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Who Would You Merge?


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You have been crowned the undisputed master of CN and every alliance has agreed that you are so amazingly awesome that they will gladly merge with any alliance(s) of your choosing should you desire it.

So who would you merge?

Here's some of the more obvious ones just to force you to get at least a little creative:

Doom House Merger: MK+Umbrella+GOONS

Lol Maroonity: GOD+RIA+CSN

The Orders: NPO+NpO+NSO

Meatshields R Us (just kidding Umbrella loves you): Sparta+MHA

So yeah, try to avoid just merging blocs/multilateral treaties like those above.

I'll start.

\m/ Family Reunion: \m/ + TORN + RoK + Any other \m/ off-shoot that I might be forgetting

It'd probably be pretty stupid, but it'd be interesting at the very least.

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[quote name='Conformist Maryland' timestamp='1308362420' post='2733451']
I'd like to see NSO and NPO merge.

CSN into the Grey Council. Seems like no one from GC ever posts on the OWF, so that way CSN members all disappear.
UPN into Polaris
GOD into VE with Xiph as Lord
wF into Legacy
I was wondering how long it would be before wF into Legacy came up :P

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[quote name='Sarmatian Empire' timestamp='1308363025' post='2733459']
I was wondering how long it would be before wF into Legacy came up :P

I also think that SLCB would be an appropriate fit for Legacy. Then you can rename the alliance the Confederation of Independent States. ;)

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[quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1308364882' post='2733499']

NATO & Rok

Nueva Vida & Colossus



Olympus, Valhalla, BAPs

Argent & OMFG & TOP

Hydra - SLCB - Tetris

FOK - Non Grata :D

This would be a good start.

Olympus, Valhalla, BAPs - that would be one sweet alliance.

TPF is welcome to merge into FEAR anytime ;)

The smaller Commie alliance all need to merge into INT.

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