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Looking for an alliance

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I've just returned to CN. I've played before and I'm familiar with every aspect of nation building/management, as well as most aspects of alliance management. Regardless, I will take some kind of test if I'm required to.

I had a 20k NS nation, with nukes and held various Government positions in the alliances I used to be in.

I used to do lots of recruiting myself so first of all, don't send me a standard recruitment message. I used to write them, I know what they look like. I will ignore any non-personalized messages. Secondly, please only private message me (do not reply to this post). Finally, no, I won't tell you who I am. Don't worry, I was never banned and I never caused any problems, but I just want to start fresh.


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Well, if you're going to ask in public, might as well detail what you're looking for. Small? Big? Specific themes you like? Center of attention/avoids attention? Strict elite alliance? Lighthearted casual?

Obviously, I'd be recommending SOS Brigade if you want a small, but very active, casual alliance. But I (and others) could suggest a few other good alliances if it's not your thing.

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Might as well and put our name into play. Join Organization XIII. We would really like to have you and your experience come over. We got deputy positions open so you can start helping gov right away. That, and our growth program will help you get back up to 20K NS in no time.

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