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After decades at the pinnacle of Quebecois business, QueComm has begun to branch out into the world in earnest. While La Republique du Quebec has exclusive rights to QueComm's state-of-the-art communication systems, they do offer a variety of products in the world of luxury transportation.

[b]QC Aqualux, Luxury Yacht[/b]




This state-of-the-art vessel is the ultimate combination of opulence and engineering. The Aqualux is capable of skimming the water at upwards of 30 knots and can hold eight or more passengers comfortably, depending on the size chosen.

[i]Cost: $88 000 a foot, starting at 100 feet. Maximum size, 250 feet.[/i]

[b]QC Aerostar II, Private Jet[/b]


The Aerostar II is a high-end personal jet, capable of serving up to 14 passengers at maximum leisure. Equipped with a wet bar and capable of maintaining high speed internet in-flight, the Aerostar II is at once both a flying office and a party in the sky. Has a range of approximately 7000 NM on a tank of fuel.

[i]Cost: $95 000 000[/i]

[b]QC Mercury Helicopter[/b]


Perfect for short-range air travel, the Mercury is a high-end helicopter capable of carrying up to six passengers in maximum comfort.

[i]Cost: $5 500 000[/i]

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"MoG[Corp] would like to purchase 20 aerostars IIs and 5 yachts at 150 feet each, totaling 1,900,000,000 for aircraft, and 110,000,000 for the 4 regular yachts, with the 5th to be discussed through secure channels."
[quote]2,150,000,000 credits will be transferred for 20 aerostar II aircraft for MoG[Airlines] along with 4 yachts for rental from MoG[Cruises], an additional 47,000,000 credits will be provided to create a megayacht and pay for a Mercury Helicopter, if Quecomm is interested, for MoG[Corp] Official use, this yacht will need to be at least 300 feet long, with a helipad, Mercury for said helipad, as incredibly furnished as money will provide, including a hot tub, heated pool, and as much defensive measures as you can give us, most importantly anti mine and an escape craft in the event of an emergency, along with a sonic detection system to provide security against below surface attacks. We would like to ensure absolute safety while using this ship."[/quote]

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A private party in the Union of Arctica has placed an order for a 250-foot QC Aqualux yacht. Specifications include a black-white-aqua interior color scheme, a white-ultramarine exterior color scheme, stylized trident designs on the port and starboard hulls, and the name [i]Sojourn[/i].

The money would be wired from the Bank of Oceana once the order was confirmed and an account was specified.

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