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The Black Pearl

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[font="Book Antiqua"][indent]Arrr me matie. We are the crew of the Black Pearl, the finest and fastest vessel that ever be set to sea on Planet Steve. Is thar honor among thieves? Yarr, indeed me lass. As we sail these rough seas we may plunder and plundered be but we will always hold honor at high esteem. Individual raids and Alliances alike may come for parlay and we are always open to diplomacy. We like to trade and plunder but also keep our flints and gun powder dry. We keep our wits about us and always converse with a cool tongue. We like gold but love our canons and cutlasses even more. Thar shall be no raids on the Black Pearl without swift rebuttal. Take heed before ye be covnin' our gold. Rogues will be bequeathed a short drop and a quick stop.

If you're interested in pirating with me crew or ye be lookin' fer trades on black, please register and sign up @ [url="http://www.blackpearl-cn.info"]www.blackpearl-cn.info[/url]
Don't worry ye wee heart, we have plenty of rum for everyone. [img]http://www.blackroseorder.info/phpbb3/images/smilies/pirate3.gif[/img][/indent][/font][/size]

*Edit*Yarr, No one ever said pirates were good spellars.

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