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Senegalese Summit

New Frontier

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[b]Classified Message to Mogatopia and the People's Republic of Africa[/b]
From: Quebecois Foreign Ministry
Re: The Senegal Territory

La Republique du Quebec would humbly request a summit between senior officials of our three nations, to discuss the interest of Quebec in unifying the French speaking peoples of Africa.

Quebecois Foreign Minister Cherie Lalonde looked out across the water, standing on the edge of the [i]Fleur-de-lis[/i], a state-of-the-art passenger boat. Decorated with restrained opulence, the [i]Fleur-de-lis[/i] bobbed up and down on the water off the coast of Senegal while Lalonde awaited the arrival of her African counterparts.

OOC: Just jump into the meeting, no need for arrival RP.

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MoG[Corp] would send Kristen Candelas Máxima Palmira Xiomara(OOC: realish amount spanish middle names!) along with Ambroise Fabre as an elder diplomat, upon arrival they would both give firm handshakes to Minister Lalonde, with Miss Xiomara bowing beforehand, "Welcome to our side of the atlantic Minister, I trust you've had a safe journey, Mogar has sent me along with this..." Kristen pulls a bottle of the best aged MoG[Corp] wine out of her messenger bag, "as a token of goodwill for our first meeting between our peoples, we don't mind waiting a few moments for our counterparts from the PRA."

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