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Akotash is the greatest!

Haven for Peace

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"We are reporting live from the Steel, floating secks hotel of Star Gazing, which is currently in the coast of Sunetica," Kade says.

Altantsetseg XXXVII runs into Kade, and looks into the camera with a big smile on her face. "Hello, Mach10chocobo! I know you are watching this! I just know it!" Kade straightens her attire, and sets her hand on the President of Star Gazing's shoulder.

"You are here?" Kade asks.

"Yes! Of course! I needed a ride to get to Ransii!" President Altantsetseg XXXVII answers proudly.

"You have a private jet," Kade points.

"I know, but it's so much more exciting being on the Steel!"

Kade looks around, and looks into the camera with a hopeless expression. "Turn the camera off. Now," commands Kade.

"Why? The President looks wasted! This would make big news!" says the camera man.

"We are already on live, idiot."

"Oh... yeah."

Altantsetseg XXXVII pulls Kade into a tight hug and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, don't mind me, you may go ahead and complete your news story. Hello, Mach10chocobo! How are you enjoying the dildo from the tree that you and I invented??? I hope it suits you well. I think I must go now. Kade looks at me weird." The President turns around and walks away. Before she could fall onto the floor, the Director of the Steel enters the scene and grabs hold of her.

"Didn't I tell you that the masseurs of the Steel would make your body weak?" Steel's Director asks the President with a glint of mischievous in her eyes.

"Yes, yes, you did. Now take me to my quarters," replies the President Altantsetseg XXXVII.

The camera now focuses on Kade. "I am sorry for that. This is the FIRST time that our President has been... uh, inappropriate in public. Nonetheless, we bring you live to the Steel, which is currently moving along the coast of Sunetica, where our President will be dropped off to discuss genetic engineering in regards to dildo seedlings with Mach10chocobo. That said, we are proud to announce that Akotash of Altantic of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations is the first man alive to ever commissioned all of Star Gazing's professional pleasers. All of them returned to let us know that he did a very good job. So congratulations to Akotash! You are indeed the greatest!"

Camera cuts.

Edited by Star Gazing
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