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Public Notice to Oceanic Union

Captain Enema

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"Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Oceanic Union. Independent Australia looks to the greater sum of Australia and finds ourselves in a bit of a bind. We see a great continent in need of governance. Don't get your shorts in a knot, we aren't offering to do it for you. We are offering funds and equipment. During the war against Pihana the ownership of civilian property and belongings changed hands. A Reparations Fund was established to repay home owners that were displaced during the fighting for their loss of land and property.

To date only 1/5th of the 50 million dollars has been paid out to Kimberly land owners. This more or less covers the entire tab owed to the former occupants of Kimberly at an extensive mark up to smooth over any hurt feelings. This brings us to the 40 Million in unclaimed funds.

We wish to donate the funds to the Oceanic Union to help underwrite the costs of your peacekeeping forces on the Australian Continent. We also have the following offer of support.

A full wing of C-130 Medium Transports are to be made available for humanitarian flights inside Australia. With them an further four wings of smaller transport aircraft to be subsidized by Independent Australia and staffed by former USC Personnel. Once government conditions change inside of Australia these units will be turned over to the new government.

We merely wish to see our Australian neighbors having proper access to medical care and other such vital services. Command of these Transport Wings can be retained by Oceanic Officers with a Liaison Officer to Independent Australia for the purposes of financial and logistical support.

Further payments up to 100 Million dollars are being allocated for the support of Oceanic Units keeping the peace inside of Australia over the course of the next two years.

Please respond as we feel time is of the essence in the proper administration of the Greater Australian continent."

- Independent Australian Council

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On behalf of the Oceanic Union peacekeeping forces in Australia, Selenarctos accepts this generous offer. Humanitarian and logistic aid should be placed at the disposal of the Selenarctan branch of the White Cross, which is managing the distribution of aid to the Australian people.

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"The 333rd Transport Wing and the 1st Platoon of the 1st Independent Australian Logistical Group will be made available as part of the technical requirements. If Oceanic Union Forces could post public notices for the hiring of pilots, flight crew, and ground crew for the Transport Wings, unarmed of course, we'll assign our liaison officers to them and get on with this entire sad business.

Fort Kimberly International Airport is available for Oceanic Union use along with our harbor during these trying times."

*40 million is wired from a special account in the Port Sudan Commerce Bank to the White Cross Selenarcan Branch.

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