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Serene Republic of Vaule Elections (III)

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[b][u]BCNA News: Legislative elections to be held tomorrow[/b][/u]

[i]“Voters head to the polls tomorrow in the third legislative elections since the dissolution of Vauleyo-Buryatia. The coalition government of Prime Minister Bryon Svatek will be seeking a new mandate from the electorate. The Prime Minister and his Party for Social Justice (PSJ) will be hoping to make enough of an impact to be returned with a majority in Parliament. The other government coalition parties, namely the Slavic Unity Party (SUP) and United Vaulia (UV) will likely hope for another coalition government in which their parties become kingmakers. The opposition Liberal Democratic Party will seek to capitalize on the policy reversals of the PSJ during their term as well as the coalition government’s lackluster economic performance.

During their tenure, the coalition reformed the healthcare and education sectors, cut government expenditures, initiated several development projects and approved the Autonomous Communities Act which devolved powers to the regional assemblies. The coalition, however failed to gather enough momentum to complete the planned introduction of universal healthcare or to drastically over haul the military. The coalition’s economic policy was also hampered by the conflicting views of the parties, resulting in several costly delays. The Prime Minister also lamented that a government proposal to counter the economic crisis with increased social spending faced strong opposition from the Slavic Unity Party (SUP).

The next Vaulian government will be faced with rising unemployment and commodity prices and a weakened Vauleyo-Buryatian Ruble. The next government will be forced to significantly cut spending while reducing the national debt. These challenges will have to be faced while the government seeks to promote job growth and stabilize the economy. The new government will also have to deal with the economic fallout from the collapse of the Buryatian government.

The Vaulian Electoral Commission (VEC) is predicting a relatively high voter turnout tomorrow, and foresees no major problems ahead of the polls. Initial polls have suggested that it will be a difficult task for any of the parties to reach the threshold of 326 seats in the 651 seat legislature.”[/i]-Reporter

===[b]Overview of Parties:[/b]===

[b]New Nationalist Front (NNF) (Orange)[/b]
Ideology: Center Right Nationalism, Economic Liberalism
Leader: Vladimir Prevalšek

[b]Liberal Democratic Party of Vaule (LDP) (Blue)[/b]
Ideology: Centrism, Economic Liberalism
Leader: Eva Marija Potušek

[b]Party for Social Justice (PSJ) (Red)[/b]
Ideology: Center Left, Economic Liberalism, Meritocratic Socialism
Leader: Bryon Svatek

[b]United Vaulia (UVP) (Yellow)[/b]
Ideology: Zhukovism, Centrism, Democratic Socialism
Leader: Adam Kerbev

[b]Christian Democratic Party (CDP) (Green)[/b]
Ideology: Right, Social Conservatism, Economic Conservatism
Leader: Radislava Terdič

[b]Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) (Purple) [/b]
Ideology: Far Right Nationalism
Leader: Rinald Kanič

[b]Slavic Unity Party (SUP) (Red and Blue)[/b]
Ideology: Pan Slavism, Economic & Social Liberalism
Leader: Antonin Bošković

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[b][u]BCNA News: Voting underway, exit poll released[/b][/u]

[i]“Voting is now underway at polling stations across the Serene Republic. Today, the Vaulian Electoral Commission (VEC) reported no serious incidents so far and reported an average wait time of 12 to 15 minutes for citizens casting their votes. The VEC will continue monitoring voting nationwide until 7 pm tonight (less than one hour from now) when the first polls close and counting will begin. At that time we will most likely have the first concrete results from the west of the country.

The official exit polls have suggested that this election, like both of those before it, will likely end with a hung parliament in which no single party controls enough seats to form the next government. The official exit poll has predicted that the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will likely be the largest party in the new Parliament, but will be well short of the 326 seats needed for an outright majority. The exit poll also predicts that the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) will be the second largest party.

If the exit polls are accurate, then we will soon enter a prolonged period of negotiations between the various parties who will attempt to form the next coalition government. This process, if unnecessarily lengthy, will have both an economic and a political impact on the country.”[/i]-Reporter

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[b][u]BCNA News: The People have spoken! Election results in[/b][/u]


[i]“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just received the official election results which have been certified by the Vaule Electoral Commission (VEC). The results are unsurprising. The voters turned out in significantly large numbers and returned a hung parliament in which no single party won enough seats to become the next government. With turnout estimated at approximately 71% of all eligible voters, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), under former Prime Minister Eva Marija Potusek, won the largest share of the vote and won a total of 208 seats in the new Parliament. This marked a major upswing for the Liberal Democrats who won only 122 seats in the previous election.

The Party for Social Justice (PSJ) received the second largest vote share and won 181 seats in the new parliament, a sharp drop from the 244 seats that the party held in the previous parliament. The former junior coalition partner United Vaulia made impressive gains at the polls winning 109 seats, up from 41 seats. The Slavic Unity Party (SUP) gained 20 seats for a total of 60 in the new Parliament. The Union of Patriotic Right Forces (PRF) made a surprise comeback by winning 60 seats. For the party, this is a sharp reversal from their previous election result in which they failed to win any seats.

Lastly, the New Nationalist Front (NNF) won 33 seats, down sharply from the 122 seats they held previously. In light of the party’s poor showing at the polls, there have been some calls for party leader Vladimir Prevalsek to resign. There have been similar calls from senior officials of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) this evening after the party was completely routed at the polls. The CDP leader Radislava Terdic has so far rebuffed the calls for her resignation.

In light of the election results, the major parties will begin coalition negotiations for the next few days as they seek to form a government. The negotiation process will prove extremely difficult for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) as both the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) and United Vaulia (UV) announced that they will not form a coalition with the LDP ‘under any circumstances’. This means that the LDP would have to seek a coalition with the NNF, SUP and the PRF in order to obtain a majority. The odds of all three parties putting aside their ideologies to form a coalition with the LDP are extremely slim.

Political Analyst Dr Anna Lyse believes that the attempts by the Liberal Democrats to build a workable coalition ‘will fail spectacularly over economic and ideological differences’. Instead she declared, the only prospect of a workable coalition would be for the Party for Social Justice (PSJ) to form a coalition with United Vaulia (UV) and the Slavic Unity Party (SUP).

Voters were also asked to vote on two important ballot measures during the election. The first proposition asked the voters to decide if the Serene Republic should change the Marriage Act in order to permit divorce. According to the official results, 78% of voters were in favor of the proposal and 17% opposed the proposal. Approximately 5% of the votes were declared spoiled. The second proposition asked voters if the government should triple the existing minimum wage. This proposition was also agreed to by an overwhelming majority of 78%.

Tune in tomorrow as we begin non-stop coverage of [b]Negotiation 20XX: The Quest for Government[/b]. This is Ray Porter reporting, for BCNA News."[/i]-Reporter

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