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Mongolian-Korean Relations


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Yulik Bantir had spent most of his life on a farm in eastern Mongolia, for years he had to struggle to suceed in life and pushed himself into the Mongolian University for a better education. When he left he became a local politican for the city state of Ulan Batar, it would only be a few weeks prior to Yanjmma gathering Mongolia together to form the People's Republic of which he became a diehard patriot and member of the Mongolian parliament. After the recent fallout between Mongolia and the GKF and UFE over its statements of a territorial dispute, Bantir decided to do something rash he decided to fly to Korea and protest their statement of calling Mongolia an 'infant'. Despite all of his colleges telling him it would only making Mongolia look worse he got on a plane and arrived in the Korean capital.

As soon as Bantir's plane arrived a phone call came for him, it was Yanjmma.

Yanjmma: "what in god's name are you doing in Korea!?"

Bantir:"im not going to let these bottomfeeding Koreans insult us like that!"

Yanjmma: "look, WE messed up. and I am trying to fix that, i have already made a statement of us backing down and might have to apologise but if you go ver there and cause all hell to break loose I AM NOT COVERING YOUR ASS!"

Bantir: "I have to do this, they can't call us an infant nation!"

Yanjmma: "you're acting like a kid! get back here now in the next 3 days or your status as chairman is terminated. Bantir you have been a great contributer to the republic please do not throw your career away like this."

Bantir: "Im sorry sir, but i've made up my mind"

Yanjmma:"....I see...three days. Im giving you that much time, be back in Mongolia before then and try not to get arrested. I will point out this as well, old Turin is keeping an eye on the TV for you...you know what that means right?"

Bantir: "he's always wanted me out of parliament, you tell that old fool to piss off and die already"

Yanjmma: "watch your tone! despite the two of you not liking the other he like you has done alot for our nation, but so help me god if you make a fool out of yourself I can't stop him from rallying parliament to have you terminated before your three days are up"

Bantir: "sir i have to go, the payphone is almost up"

Yanjmma: "ok ok, just be back here in."

Bantir: "hello? hello? damn cheap Korean payphone"

Bantir then walked into the public square to begin his protest to the Greater Korean Federation.

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It was fortunate that Bantir had gone to the formal capital instead of trying to meet the Premier. If he had gone to Pyongyang, it was likely that he would never be seen again. Instead, Gaegyeong was relatively open, although the same Korean ultranationalism still had its effect on the population. The Imperial Division, which was the security force of the capital, kept a tab on the Mongolian, to see what he would be doing.....

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Bantir began with the standard way of protesting, making a sign and shouting his greivances to the general public. As he continued he garnered a small crowd interested in either what he had to say or the fact he was either brave enough or stupid enough to pull off such a thing.

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