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Greenland - Quebec Diplomacy


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As one of his first acts as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greenland, Kristjan Vilhjálmsson sent a diplomatic cable to the Republique of Quebec to initiate a dialogue, and hopefully a relationship, between the two nations. Decades before, Kristjan's father had done exactly the same thing with Disparu, and Kristjan couldn't help but notice the similarities. He only hoped the relationship would grow to be as strong as the days of old.

[b]To the Government of the Republique de Quebec[/b]

The people of Greenland and Quebec have long been friends and I write in the hopes that this relation can continue between our two nations. I invite you to our capital city to discuss relations between our nations. Accommodations have been provided and you are cleared to land at the diplomatic wing of the airport. I await your visit with great enthusiasm and hope for a fruitful meeting.

Kristjan Vilhjálmsson[/i]
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Greenland[/b][/quote]

OOC: You can skip straight to the meeting.

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Lieutenant-colonel Patrice Lequinne, a senior official from Quebec's DIPMIL, the Military Diplomacy department, arrived at the Greenland capital for the discussions.

"I understand you wanted to speak with us?" Lequinne folded his hands on the table and looked across at his Greenlander counterpart.

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Vilhjálmsson looked at the man and waited until he had finished before offering a reply. The man certainly looked intimidating and his faced seems to ooze indifference. Either the man from Quebec was trying to impress his counterpart or send him a message that Quebec felt annoyed at working with Greenland. Kristjan hoped it was the former.

"Yes, M. Lequinne, I'm grateful you were able to attend this meeting. I trust you had an enjoyable flight and the transportation accommodations were satisfactory? I'm sure you already know, but the Greenlandic people hold the Quebec nation in high regard and all of us are very eager to start working with you and your government. We are both members of the Confederation of Arctic Nations and I am extremely optimistic of our future together.

One urgent matter of business is bringing the Quebec-Greenland SOSUS land online and fully operational once more. We have already dispatched two ships to inspect the length of the cable and they will need permission to enter your waters. Additionally, we will manning the SOSUS station on Greenland and ask that you staff the one in Quebec. Is Quebec willing to maintain joint-administration of the SOSUS?


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"That would be agreeable."

Lequinne slowly chewed the lump of tobacco in his mouth as he stared across at Vilhjálmsson. "However, I was asked by the CO of DIPMIL to negotiate permission to staff a military base on your islands off the coast of North Africa."

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"We're certainly open to the idea. I assume you're talking about the island of Tenerife? We're currently constructing a military base on the island and we would be more than willing to allow you access and usage of the base if you wished."

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