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Green Team Trade Circles

Empress Kiley

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I am looking to fill trade circles on the green team. Currently I am working on 2 different circles.

Then first is an 8br with nuke capability. The bonus resources it offers are: Microchips, jewelry, scholars, asphalt, automobiles, construction, radiation clean up and steel.

Lead - Merton
Oil - Merton
Aluminum - Racieus
Silver - Racieus
Gold - Snappedninja
Iron - Snappedninja
Marble -
Uranium -
Coal -
Gems - Branch
Lumber -
Rubber - Branch

The second circle is a new one looking for all but one member. The bonus resources it gives are: Steel, Asphalt, Automobiles, Construction, Radiation Clean Up, Microchips and Scholars. It also has a wild card slot which would be great for fish or wheat.

Wine - Phantom Cobra
Wheat - Phantom Cobra
Iron -
Coal -
Lumber -
Marble -
Aluminum -
Rubber -
Oil -
Gold -
Lead -
Wild Card -

If you would like to be a part of any of these circles, please respond here with which one. If you want more specifics on each circle, feel free to contact me in game.

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[quote name='BRanch' timestamp='1308193952' post='2732194']
I would like to fill the Second circle.
I have Gems and Rubber

Actually I have no harbour.

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