence in the area. A military police convoy from the 407th Military Police Regiment of the Arkansas National Guard reported coming under heavy small arms fire when they tried to enter the Northern Suburbs of Alexandria via National Route 165. Gunfire was reportedly exchanged before the convoy withdrew, after reports that one vehicle was destroyed by what appeared to a round fired from a rocket-propelled grenade.

"We saw a streak of smoke and suddenly one of our trucks just lifted about ten feet into the air in a ball of flame," said an unidentified Sergeant, who had been part of the relief convoy that had sought to restore order. The sergeant reported that two guardsmen were wounded in the shootout, but both were "doing well", and that the vehicle's occupants had taken cover from the small arms fire in a nearby ditch.


[i]Interior Ministry sources have linked the Louisiana Christian Guard to one of the Baptist Churches in Alexandria, one of which is known for a fiery preacher, The Reverend Dr. Marcus Hubert, who has spoken out against "Catholicism running the Cajun State".[/i]

The Interior Ministry has said that, although it has had an eye on the Louisiana Christian Guard, it also admits that the organization has shocked the nation with the ferocity of violence that has spawned in Alexandria. The Ministry also noted that it may have "miscalculated" the number of individuals that are affiliated with the LCG, which could number as many as a "few thousand". Alexandria is a stalwart hotbed of protestant political action in the Cajun Federation, as it is the headquarters of the Cajun Christian Democratic Party, as well as home to a number of the nation's most politically active religious political interest groups.

Although a large swath of both Mississippi and Arkansas are also protestant, neither appear to have seen the violence that has gripped Alexandria, with both states only reporting two cases each of possibly related religious violence. Most analysts have come to the conclusion that Alexandria has become a political and religious hotbed for protestant extremists, with fiery preacher, who has railed against Catholicism, such as the Reverend Dr. Marcus Hubert, who vocally denounced the government as tool of the Catholic Church. The Interior Ministry has noted that a number of individuals who are reportedly a part of the LCG only just became recent residents of Alexandria, pointing to a congregation of protestant extremism occurring in Alexandria. As one interior ministry official said, "The old adage is very true, birds of a feather, flock together."

Whatever the case, the entire situation on the ground in Alexandria is unclear, but it is abundantly clear that municipal and parish officials and constabulary forces have lost control of at least a portion of the city of Alexandria.[/quote]

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[center][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Official Statement[/size][/b]


"With the annexation of Cuba, the Cajun Federation officially recognizes an Archipelagic waterway from the internal waters off the tip of Mississippi River Delta, to the internal waters of the Cajun State of Cuba. This waterway will be no more than thirty (30) nautical miles in width, and will be viewed by the Cajun Federation as a Federation-protected waterway. While neutral ships are peacefully allowed to traverse across this waterway with innocent intent, they must fly the maritime standard of their nation, and must adhere to laws and regulations governed by the Cajun Federation's Bureau of Maritime Affairs.

The Cajun Federation defines 'innocent intent' as activities that do not include weapons testing, fishing, polluting, and intelligence-gathering, et cetera. While vessels traverse what we now dub the 'Louisiana-Cuba Archipelagic Zone', they will be subject to our laws. As we have hinted to in the aforementioned paragraph, non-allied military vessels are welcome to traverse this zone with the right of innocent passage, but are asked to limit any activities that would suggest hostile intent. Submersible vessels of non-allied militaries are hereby requested to run on the surface while traversing these waters, with their national maritime standards flown, to reduce the possibility of their intentions being viewed as hostile or malicious in intent.

The Cajun Federation hereby notes on the following map the 'Louisiana-Cuba Archipelagic Zone' as being the red line."


[i]His Royal Highness, the King of the Cajun Federation, Lord Protector of Cuba, Grand Marshal of the Cajun Armed Forces[/i]

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[quote name='Yawoo' timestamp='1311997172' post='2767420']
The Republic of Texas refuses to recognize the Cajun Federation's new waterway. Any attempt to force Texan vessels to adhere to your laws will be seen in an unfavorable light by the Texan government.

"Our maritime laws are by no means unfair, that being said, it is your prerogative whether to recognize, or not recognize our legitimate archipelagic waterway. If you would like to discuss this matter, I am sure our government would wholeheartedly agree to negotiations."

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[quote][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Naval Forces to Enforce New Archipelagic Zone[/size][/b]


[i]An MH-53 Heavy Helicopter launches flares during an exercise, a number of these large helicopters are a part of the new sovereignty patrol enforcing the new controversial archipelagic zone.[/i]

[b]Houma, LA[/b] - With the proclamation of the new archipelagic zone stretching from Louisiana to Cuba, the Cajun Federation Navy has undertaken the duty of enforcing the new claim that creates a thirty nautical mile corridor across the center of the Gulf of Mexico. Some controversial aspects of the new zone include neutral countries being subject to a number of maritime regulations set forth by the Cajun Federation. While these regulations are not unfair, they have been seen by some parties, inside and outside of the Federation, as a means to maintain a constant surveillance across the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

The combined air and surface forces of the Cajun Federation Navy have agreed to a comprehensive plan, working with the Cajun Federation Coast Guard, to enforce the new corridor, which will be patrolled by aircraft and surface ships. Aircraft could include jet fighters to large patrol aircraft to helicopters, a number of surface ships have been appropriated for this new sovereignty patrol, including destroyers and lighter ships. The Cajun Federation Navy was not available for comment on the new duty it was now assigned to, but said it was proud to be able to provide security to what would soon be the newest state in the Federation.


[i]The destroyer CFS [b]P.G.T. Beauregard[/b] prepares for a sovereignty patrol off Havana.[/i]

Some consternation in the Cajun National Congress has reportedly caused some review of the new proclamation, with some Congressional members calling the measure to be "over the top" in enforcing Cajun Federation dominance in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite these political calls for review of this new sovereignty enforcement, the Cajun Federation Navy has wholeheartedly begun these patrols with aircraft and surface ships. Sources within the Defense Ministry have said that a number of these initial patrols, including those utilizing helicopters, have been carrying navy personnel from the Naval Commando Battalions, elite naval landing parties who specialize in maritime operations. Most helicopters have been seen flying with minimum crews however, which has dispelled some rumors within the country that the nation is taking this new enforcement role to a level that borders on completely unacceptable behavior.

Most congressional leaders have agreed that the country needs to enforce its sea lanes in some facet to what is believed to be the newest state in the Cajun Federation. Although there has been some rumors that there could be an emergency meeting between the monarch and congressional leaders over some of the provisions of the new archipelagic zone, that could result in modification. There are, however, no confirmations that this meeting will or has taken place, and for the time being, the Cajun Federation Navy remains on orders to enforce the original set of still roundly-fair terms presented by the initial proclamation.[/quote]

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[quote name='TheShammySocialist' timestamp='1312032452' post='2767620']
"Our maritime laws are by no means unfair, that being said, it is your prerogative whether to recognize, or not recognize our legitimate archipelagic waterway. If you would like to discuss this matter, I am sure our government would wholeheartedly agree to negotiations."

"Texas is always willing to discuss matters such as these."

OOC: Make a thread.

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[quote][b][size="6"]Franc Values Steadily Rising[/size][/b]


[i]The Acadian National Franc has been gaining value against a number of foreign currencies over the past few months.[/i]

[b]Baton Rouge, LA[/b] - The Commerce Ministry today released public data today that has given some insight into the growth of the Cajun National Currency since the Cajun Federation declared independence, and the data is relatively surprising. Since independence, the growth of the national currency, the Acadian National Franc also known as the "Acadia" for short, has grown seventy-five percent in value against other worldwide currencies. Forecast data has also shown that this upward trend is set to continue as the Cajun Federation continues economic growth, which, for the past twelve months, has been substantial.

Economic growth, particularly in heavy manufacturing, has been substantial, and with employers working closely with the government to implement benefits and provide high-technology jobs, results have been stunning. Wage increases have been possible, with some major employers, such as Ingalls Shipbuilding, Gulf Oil, Delta Aerospace, Clothingworks, Bayou Brands, Textron Marine and many others reporting as much as a fifty percent increase in wages since independence. With significant contracts, Ingalls Shipbuilding employees have seen the best pay increases since independence, with some positions involving high-tech welding and founding work earning as much one hundred and fifty percent more than the same position earned a year ago.

In a recent economic development, the four giants of Cajun Shipbuilding; Ingalls Shipbuilding, Textron Marine, Bollinger Shipyards, and Higgins Industries have announced plans to work in concert with one another on the global market. The four corporations generally produce different types of vessels, therefore are suited for working with another, without having to compete with one another. The new "Cajun Shipbuilding Alliance" has announced plans to take the global shipbuilding market "by storm", offering a proven line of both military and civilian vessels at lower-than-normal global prices in an effort to continue their recent contracts which have propelled them to being some of the largest employers in the Cajun Federation. Ingalls Shipbuilding alone accounts for a huge amount of employment in Southern Mississippi.

With the acquisition of Cuba, the Cajun National Congress is on track to push a new bill through that would include an economic revival package for the island. This would include government subsidies to stimulate economic growth and help local employers integrate themselves into the Federation's economy. A number of representatives from the Interim Cuban Civilian Council, the civilian council that oversees the state of affairs in Cuba at the moment, have said they would like to integrate Cuba's expansive agricultural business into the Federation's economy. This would boost domestic food production by as much as one hundred to one hundred and fifty percent. Cuba is also home to a large nickel reserve, in addition to providing a large source of cobalt, which is produced as a by-product of nickel mining operations.

"The Commerce Ministry's newest forecast may actually be unrepresentative of the raw 'on-the-ground' facts in the Federation, with the newest economic models of the Cajun Federation's economy, provided it goes relatively uninterrupted by recent civil strife, the Federation is growing quickly," said Professor of Economics George Burnham, of the Tulane University School of Economics.[/quote]

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